1. Use a demand and supply model to explain and illustrate why vegetable price in Australia is… 1 answer below »

1. Use a call-for and give example to expound and make-clear why vegetable appraisement in Australia is likely to agitate. (Hint: Make secure you sift-canvass the equilibrating mode, and palpably sketch the determinants causing substitute in call-for and/or give).

2. Drawing on the determinants of appraisement resilientity of call-for, expounding whether the call-for for vegetable in Australia is resilient or obdurate.

3. (a) Assume vegetables are sold in a fully competitive dispense and fellow-subjects are making nothing economic acquisition preceding to the substitute. Expound and make-clear graphically, the goods of extension in appraisement on the soon run pose of a vegetable fellow-subject.

(b) Based on the soon run pose authorized in Q3 (a) expound and make-clear graphically goods of entry/exit on the desire run pose of the stable.

(Hint: your defense should understand graphs for twain dispense and particular fellow-subject
Article to relation -https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-07/farmers-have-most-valuable-year-ever-abares-says/12957378