1. A standard pressure of 1013.25 millibars is also known as one atmosphere (1 ATM). (a) Look at…

1. A measure influence of 1013.25 millibars is as-well unconcealed as one sky (1 ATM).

(a) Look at Fig. 1.10 and enumerate at almost what levels you would chronicles a influence of 0.5 ATM and 0.1 ATM.

(b) The demeanor air influence on the planet Mars is encircling 0.007 ATM. If you were be on Mars, the demeanor air influence would be equipollent to a influence observed at almost what ascent in Earth’s sky?

2. If you were suddenly placed at an ascent of 100 km (62 mi) over Earth, would you look-for your stomach to expand or retrench? Explain.