Marketing Plan of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges

This con-aggravate is made to determine the vulgar barconstitute extremeing of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. ’s Academy of Accountancy for the vulgar academic year of 2011-2012. In vocableinate, DYCI is in similitude thriveing a convenience its top aim swells subscription Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy thriveing a conveniencein Bulacan spectryly, Meycauayan Academy (MC) and La Consolacion University of the Philippines (LCUP). This con-aggravate to-boot aims to determine enjoyly strategies to educe Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy’s twain propose financial and academic extremeing. The earliest speciality of this con-aggravate enjoynesss the unvarnished elucidation and the crew mark of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. and Academy of Accountancy and other apt notice skinred to the academy. The instant specialitys of this con-aggravate exhibits the socio-cultural, demographic, economic, technological, emulation, legitimate, and collective smoothts imposing and skinred to inconstruction particularally to the Academy of Accountancy. Likewise, Comparative Mark matrix and Comparative S. W. O. T. Decomposition of DYCI, MC, and LCUP and a con-aggravate of Porter’s Five Forces of emulation shapeshort the three said aim swells subscription BS Accountancy is supposing. The Comparative Mark Matrix exhibits Six (6) Key Good-fortune Factors and concordant burdens for each rudiment. The assemblage reprimands each rudiment according to the nerve and dilutiones of the three competing swells. Forthcoming the reprimands were fond, the assemblage gets the burdened middle for each swell-mannered by multiplying the burden of the rudiment to the rating assigned to it and adding the admonishss for each rudiment. Convenience in the Comparative S. W. O. T. Analysis, a intense reprimand on the competing swells was made by determining the nerves, dilutiones, opportunities, and denunciations for each swell. Marketing Mix Decomposition was to-boot contrived to identify the three bodys from each other. This decomposition nucleuses on the dissimilarity of each body in conditions of the 8P’s bargaining spectryly, the emanation, expense, attribute, encouragement, populace, manner, substantial illustration, and specialalization as they are subscription a benefit-sign of consider. Having these three sets of similitude, the assemblage eraical three objectives which vindication to the three key emanations areas - the sales, produces, and barconstitute distribute of the Academy of Accountancy. These objectives are befriended by the bargaining strategies, possession intent and represss that the assemblage piercetain set for the 8P’s of COA. Inample atonement assertion for the Academic Year 2012-2013 was to-boot supposing in the extreme speciality of this con-over. All of these studies were made for the assemblage’s aim for Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy’s educement and to fetch it to barconstitute specimen. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND A. DR. YANGA’S COLLEGES, INC. HISTORY In 1950, Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) which was a special non-sectarian swell-mannered was eraical by the antecedent owners, the delayed Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Samson, Sr. Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) was purchased by the Yanga lineage during 1974 and Dr. Ismael E. Yanga, Sr. became its earliest President. Secondary Body was swelled to embody tertiary directions in 1977. It proposeed modereprimand directions such as Midwifery, Secretarial Education, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Commerce, Nursing, Seaman Trailing Direction and Vocational Courses. The spectry of the body was radical to Dr. Yanga’s Francisco Balagtas Colleges (DYFBC) during 1987. On August 12, 1993, an siege pageant was held when the vulgar President, Dr. Marciano D. Yanga was domiciled as the support President of the body. In the modereprimand years of grafting the body has solely a few hundred wards but as years passed by, the Academy steadily grew in enrolment and gradually swelled its curricular subscriptions. Now, the body proposes numerous added directions which are Education, Arts and Sciences, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Accountancy, Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering, Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Caregiver Course. The Government resolute to notorious Pre-Elementary and Elementary Inconstruction Departments honest a foreigner of years ago due the increasing confession of the swell-mannered and its apprehensional programs by the polity. The swell-mannered became an healthy divorce-among-inample in the construction of numerous immature men and women of Bulacan, transmuteing and changing into prosperous practitioners in their diversified shows of consider. The spectry of the body was radical for the support occasion in 2001 and became Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI). At propose, Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. has grown into a intricate of incongruous provinces/colleges thriveing a convenience a population of aggravate indelicate thousand wards. To duration, the Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. is regularly pursuing illustrious programs and intents which are all geared inners the prosperous instructure of its nominal sidearm. From 1974 up to the propose, the swell-mannered had been an agent in providing an encompassing, apt, attribute and extendefficient attribute inconstruction not solely for the adolescence of Bocaue but to-boot for numerous Bulakenos. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. s not honest an body but to-boot an afflatus consequently it has aided in transmuteing their unblended subsists into prosperous and enlivened stories and whose trances piercetain churlish into enlivened authenticities today. B. COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY HISTORY 1975 -The Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) was purchased by the delayed Dr. Ismael E. Yanga Sr. , spectryd as Dr. Yanga’s Francisco Balagtas Colleges (DYFBC). The body proposeed Midwifery, Secretarial Education, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Nursing, Commerce senior in Accounting and Banking & Finance, Seaman Trailing Course, Two-Year Junior Secretarial and Vocational Courses. 977 -The delayed Dr. Genera Frias became the Head of Secretarial Department. 1980 -Dr. Genera Frias became the Dean of Commerce. 1985 - Bachelor of Investigation in Commerce senior in Accounting, Banking and Finance were fond liberal synod confession. 1992 -Dr. Genera Frias died and Dr. Donato S. Gallego became the Dean. 1994 -Additional seniors for Bachelor of Investigation in Commerce were prevailing: Marketing and Cooperative Management. 1995 - Skill Accounting was prevailing as added senior for BS in Commerce. 2004 -Mrs. Belen B. Castillo became the acting Academy Secretary of CBME. 004 - Ms. Mischelle delos Reyes became the Academy Duty Assistant of CBME. 2005 -Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy was fond Temporary Encourage to produce for its Earliest Year roll. 2005 -Prof. Alberto C. Vagilidad became the Head in BS Accountancy. 2005 -Prof. Michael S. Yanga, MBA became the Dean of the Academy of Consider and Skill Education. 2006 -Temporary Encourage for the Support Year Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy was upshotd. 2006 -Mrs. Virginia DC. Salvador became the Director for Attribute Assurance in CBME. 2007 -Dr. Donato S. Gallego, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, became the Dean of the Academy of Consider & Skill Education. 2007 -Prof. Jenny Ann De Guzman became the Academy Secretary of CBME. 2007 -Temporary Encourage for the Third Year Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy was upshotd. 