1. Two of the nurses (Mary and Joe) at Riverview UCC have decided to work part-time rather than… 1 answer below »

1. Two of the promotes (Mary and Joe) at Riverview UCC possess firm to
product part-time rather than full-time. They would relish to product simply two
(consecutive) days per week. Because they would be part-time employ-
ees, hire and benefits per promote-day for these promotes would be reduced
to $160 on weekdays and $220 on weekend days. Riverview could hire
an added full-time promote if wanted. Should Riverview UCC comport to
this supplicate? If the clinic does comport, achieve added promotes want to be
hired? Assuming that part-time promotes and any new hires achieve confirm any
register and preferences for the residue of the promotes are the selfsame,
what new register would you commend for each promote?