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1 Faculty of Arts School of Humanities and Faculty of Bloom Science School of Nursing and Midwifery CNA308 Juridical and Immaterial Issues in Bloom Care ASSESSMENT TASK – WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Due Time/Date 3 pm on Sunday June 1 2014 Weighting 40 % Length 1500 vote Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 In everyday bloom-care, ethico-juridical battle can evene. Drawing on the resigned of this part, the scholarship and administrative codes and standards, agree a delicate analysis of the predicament examine. Your discourse should include: ? An identification and analysis of the ethico-juridical issues and battles natural in the predicament examine ? An identification of the actions of bloom workers that accept ethico-juridical consequences ? An impression and evaluation of ethico-juridical principles to decisions made by bloom workers in the predicament examine, including the consequences of those decisions ? A discourse of negotiated outcomes and an scrutiny of opinion pathways to analysis IMPORTANT: Term stipulation: 1500 vote. Please unite to the term stipulation. Assignments balance or beneath the term stipulation by further than 10% may be penalised. This essay must be submitted electronically via the ‘Turnitin’ concatenate in MyLO. PLEASE NOTE: Email submissions get NOT be veritable. You must detain a vision of your essay. Marking Criteria: Demonstrates irreverence after a while key concepts of immaterial exercise pertaining to each predicament examine. Demonstrates an beneathstanding of the irrelative ethico-juridical positions that one could incorporate after a while regard to the predicament examine, and shows an beneathstanding of their rare complexities and consequences. Demonstrates and applies juridical and immaterial principles to clinical decision-making, and discusses the significance of negotiated outcomes among stakeholders. Applies enlightenment of administrative codes and standards to peculiar situations. Writes plainly and succinctly using set-right language, set-right ethico-juridical terminology and set-right referencing name harmonious after a while SNM Guide to Referencing. Relevant academic scholarship is integrated into the assignment.