2008 -Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy & Bachelor of Investigation in Consider Government underneathneath the Academy of Consider and Skill Inconstruction became two disunited and plain academys – Academy of Consider Government and Academy of Accountancy. As to Academy of Accountancy, Dr. Donato S. Gallego has beseem the Dean, Prof. Alberto C. Vagilidad beseems the Program Head and Mrs. Shirley Enero beseems the Secretary of the said College. 2008 -Temporary Encourage for the Fourth Year Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy was upshotd. 2009 -Temporary Encourage for the Fifth Year Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy was upshotd. 2009 -The Academy of Accountancy became a division of Unconcealed Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) and the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - DYCI Chapter has eraical. 2010 -Prof. Evangeline Balboa became the new Program Head of Academy of Accountancy. 2010 -Ms. Maranelle Santos and Mr. Mark Dendrick Cortez of the earliest contrive disequalize piercetain prosperously delayed the October 2010 CPA Consideration Licfix Examirace and became the earliest Male and Womanish CPAs of DYCI. 2011 -Prof. Michael S. Yanga, MBA became the Dean of the Academy of Accountancy. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY Bestow Members 1. Dr. Donato Gallego 2. Prof. Florinda Acuna 3. Atty. Bunrofil Altares 4. Prof. Rino Batangantang 5. Prof. Elenita Dela Cruz 6. Prof. Ferdinand Importado 7. Prof. Victoria Gonzales 8. Prof. Romeo Marcelo 9. Prof. Eleanor Ratay 10. Atty. Tricia Santos PROF. EVANGELINE A. BALBOA Program Coordinator HANNAH CHARMAINE ESTRELLA Ward Assistant MS. SHIRLEY C. ENERO Duty Assistant MR. MICHAEL S. YANGA, MBA Dean C. RELEVANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE INSTITUTION OUR VISION Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI), a lineage-owned hoard apprehensional body, shall found a competitive benefit by promoting academic unconnectedion by its proactive illustration in counsel, lore and effection benefits, and through unicreate educement of its programs inners topical and intercollective confession. We shall guard empowered authoritatives committed to sustained strength and basic deference for civilized cheerful-behavior. Under Providential Guidance, we shall educe a subsidiary and accordant atmospterminate of belongingness noticeefficient by notorious despatch, faith and parity. OUR MISSION We understand the subjoined commitments to our computed stakeholders, our infers for morals, to amplifyedize our prospect inners promoting academic unconnectedion. FOR OUR STUDENTS, we shall underneathassume economic and extra-curricular activities inners their wholistic educement and their integration in a dynamic unarm-an as negotiative divisions of the exertion nerve. FOR THE FAMILIES, we shall excite divorce-amongnership in construction the repute of our wards through compute-driiven programs. FOR OUR EMPLOYEES, we shall smooth unicreate educement through mismisembezzle trailings and computes construction. We shall collect honest and serene confession and pay in an environment of interchangeefficient cografting and teamwork. FOR THE INDUSTRY SECTOR, we shall educe exceedingly fitted, beneficonsultation and holy disequalizes in response to its technical, authoritative and entrepreneurial insufficiencys. FOR THE STATE, we shall encourage the courage of cheerful governance and proud rule of unconnectedion in our graftings as indispensefficient hirelings in race edifice. We shall effect our benefits barefaced to all. INSTITUTIONAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Govern and regudelayed thriveing a convenience honesty, strategic, prospect, financial repress, utilization of betray regulatement and cogent mentoring of vocableinatement * Repair the authoritativeism and strength of the bestow regularly through the encouragement of mediumingful propose, computes construction and exceedingly negotiative lore program * Smooth the holistic educement of wards through the option of curricular programs attuned to vulgar trends and apt technical trailings and c-curricular activities * Repair skinred thriveing a convenience the polity through netnormal and linkages and purposive effection programs * Promote polite-mannered-advised regulatement or media through hiring of fitted bestow and staff, the use of ICT, particularize-of-the-art facilities and createation of innovative counsel-culture devices CORE VALUES The subjoined are the three centre computes of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc: VERITAS (Truth) SAPIENTIA (Wisdom) CARITAS (Charity) FIDES (Fidelity) EXCELLENTIA (Excellence) PATRIA (Patriotism) VISION The Academy of Accountancy envisions itself in educeing in its wards a amelioration of unconnectedion in the show of consider, Entrepreneurship, Lore and Consultancy Services. MISSION The Academy of Accountancy (COA) commits itself to the subjoined sidearm assertions: 1. Develops curricular subscriptions echoing to manstrength seduce-for for twain topical and intercollective bargain. 2. Devices a skillful-treatment to vocableinate Attribute Inconstruction through Attribute Counsel and Attribute Learning. 3. Design a skillful-treatment o unicreate enrichment/reprospect of curriculum to fix a proud dying percentage of its disequalizes in the CPA Licfix Consideration Examination. 4. Institutes a program for educement of all recitalancy wards centering on devotional, collective, collective and holy sight. 5. Incalm?} in the exquisite of perfect disequalize the compute of Honesty, Parity and Justice in the manner of their declaration. 6. Trains the wards in preparing Feasibility studies (FS) and Consider Plans (BP) to hone their enjoylys of their declaration. 7. Develops a year-round Bestow educement program to repair their counsel emulatencies, strategies and authoritative specimen. COA’s PRODUCT of EXCELLENCE For the splain years of grafting, DYCI COA has already effected CPAs. A criterion that plain it is amateur in the activity, calm?}, it can emudelayed thriveing a convenience other swells unresisting prouder percentage of meditateation passers. The CPA Consideration Licfix Examirace Passers, who gave self-exaltation and collocate to COA, are the subjoined: October 2010| May 2011| October 2011| Mr. Mark Dendrick Cortez| Ms. Ma. Cecilia Estrella| Mr. Elizar Buenaventura| Ms. Maranelle Santos| | Ms. Jennifer del Rosario| MACROENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS A. SOCIO-CULTURAL * Educational Trust Some vote from Dr. Jose Rizal stressed the mediuming of inconstruction to a special’s morals specially to the adolescence. Giving plenteous mediuming to inconstruction is not solely a benefit of the parents; it is already divorce-among-inample of our amelioration. Generally, parents do perfectthing, specially those families from the marginal sector, honest to impel their dignity to swell-mannered consequently they prize that the principal monstrosity they could incessantly liberty to their dignity is apprehension. This divorce-among-inample of the Filipino amelioration is a big rudiment to the cheerful-fortune or cheerful-fortune of COA consequently in the Philippines, CPAs are viewed as prosperous populace and that is what most parents and wards are tranceing to be prosperous someday. * Economic Accelerate In the Philippines, when you say CPAs, they are prosperous, fertile populace and that is what perfectone noncommunications to be. Students procure assume up Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy in the trust that thriveing con-overing and dying the meditateation exam, they procure be aid a polite-mannered-off morals and procure nincessantly experiment indigence anew. * Vary in Foundation and Gaining a Cheerful Collocate Collective and economic foundation is a big traffic in the Philippines. The public confers aid whimper and deference to populace who artistic academy, populace who piercetain sizes, and populace who are in the authoritative extremeing. That is one infer why parents aim obdureprimand to breed up authoritatives in their lineage to constitute deference from other populace. Consequently a collocate is fond plenteous mediuming in the Philippines, families do not noncommunication their spectry‘s to be put into abash. * Parents Trust Some populace noncommunication their legacy to reocean to perfect createation in their lineage. For specimen, a lineage of CPAs would normally drive their dignity to thrive their footsteps inner cheerful-fortune. But tterminate are to-boot dignity who procureingly assume up the similar direction consequently they were inspired by the cheerful-fortune of their parents as CPAs. Even t were experiencing indigence aim obdureprimand to impel their dignity to academy thriveing a convenience the trust that if their dignity procure artistic, they would be aid a emend morals in the coming and they procure be leaving somemonstrosity cheerful to their dignity. * Global Competitiveness Filipinos are very quick-witted and benefitable. Numerous Filipinos piercetain arguen it, but globally, Filipinos are public as domiciliary aiders, caregivers, taxi drivers and welders. That truth is not bad, but calm?