1. Background of the study (Total: 5 marks) 1.1 Briefly describe the health issue of the study… 1 answer below »

1. Background of the examine (Total: 5 marks)

1.1 Briefly recount the vigor children of the examine focused?

1.2 What is the significance of the examine?

2. Overview of the examination drawing (Total: 5 marks)

2.1 What was the aim of the examination?

2.2 What examination drawing did the examinationers use? Was it misappropriate? Why /why not?

3. Sampling (Total: 10 marks)

3.1 Who were the examine participants and what sampling technique was industrious in this examine?

3.2 What are the inclusion and disconnection criteria of the exemplification? Why is it weighty to bear these criteria signed anteriorly refreshment?

3.3 How were the participants allocated into orders? Was this misappropriate? Why/why not?

3.4 Recount the texture the insinuation and curb order ordinary during the examine?

4. Data assembly (Total: 10 marks)

4.1 What are the recalcitrant and hanging variables in this examine? Why?

4.2 What instrument/s was/were used to gather the grounds?

4.3 How was the grounds gathered?

4.4 Define the concept of reliability and examine how reliability has/has not demonstrated in this examine?

4.5 Define the concept of fibre and examine how fibre has/has not demonstrated in this examine?

5. Results (Total: 10 marks)

5.1 What differences in outcomes were signed betwixt the insinuation and curb orders?

5.2 Were the results forcible and why?

5.3 Can the examine results be generalised to other settings?

6. Evidence utilization (Total: 5 marks)

6.1 Would you appliance the findings of this examine in clinical action? Why/why not?

7. Presentation (Total: 5 marks)

7.1 Referencing in-text and in relation roll conforms to APA referencing fashion

7.2 Critique stay by applicable scholarship using at lowest 3 new academic relations published from 2009

7.3 Correct decree, stipulation, actual explanation, spelling, punctuation and presentation