(12 Tasks to 4 Workers) Consider the following tasks that must be assigned to four workers on a… 1 answer below »

(12 Tasks to 4 Workers) Attend the aftercited drudgerys that must be assigned to four workers on a conveyor-paced nock succession (i.e., a machine-paced succession issue). Each worker must act at smallest one drudgery. There is unbounded ask-for.

The present conveyor-paced nock-succession conformation assigns the workers in the aftercited way:

∙ Worker 1: Tasks 1, 2, 3

∙ Worker 2: Tasks 4, 5, 6

∙ Worker 3: Tasks 7, 8, 9

∙ Worker 4: Tasks 10, 11, 12

a. What is the tonnage of the present succession? [4.1]

b. What is the plain drudge willing? [4.3]

c. What is the middle drudge utilization (do not attend any ephemeral goods such as the succession being emptied precedently breaks or remove changes)? [4.3]

d. How desire would it seize to effect 100 units, starting delay an leisure arrangement? [4.2] The steadfast is hiring a fifth worker. Take that drudgerys are allocated to the five workers to maximize tonnage of the succession, material to the conditions that (i) a worker can solely act nigh operations and (ii) all drudgerys need to be manufactured in their numerical adjust.

e. What is the tonnage of this succession now? [4.4] Again, take the steadfast has remunerated a fifth worker. Take elevate that drudgerys are allocated to maximize tonnage of the succession and that drudgerys can be acted in any adjust.

f. What is the completion tonnage that can be achieved? [4.4]

g. What is the stint sum of workers that could effect at an hourly objurgate of 72 units? Take the drudgerys can be allocated to workers as described in the foundation (i.e., drudgerys cannot be manufactured in any adjust). [4.4]