} not so cheerful. Now is the occasion for Filipinos to argue to other countries that they can abound not solely in skill-based jobs but to-boot to plenteous prouder skin of declarations such as juridical, regulaterial regulatement and recitaling declarations consequently Filipinos truly do it. Filipinos must argue that they can emudelayed globally and can grasp senior heights in the global activity. Tterminate is a seduce to perfect Filipino for race transconstruction and economic accelerate, and coming CPAs procure be a august divorce-among-inample of this aim. This is the occasion to constitute aid deference from other countries and to recaggravate the Philippines from emergency debts and collapse inners raceal and global competitiveness and accelerate. B. DEMOGRAPHIC As of June 31, 2011, GeoNames geographical postulatesbase inample Bulacan population to be almost 3 pet. Tterminate is an almost concordant kinsman of men and women, 50. 2% and 49. 8% deferenceively or a kinsman of 101 males and 100 womanishs. 62. % represents Bulakenos whose ages concatenate from 15 to 64, to-boot seduceed as the normal age assemblage, 34. 1% are immature relyings convenience the retaining 3. 8% are old relyings. In Bulacan, aid womanishs follow prouder roll of inconstruction than males. The symmetry of womanishs shapeshort academic size holders is 57. 1%. This enjoynesss that COA gets a bigr barconstitute distribute from the womanish sector. C. ECONOMIC Indigence is one big infer why numerous families cannot extend rending their dignity to swell-mannered specially to academys. Registers from Unconcealed Statistic Coordirace Consideration enjoyness that tterminate was a contempt diminution from 21. 1% in 2006 to 20. 9% in conditions of indigence strokes shapeshort Filipino families. This instrument that 2 out of 1,000 families were lifted out of indigence betwixt 2006 and 2009. This amendment in the indigence stroke shapeshort Filipino families is a cheerful apprehension but calm?} 99% belongs to the indigence roll. This instrument a lot aid exertion and efforts from the synod. The extreme administrative indigence postulates evince that a Filipino insufficiencyed P978. 00 to portioe his/her monthly cling certainness and P1,403. 00 to cling out of indigence. NSCB registers to-boot enjoyness that a lineage of five divisions insufficiencyed P4,869. 00 monthly atonement to portioe their basic cling certainness and P7,017. 00 to cling out of indigence. Seeing this notice, one can vocableinate that parents having a offshoot spending an middle of P60,000. 0 a year for his/her atonement, projects and instructing fees must deaccommodate P9,869. 00 a month. The arrogance faces contemptly itraffic consequently a narrowness wage deserveer for specimen in Bulacan deserves P404. 00 a day or P9,696. 00 a month. Tterminate is honest a arrears of P173. 00 for a lineage having a breadwinner deserveing narrowness wage to portioe the amplifyed insufficiency for the families’ cling and the offshoot’s apprehension. But, the truth is that, each offshoot must departed aid than P60,000. 00 a year to extend attribute apprehension. Clothing, housing and other miscellaneous expenses such as conduct-in and electricity bills should to-boot be meditateed for a lineage to subsist morals out of indigence source. This truth bechanceing until today is a substance that the synod and all the Filipinos piercetain to exertion out consequently as covet as tterminate is indigence, attribute inconstruction can nincessantly be attained by all the Filipino adolescence specially those from the marginal sector. One infer of indigence is unemployment, if narrowness wage deserveers cannot confer their dignity attribute apprehension, how plenteous aid those indolent. NSBC fame as of January 2011 enjoynesss that 7. 4% or 14 Pet populace are vulgarly indolent 62. 7% of these are males and 37. 3 are womanishs. Almost half of 48. 9% were in age 15-24 years or those who are calm?} relying to their parents for their daily aid and 50. % or 502 pet Filipinos who can already be supplyed are not supplyed. If this unemployment reprimand can be unfoldd or plain be amendd, indigence can be declining thriveing a conveniencein the Philippines. D. TECHNOLOGICAL The technological advancements in the DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy are not enjoyd. This is consequently COA is solely new in the activity. The theme-matter of recitaling is to collect notice used in judgment making. Accounting may be viewed as a regularity (a manner) that converts postulates into beneficonsultation notice. The technology portioial today has made a mammon of apprehension portioial to wards, which proposes august enjoyly for the accelerate and phraseology of culture. Inconstruction is proposeed in so numerous ways that any sign disciple, whether collectd or disabled, can perceive and use the indispensefficient representative. This smootht relates not solely to the Internet, but to all the numerous technological amendments in culture, from spruce meditateations to ruleheld dictionaries. The academy can use tutorials, techniques and software for the benefits of the wards. The Computer Accounting program collects wards thriveing a convenience trailing in manual and computerized recitaling regularitys. Students are educated in the concepts of recitaling principles, regulaterial recitaling, moderate recitaling, payroll, taxation, and auditing. Hands-on experiment is constituteed in the use of recitaling regularitys software. Students to-boot assent-to beneficonsultation counsel in Microsoft Duty consider collisions thriveing a convenience plentiful marrow on Abound and Access. The sidearm of the Computer Accounting program is to collect a attribute inconstruction in computerized recitaling that procure emstrength wards to excel in a progress now and in the coming. Moreover, using recitaling software can aid wards educe proud-apsubject-matter sensitive skills consequently it encourages them to actively divorce-amongicipate in graftinging doctrine to authentic-morals extremeings. TRAINING * ACELAB- Accounting Cpierce for Electronic Culture and Consider Measurement is usually packed thriveing a convenience underneathdisequalize and disequalize wards normal on fast-paced recitaling tutorials. Many of Bentley’s top recitaling seniors exertion in the ACELAB, providing special tutoring benefits to support wards through the sometimes challenging areas of recitaling. The objectives of the ACELAB are: * To integreprimand technology into vulgar and educeing recitaling directions * To create divorce-amongnerships thriveing a convenience consider and not-for-produce entities who can collect software and smootht representatives for ward use * To aid wards beseem the "whole consider special. " Honest as a sampling of what goes on in the ACELAB, wards in the precursory recitaling directions get rules-on experiment thriveing a convenience wholesale recitaling software such as Peachtree. Establishing customers, pierceing sales, and proceedingsing entries assign wards to underneathhold how technology eases the run of notice up through the financial fames. Accounting wards use electronic lore software such as FARS to aid educe polite-mannered-thought out and documented falsifications to intricate fameing upshots. The ACELAB aids the ward in fit the "whole consider special" by integrating counsel representatives thriveing a convenience other provinces to imargue despatch skills and interdisciplinary smoothts so that wards ldeaccommodate how to educe and disterminate mediumingful recitaling notice. The AICPA Prospect Assertion amplifies this by stating that the recitalant’s role is: * Communicating the sum rebestow thriveing a convenience clarity and objectivity * Translating intricate notice into discriminating apprehension * Anticipating and creating opportunities * Designing pathways that transcreate prospect into truth TECHNIQUE The aggravateall objectives and liberty of an audit do not vary when an audit is conducted in a computer notice regularitys (CIS) environment. The collision of auditing procedures may, so-far, claim the earwitness to meditate techniques public as Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs). * CAATs- It uses the computer as an audit hireling for enhancing the cogentness and strength of audit procedures. CAATs are computer programs and postulates that the earwitness uses as divorce-among-inample of the audit procedures to manner postulates of audit mediuming, contained in an entity’s notice regularitys. Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) are influential hirelings for the earwitness in performing audits. CAATs may be used in performing diversified auditing procedures, including the subjoined: Tests of details of transactions and weighs, for specimen, the use of audit software for recalculating consider or the extrpossession of invoices aggravate a unmistakefficient compute from computer registers; * Analytical procedures, for specimen, identifying inconsistencies or forcible fluctuations; * Tests of unconcealed represss, for specimen testing the settle or produce of the unhindered regularity or avenue procedures to the program libraries or by using apsubject-matter similitude software to hinder that the requiteing of the program in use is the requiteing prevailing by regulatement ; * Sampling programs to collect postulates for audit testing; * Tests of collision represss, for specimen, testing the functioning of a programmed repress; * Reperforming the calculations produced by the entity’s recitaling regularitys. SOFTWARE/SYSTEM External, inner, and synod earwitnesss increasingly use audit software to imargue the strength and cogentness of audits. Incorporating technology such as unconcealedized audit software into the collocatecapability not solely surrenders wards to "tools of the occupation," but, aid influentially, to-boot smooths ward culture of audit concepts and procedures. Accounting wards must get inhospitableness to technological hirelings of the occupation such as spreadsheets, recitaling packages, postulatesbase software, and online lore media. Incorporating audit software into the curriculum aids ample this hirelingkit and artfulnesss wards for the allureing of the computer-based Unicreate CPA exam. Audit software activities beseem aid apt, assigning wards to constitute a emend underneathlasting of the software and thought-out environment. * ACL (Access Control List) and IDEA (Interactive Postulates Extrpossession and Analysis)- are the most vile wholesale GAS packages. Both superficial and inner earwitnesss use these packages for postulates mollify, postulates decomposition, and injury discoverion/prevention. Twain ACL and IDEA collect a liberal spectrum of postulates decomposition and extrpossession functions. Users can amply character, embody, stratify, age, and estimate postulates statistics. Users can collect registers by contrast postulates filters. Twain software packages to-boot encourage the preoption and evaluation of illustrations using a calcudelayed of methods. Users can test files for counterfeits, gaps, and fit sequences. The packages assign the similitude of multiple files, creation of new files, customization of fames, and documentation of audit tasks in severed incongruous ways. Users can to-boot preaccommodate commands in contrivees for frequent use. Both ACL and IDEA piercetain the strength to illustration. The IDEA Workbook, so-far, covers solely haphazard proceedings sampling. On the other rule, the ACL Workbook has a plenteous aid bulky coverage of sampling. Convenience auditing collocatees may surrequite some wards to sampling, frequently they do not estimate, fine, and evaluate illustrations using statistical methods (e. g. , MUS). When using statistical commands in ACL, the professor should emphagreatness underneathlasting statistical vocableinology, sharp which statistical collisions are mismisembezzle for which audit objectives, and interpreting ACL evaluation fames. Sampling is one of the aid past collisions of audit software and assumes some verbosity to weighcome. McCollum and Salierno (2003) fame that 51 percent of inner earwitnesss aggravatelooked use software, including ACL and IDEA, to discweigh injury. (1) The IDEA Workbook devotes an ample chapter to using IDEA to discweigh injury, making it unconcerned to incorporeprimand injury into the curriculum. Individuality 3 of the IDEA Workbook has wards ample an audit and injury scrutiny for recitals payable. The IDEA Workbook explains how injury is committed in recitals payable, outlines insufficiencyed audit tests, and then claims wards to ample a conduct of graftings contrived to uncaggravate injury. Though the ACL Workbook collects solely indigent allusion to using ACL for injury discoverion, ACL and IDEA twain collect concordant injury discoverion capabilities. Examples of tasks that can be applied in a injury discoverion texture embody stratifications, mollifys, counterfeit key discoverions, annexation of postulatesbases, and collision of Benford's Law. E. COMPETITION Forthcoming a convenience the growing seduce-fors for BSA disequalizes, swells which are subscription the direction to-boot growth. Thirteen swells environing Bulacan are to-boot subscription Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy (BSA) spectryly: * Meycauayan Academy * St. Mary’s Academy of Meycauayan * La Consolacion University of the Philippines (formerly public as University of Regina Carmeli) * Baliuag University * ABE Intercollective Academy of Consider and Accountancy * Colegio de San Pascual Baylon (formerly St. Pascual Institution) * Academy of Mary Immacudelayed * Academy of St. Lawrenc * Fernandez of Arts and Technology * Polytechnic University of the Philippines * Saint Paul Academy of San Miguel * Sto. Rosario Sapang Palay Academy * Bulacan Particularize University Consequently of this, it can be vocableinated that the emulation betwixt these swells is very vigorous. BU, MC, and LCUP are the senior emulators of DYCI in subscription BSA consequently they are already eraical and has effected numerous CPAs. Convenience the Academy of Accountancy in DYCI is honest starting, it is not yet eraical, that is why other swells specially the three mentioned can amply pierce its barconstitute distribute. Another university which is one of the fibrousest emulators of DYCI is BSU. It started its grafting in subscription BSA honest this swell-mannered year. Gone BSU is a public university which to-boot proposes low instructing fee, this could eat a big percentage of other swell’s barconstitute distribute consequently incoming academy wards promote a swell-mannered which collects attribute inconstruction at an extendefficient expense. The emulation that the Academy of Accountancy is oppositeness is not solely for the swells which requite the similar direction but to-boot from other most in seduce-for directions enjoy BS in Notice Technology and from vocational directions proposeed by the Technical Inconstruction and Skills Outgrowth Authority (TESDA). Because of this, it can cut the sum barconstitute distribute of BSA in Bulacan and as a dignity, the barconstitute distribute of Academy of Accountancy in DYCI procure to-boot be validityd. Consequently of the vocableinate and neat emulation, Academy of Accountancy is very in insufficiency of cheerful bargaining strategies and possession intent to protect and swell-mannered its barconstitute distribute. The emulation that the Academy is oppositeness must accommodate as a denunciation so that unicreate amendment procure bechance. F. LEGAL-POLITICAL Tterminate are to-boot legitimate plea on the grafting of swells subscription BSA. One is CHED Memorandum Apsubject-matter (CMO No. 03 or the Revised Policies and Standards for Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy). This is in correspondence thriveing a convenience the apposite conditions of Republic Act (RA) No. 7722, public as the “Higher Inconstruction Act of 1994”. Its theme-matter is to topically graft the Intercollective Inconstruction Standards in Accounting Inconstruction as prescribed by the Intercollective Federation of Accountants thriveing a convenience the aim of oceantenance rules in recitaling inconstruction in the country approximate thriveing a convenience the claimment of the global exertionplace. It has sixty indelicate (64) specialitys and sixteen (16) articles catering the rules, regulations and rule procedures for the grafting of Bachelor of Investigation in Accountancy such as emulatency rules, bestow and government, curriculum, library, counselal rules, adsidearm and rebellion rules, lore, linkage and affiliations, vocableinatement for disequalizes rules, and others. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS A. COMPETITIVE PROFILE MATRIX (CPM) The subjoined are the key cheerful-fortune rudiments that academys and universities should possess: 1. Affordefficient Swell-mannered Fees – Swell-mannered fees should be inferefficient and payable. It embodys instructing fee, miscellaneous fee, and other fees. 2. Strategic Precipitation – The attribute of the swell-mannered should be thriveing a conveniencein grasp and vocableinate to its enjoyly target bargain. 3. Swell-mannered Facilities – The swell-mannered should be exceedingly smoothd and subsidiary for culture. 4. Attainments - The swell-mannered should cede attainmentss to worthy wards. 5. Bestow –The swell-mannered should collect fitted and exceedingly fitted professors that procure collect wards thriveing a convenience attribute apprehension. 6. Popularity/ Positioning/ Encouragement – An dignified foundation of academys and universities in the exquisites of its target barconstitute should be eraical. Promotional strategies should be carried out to effect the target barconstitute recognizen of the emanation. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan Rating: 1 - Senior dilution 2 - Minor dilution 3 - Minor nerve 4 - Senior nerve Key Good-fortune Factors| | DYCI| MC| LCUP| | Weight| Rating| Score| Rating| Score| Rating| Score| 1. Affordefficient Swell-mannered Fees| 0. 25| 4| 1| 4| 1| 3| 0. 75| 2. Strategic Location| 0. 15| 4| 0. 60| 4| 0. 60| 3| 0. 45| 3. Swell-mannered Facilities| 0. 0| 3| 0. 30| 3| 0. 30| 3| 0. 30| 4. Scholarship| 0. 20| 4| 0. 80| 3| 0. 60| 3| 0. 60| 5. Faculty| 0. 15| 3| 0. 45| 4| 0. 60| 4| 0. 60| 6. Positioning/Promotion/Popularity| 0. 20| 3| 0. 60| 3| 0. 60| 3| 0. 60| Sum burdened admonishs:| 1. 0| 3. 75| 3. 70| 3. 30| The Competitive Mark Matrix (CPM) enjoynesss that the Academy of Accountancy of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI) got the proudest sum burdened scentre of 3. 75 aggravate its emulators who solely got a sum burdened scentre of 3. 70 for Meycauayan Academy (MC), and 3. 30 for La Consolacion University of the Philippines. The CPM embodys the nerves and dilutiones of each body. Given the ratings and burden for each key cheerful-fortune rudiments, a falsification ascertains that the DYCI performs best paralleld to the two other swells. The consultation enjoynesss that thriveing a convenience deference to swell-mannered fees, DYCI and MC propose plenteous extendefficient fee paralleld to LCUP. DYCI’s and MC’s instructing fees are Php 420. 92 per portio and Php 552. 00 per portio deferenceively which are proportionately inferior paralleld to LCUP’s Php 687. 06 fee per portio. As commendations to the precipitation, twain DYCI and MC are strategic gone it is acovet the McArthur proudway and twain are vocableinate to its target bargain. On the incompatible, LCUP’s precipitation is not that benefitous gone the topicality is unartificial. As commendations to the facilities, the three swells got concordant admonishss gone the incongruousiation is unimportant. Regarding the attainments, DYCI got the proudest scentre as it proposes aid attainmentss enjoy Academic Scholarship, MSY Scholarship, Lineage Council Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, Ward Assistant Scholarship, and other Special Scholarships and discounts cede to worthy wards paralleld to the two swells. As commendations to the bestow staff, MC and LCUP got the proudest assort convenience DYCI got the support proud assort. It is for the infer that professors in MC and LCUP are plenteous aid fitted and exceedingly fitted than professors of DYCI. And extremely, if the positioning, encouragement and/or commonity are to be meditateed, the three swells procure assort concordantly gone MC and LCUP’s commonity and positioning is proud consequently they are eraical swells already convenience DYCI’s commonity and encouragement is to-boot proud gone it has a vigorous bargaining strategy making the swell-mannered common. B. Moderation Weigh Moderation Proud Violent Bargaining Strength of Customers Antagonism Shapeshort Competitors Denunciation of Exchange Products Register of New Competitors Bargaining Strength of Suppliers PORTER’S 5 FORCES OF COMPETITION Antagonism shapeshort Competitors The aimry shapeshort emulators is proud. Severed academys and universities in Bulacan propose BS Accountancy. The upshot of emulation is reckoned to be thriveing a conveniencein the vocableinatement of the swells’ BSA program, and the waste. The ward may may-be promote swells that has a polite-mannered-mannered eraical BSA program and has recognizefficient stigma equity. In agreement to that, an arrogance determines that DYCI’s ocean emulators are MC and LCUP. Undoubtedly; MC and LCUP has fibrous stigma equity on attribute inconstruction gone twain swells piercetain been in the activity for a covet occasion and piercetain arguen the conspicuous attribute of its BSA program as show on the aloft Unconcealed Dying Percentage of its Consideration Passers. In unarm-an thriveing a convenience the waste, emulation is to-boot proud. Although DYCI proposes extendefficient instructing fee, calm?} tterminate are others swells enjoy public academys or universities that proposes plenteous inferior fees. Likely Outgrowth of Exchange Products The enjoyly educement of exchange emanations is proud. Superabundance is ineviconsultation gone swell-mannered proposes diversity of directions to the wards that are in smootht, in seduce-for nowadays. The ward may opt to elect blunt vocefficient directions that confer them the similar convenience as what BS Accountancy collects. The ward may promote directions enjoy BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, BS Nursing, BS Tourism, BS Marine Transportation and/or BS Notice Technology, as it procure notorious their coming progresss aloof. Likewise, the ward may elect synod’s academic programs enjoy TESDA which proposes unreserved vocational directions and wterminate job is certain. Considering these alternatives, a falsification is made that superabundance is unconcerned. Likely Register of New Competitors The bigr the siege and other media insufficiencyed to pierce the activity, the shorter the possibilities that new emulators procure penetreprimand the bargain. In truth, founding academys and universities is wastely as it claims protracted siege of financial, civilized, technical and bargaining media. Considering this smootht, the denunciation of new entrants is very minimal. However, authentic academys or universities which piercetainn’t yet proposeed BS Accountancy may be meditateed as enjoyly new emulators. Those swells capacity grafting to propose the program in the coming that would emanation to another emulation. Other rudiments that should be meditateed in determining the enjoyly register of new emulators are to underneathhold the economies of lamina and to found emarace incongruousiation. The economies of lamina obstruct register of new emulators as it may control them to waste hindrance. For solicitation, a new emulator may be defective in the protractedness of barconstitute emanationing to aid wastes and short produce unenjoy if it has a bigr calcudelayed of bargains wterminate the wastes departed may be possessed by the allowance and the redundancy emanations to aid produce. Similarly, the emarace incongruousiation deters register of new emulators. It particularizes that uninterruptedly the stigma fiction is createed, then it is involved for any other sturdy to conduct-in new stigma into the barconstitute unshort it has low expense and conspicuous attribute. Considering those upshots, denunciations of new emulators is said to be at the moderation. Bargaining Strength of Suppliers A sturdy technically may admonish proud expenses for any act, vocableinatement, or benefit it requites to customers. A sturdy employing a emarace orientation is chiefly concerned thriveing a convenience the attribute of its own emanation. A sturdy has a proud strength in bargaining when it prizes that as covet as its emarace has proud rules and attribute, customers would calm?} buy and waste the emanation. But in smootht of DYCI, validity of supplier’s strength is at moderation roll. The swell-mannered cannot piercetain a proud growth in instructing fees consequently the big percentages of its target barconstitute are straitened wards and it holds that in apsubject-matter to guard its target bargain, the swell-mannered should apprehend the insufficiencys and noncommunications of wasteumers and content these aid cogently than emulators by making the instructing fees aid extendefficient as plenteous as enjoyly for its vulgar target barconstitute parallel to other swells who piercetain very proud instructing fees. Bargaining Strength of Customers Bargaining strength of customer is the strength to rule the contrast of expenses. Customers grafting aid strength when they are big-tome buyers, the mediuming of emarace and benefits of someone else or other sturdys. The validity of the bargaining strength of customers of DYCI is moderation. Plain tterminate were growths on the percentage of tome of BS Accountancy wards perfect swell-mannered year, it’s calm?} not representative to effect the customers’ strength proud. Consequently of the collective foundation of the customers, they don’t piercetain the financial strength or exquisite to switch to other swells who propose proud attribute inconstruction thriveing a convenience concordant proud instructing fees. BS Accountancy direction wastes encircling P17,867. 43 in sum sumity of instructing fee and other fees for earliest year wards parallel thriveing a convenience other swells thriveing a convenience plenteous inferior fees such as BSU,PUP Sta. Maria, CSL, and others, but calm?} the wards elect DYCI wterminate incoming earliest year wards piercetain the big calcudelayed in the tome of COA enrollees consequently the swell-mannered has attribute inconstruction opposing of its low instructing fees. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan Marketing Mix (8P’s)| DYCI| MC| LCUP| 1. Product| BS in Accountancy| BS in AccountancyBS in Accounting Technology| BS in AccountancyBS in Accounting Technology| 2. Price| Schooling Fee: Php 420. 2 per portio| Schooling Fee: Php 552 per portio| Schooling Fee: Php 687. 06 per portio | 3. Place| Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan| Meycauayan City, Bulacan| Malolos City, Bulacan| 4. Promotion| * Tarpaulin * Leaflets * Swell-mannered War * Word of Mouth * Campus website| * Tarpaulin * Brochure * Administrative Website * Word of Mouth| * Tarpaulin * Brochure * Administrative Website * Word of Mouth| 5. People| * Professors are exceedingly fitted. * Professors are CPAs. | * Professors are fitted and exceedingly fitted. * All Professors are CPAs and piercetain weighcomes’ size and/or doctoral size. * Senior themes’ professors are liberal-timer. * Professors are fitted and exceedingly fitted. * All professors are CPAs, MBAs and/or Lawyers. * Half of the professors are liberal-timer. | 6. Process| 1. Supply out the Adsidearm Create at the Ward Personnel Services Office. 2. Pay the avenue examirace fee at the Academy Cashier. 3. Go end to the Ward Personnel Services Office, propose the voucher and assume the avenue examirace and the avenue confabulation. 4. Submit the claimments attributed in covet brown enclose to the deferenceive Academy Offices. 5. Get a Certificate of Matriculation (COM) to the Academy Duty Assistant and supply out the insufficiencyed notice. 6. Get a ward calcudelayed at the Registrar’s Office. 7. Submit the COM and pay at mediumest 50% of the sum enrollment fee to the Academy Cashier. | 1. Proceed to the Registrar’s Duty for acclamation of the subjoined claimments: Create 138 (Report Card), Certificate of Cheerful Moral Character, two 1”x1” ID represent. 2. Assume the avenue examirace at the Guidance and Testing Center. | 1. Submit the subjoined claimments to the Registrar’s Office: Create 138(Report Card), Original portraiture and Photoportraiture of Birth Certificate, Certificate of Cheerful Moral Character, indelicate 2”x2” ID represent. 2. Assume the University Avenue Examination. 3. Entertain the confabulation thriveing a convenience the Dean of Ward Affairs and Departments’ Dean. | 7. Physical Evidence| * Swell-mannered UniformMale: Violet polo and Ebon pantsFemale: Violet Blouse and Charcoal Gray Slacks * Identification Card * Classrooms and other swell-mannered facilities * Academy Logo| * Swell-mannered UniformMale: White polo and ebon pantsFemale: White covet sleeve and ebon trim * Identification Card * Classrooms and other swell-mannered facilities * Academy Logo| * Swell-mannered Unicreate * Identification Card * Classrooms and other swell-mannered facilities * University Logo| 8. Personalization| Provides diversified smootht studies and substances solving to surrequite wards to the gentleman naturalness of a extremeing and evaluate ry principles and techniques. | * Fitted and exceedingly fitted professors are made portioial to agency attribute apprehension. * Utensil Rebellion Program. | * Utensil Computerized Accounting. * Utensil Rebellion Program. Fitted and exceedingly fitted professors are made portioial to agency attribute apprehension. | Marketing Mix is the set of bargaining hirelings that the sturdy uses to follow its bargaining objectives in the target bargain. In benefit, bargaining mix refers to the 8P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Substantial Evidence, and Personalization. The consultation aloft displays the similitude of the bargaining mix of the DYCI, MC, and LCUP. If the emarace is to be assumen into recital, MC and LCUP is aid benefitous gone it collect options for the target bargain, that is to assume BS Accountancy or to assume BS Accounting Technology which beseems a disbenefit for the DYCI consequently it can solely propose BS Accountancy. Apparently, the barconstitute procure promote swells that procure collect them exquisites. As to the expense, the target barconstitute may percasualty promote swells which propose low instructing fee. In this smootht, DYCI has a august possibility of accomplishing the barconstitute gone shapeshort the three, DYCI proposes plenteous stinted expense for the target bargain. As commendations to the encouragement, DYCI is meditateed to be the most obnoxious as show in its encouragemental strategies such as Advertising, in the create of tarpaulins and leaflets, Personal Selling through swell-mannered war, and Direct Marketing using the swell’s administrative website. As commendations to the populace, professors in MC and LCUP are reckoned to be aid fitted and exceedingly fitted. With commendations to the manner, wards graftinging in DYCI procure go through severed procedures antecedently admitting into the academy, convenience in MC and LCUP, it solely assumes a few manner for the adsidearm of wards. Thus, the manner for adsidearm is aid opportune in MC and LCUP. Substantial illustration is the representative divorce-among-inample of the benefit. It to-boot accommodates as a instrument of bargaining despatch. The substantial illustrations used by the swells are its unvarying, identification card, collocaterooms and other facilities and the logo. Extreme is the specialalization of the swells. Personalization instrument adding benefits that procure portioe the bargain’s divorce-amongicular insufficiencys or promoteences. Each swell-mannered has incongruous specialalization. In this smootht DYCI nucleuses on providing its wards thriveing a convenience diversified smootht studies and substances solving to artfulness the wards for their coming progresss. On the other rule, MC differs itself from others by providing the wards thriveing a convenience fitted and exceedingly fitted professors that procure portioe the seduce-for for attribute inconstruction and to-boot by utensiling Rebellion Program. Likewise, LCUP collects the wards thriveing a convenience fitted and exceedingly fitted professors; utensil Rebellion Program; and use Computerized Accounting Regularity for inconstruction which effects it rare from others. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan | DYCI| MC| LCUP| Strengths| 1. Affordefficient instructing fee 2. Diversified attainments programs 3. Strategic Precipitation 4. Exceedingly Fitted professors 5. Attribute inconstruction 6. Continuously increasing atonement 7. Availstrength of capabilitys 8. Availstrength of oration and computer exertionatories 9. Challenging direction claimment (marketing intent, lore papers, smootht decomposition) 10. Participation of wards in diversified extra-curricular activities and programs 11. Vigorous ward-bestow skinredhip 12. Affiliated thriveing a convenience NFJPIA 13. Reconsideration in ReviewCenters is embodyd in the Curriculum| 1. Fibrous Stigma Equity 2. Fitted and exceedingly fitted professors 3. Senior Theme Professors are liberal-timers 4. Proud attribute inconstruction 5. Availstrength and equal calcudelayed of Accounting and Accounting-Related Books in the Library 6. Triumph of wards to superficial and inter-collegiate activities 7. Affiliated thriveing a convenience NFJPIA 8. Strategic Precipitation 9. Having refresher themes in the extreme semester of BSA Program| 1. Fibrous Stigma Equity 2. Fitted and exceedingly fitted professors 3. University Foundation 4. Utensil Computerized Accounting Regularity for Inconstruction 5. Affiliated thriveing a convenience plain consider and swells organizations 6. 50% of the professors are liberal-timers 7. Proud attribute inconstruction 8. Triumph of wards to superficial and inter-collegiate activities 9. Has disunited bargaining province 10. Having refresher themes in the extreme semester of BSA Program| Weaknesses| 1. Short liberal occasion bestow divisions 2. Unavailstrength and inequal calcudelayed of updated Accounting and Accounting-Related Books and reconsideration representatives in the Academy Library 3. Deficiency of Computerized Accounting Regularity for Inconstruction 4. Inequal co-curricular Accountancy-kindred activities such as seminars and exertionshops 5. Inequal capabilitys for Accountancy 6. Untrained divorce-amongicipants for Accounting Quiz Bowls and other intercollegiate activities 7. Noncommunication of despatch skills educement program 8. Deficiency of refresher themes in the curriculum of BSA Program| 1. Indigent Marketing Strategy 1. Deficiency of Computerized Accounting Regularity for Inconstruction 2. Noncommunication of despatch skills educement program 3. Reconsideration in ReviewCenters is not embodyd in the Curriculum| 1. Non-Strategic Precipitation 2. Inequal calcudelayed of updated Accounting and Accounting-Related Books in the Library 3. Inequal co- curricular Accountancy-kindred activities such as seminars and exertionshops 4. Noncommunication of despatch skills educement program 4. Reconsideration in ReviewCenters is not embodyd in the Curriculum| Opportunities| 1. Likely direction accreditation 2. Collision for University Foundation 3. Likely affiliations to plain consider and swell-mannered organizations 4. Likely enrollees from DYCI H. S. Province and neighboringby 5. Likely enrollees from neighboringby proud swells having Accounting themes as Electives 6. Industry Call-for for BSA disequalizes 7. Likely subscription of BS Accounting Technology| 1. Likely affiliations to plain consider and swell-mannered organizations 2. On going accreditation for IQUAME 3. Likely enrollees from MC H. S. Province 4. Likely professors from MC Disequalize Swell-mannered Province 5. Activity Call-for for BSA disequalizes| 1. Activity Call-for for BSA disequalizes 2. Likely enrollees from LCUP H. S. Province 3. Likely professors from LCUP Disequalize Swell-mannered Department| Threats| 1. Establishment of new bodyal swells 2. Terminate emulation thriveing a convenience other academys and universities in and out of Bulacan subscription BS Accountancy 3. Firm emulation thriveing a convenience TESDA, vocational and other in seduce-for directions enjoy BSBA, BSIT, BSHRM and others. 4. Pursuance of K12 apprehensional regularity in the Philippines| 1. Establishment of new bodyal swells 2. Precipitation of Aim Schools are neighboring the campus 3. Sturdy emulation thriveing a convenience TESDA, vocational and other in seduce-for directions enjoy BSBA, BSIT, BSHRM and others. 4. Pursuance of K12 apprehensional regularity in the Philippines| 1. Establishment of new bodyal swells 2. BSA subscription by Bulacan Particularize University 3. Sturdy emulation thriveing a convenience TESDA, vocational and other in seduce-for directions enjoy BSBA, BSIT, BSHRM and others. 4. Pursuance of K12 apprehensional regularity in the Philippines| Strengths Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. College of Accountancy’s senior nerves are diversified extendefficient instructing fee, attainments programs and strategic precipitation paralleld thriveing a convenience most of the other academys and universities in and out of Bulacan. Opposing of having extendefficient instructing fee, the swell-mannered calm?} caters a attribute inconstruction for the wards consequently plain though the Academy of Accountancy of DYCI was solely eraical on 2005 paralleld thriveing a convenience others, the swell-mannered has already effected CPA Consideration Examirace Passers for 2 moulded years. The wards are morals trained to effect and unfold direction claimments such as bargaining intents, lore papers and assign of smootht studies for the wards to imargue their analytical skills and to ldeaccommodate incongruous techniques and avenue to unfold consider and financial substances. Most of the professors of DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy are weighcomes in their own shows, recitaling professors are all CPAs and most of the recitaling professors were disequalizes and divorce-among-timers of aristocracy and common universities enjoy University of the East, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and others, wterminate in, what these professors acquireed from the disequalize swells are morals distributed thriveing a convenience the wards. The swell-mannered has vigorous ward-bestow skinredhip, wterminate in the professors are regularly motivating the wards to confer their best all the occasion and to boost their assurance and nucleus themselves in studies. The swell-mannered proposes numerous attainments programs to confer casualtys to worthy but short prosperous wards for them to pierce and shape academy and aid the wards in transmuteing their unblended subsists into prosperous and enlivened stories and to effect their trances enlivened authenticities. The swell-mannered has strategic precipitation consequently it is acovet Mc Arthur Public-way and it is unconcerned to go and perceive its precipitation for those who noncommunication to follow and it is neighboring from incongruous municipalities and cities of Bulacan enjoy Bocaue, Sta. Maria, Marilao, Meycauayan, Balagtas, Guiguinto, Malolos, and others. BS Accountancy wards of DYCI are to-boot actively divorce-amongicipating in the seminars, talks and other extra-curricular activities, through these, the wards procure underneathassume inners wholistic educement and integration in dynamic unarm-an as negotiative divisions of the exertion nerve, to-boot the wards would constitute apprehension encircling the authentic earth of recitaling, the opportunities they can grab thriveing graduating and dying the CPA Consideration Examirace and all the benefits and benefits they could get. DYCI has to-boot nerves thriveing a convenience concludes to facilities such as a big and subsidiary Library, Audio-Visual capabilitys, prepared affect, severed self-satisfoperation capabilitys, cling affect, ward repose which is a Wi-Fi zone, medical and dental clinic, investigation, oration and attribute computer exertionatories, and availstrength of air-conditioned capabilitys from other academys and H. S province. Weaknesses Opposing of the multiple vigorous theme-matters that DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy has, it calm?} has imperfections and dilutiones that are insufficiencyed to be educe and pay consider. Earliest is that most of the professors are solely divorce-among-timers that can privation the benefits that the academy and wards can get from having liberal occasion professors. This affects the lists of the wards gone divorce-among-timers are solely portioial to piercetain collocate during weekends and delayed hours which is benefitablely not that beneficonsultation for the wards, hence it emanations an ununconfused lists for most of the wards. Due of having aid divorce-among-timer professors, divorce-amongicipants for Accounting Quiz Bowls and other inter-collegiate activities were not getting attribute in the recitaling emulations consequently they don’t piercetain liberal occasion professors be their trainer, what they solely piercetain are divorce-among-timers who piercetain particular list for their themes and they procure not go to DYCI if they don’t piercetain collocatees. Unenjoy other academys and universities which are assignting occasion for the reconsideration and trailing of their divorce-amongicipants by the appointed liberal occasion professors. The elucidation for these two dilutiones is hiring aid liberal occasion professors by using the Nerve Calcudelayed 6 of DYCI which is having unicreate increasing atonement due to increasing population of Accountancy Students perfect year. Noncommunication of despatch skills educement program is another infirm theme-matter of the academy. Plain though recitalants are duty specials or regularly oppositeness recitaling representatives such as ledgers and journals, despatch and forcible skills are calm?} influential for recitalancy wards. A con-aggravate encircling the despatch skills of recitaling disequalizes entitled “An Decomposition of the Consider Despatch Skills Needed by Entry-Level Accountants” was produced by David S. Christensen and David Rees of Southern Utah University which particularize that “Recent aggravatelooks of employers of recitaling disequalizes consturdy that despatch skills are influential in preparing wards to exertion as recitalants (Lee and Blaszcynski 1999, Lau and Rans 1993). Lee and Blaszcynski aggravatelooked Fortune 500 executives concerning skills insufficiencyed by register-roll recitalants. Seventy-one meetents felt that recitaling apprehension was most influential, thriveing a convenience despatch skills support. Similarly, in a aggravateface of recitaling alumni, Lau and Rans fameed that despatch skills were assorted aid influential to progress cheerful-fortune than interpersonal skills, metaphysical strength, technical recitaling apprehension, and unconcealed consider apprehension. ” The curriculum of the academy solely embodys English themes encircling congruity and deficiency of oration and despatch theme. Despite the smootht that the wards were fond the casualty to hold in front of the collocate through fameing or smootht con-aggravate vindication, calm?}, the trailing for despatch is not adequate. The wards calm?} perceive forcible and congruity in English amplely involved. The vindication for this substance is utensiling despatch skills educement program by using the Nerve Calcudelayed 8 which is having a oration exertionatory. Another dilution of DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy is noncommunication of computerized recitaling regularitys for inconstruction paralleld thriveing a convenience other bodys who proposes computerized recitaling and BS Accounting Technology. DYCI has computer exertionatories thriveing a convenience updated and attribute set of computers, accordingly the academy of Accountancy can re-examine its curriculum for I. T theme to be aid skinred thriveing a convenience recitaling and to be aid emanationive. The academy can utensil this by using their big atonement or funds. Plain though the swell-mannered has a big and subsidiary Academy Library, calm?}, it does not piercetain portioial and equal calcudelayed of updated Accounting and Accounting-Related Books reconsideration representatives. This is a very influential area consequently Accountancy wards do not honest constitute apprehension from their professors but to-boot from balbutiation incongruous Accounting books that could aid them to aid underneathhold recitaling shortons and to-boot availstrength of reconsideration representatives is forcible not solely for 5th year ward but for all roll to piercetain past balbutiations. The academy could accomplish this by search unreserved books from NFJPIA or by buying extreme attribute books for recitaling, recitaling-kindred books and reconsideration books. The academy can combine the apt seminars that procure be unconfused by the NFJPIA and the JPIA dutyrs of Academy of Accountancy could moulded exertionshops wterminate in the wards could constitute apprehension and benefits. Having not adequate collocaterooms owned by the academy is another dilution of COA. The academy solely has capabilitys as its administratively owned collocaterooms. It is not exertionefficient for the 200 plus wards which can be felt specially during effect-up collocatees and examirace era which academy perceives it involved and occasion-consuming to face for a unfilled capability to do the effect-up collocate gone it is out of the list. This substance can be unfoldd by making a polite-mannered-mannered disposal of collocaterooms of other directions and plain the H. S. province to maximize the use and assets of all the collocaterooms which is Nerve calcudelayed 7 of DYCI. Opportunities The Academy of Accountancy has big size of opportunities that procure effect the population of Accountancy bigger and procure aid imargue the attribute inconstruction that the swell-mannered is subscription. The collision for having University Foundation of DYCI and the direction accreditation could collect benefits for the swell. It can fetch circumnavigate job opportunities consequently a repuconsultation university confers a bit of an plane aggravate the others in the job bargain. As employers piercetain this sight of the wards getting the aboundlent sumity of apprehension and skills from the accredited directions or swells which medium that wards are aid fitted to get the job produced. Employers would to-boot opine that wards are efficient to rulele the exigency consequently they came from a exceedingly competitive university. Furthermore, numerous populace piercetain proud commendations for accredited directions and universities and this sets the wards away-inample from other applicants. Support is getting a proud attribute apprehension. A direction or swell-mannered that is accredited instrument they piercetain met the rules that the Commissioners of Loftier Inconstruction has set. A swell-mannered could nincessantly be accredited thriveing a convenience a indigent inconstruction regularity and if they don’t piercetain the insufficiencyed facilities to repair a ward’s exquisite. Universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia University piercetain the particularize of the art facilities and piercetain the best inconstruction regularity. You can to-boot perceive the finest bestow divisions in their swell. These universities are one of the top accredited swells throughout the earth and it is no prodigy why wards trance of pierceing their swell-mannered postulates consequently of the sumity of apprehension, trailing and skills that you can ldeaccommodate from them. Accreditation procure emanation to easier affiliations to plain consider and swell-mannered organizations not solely vocableinate in Bulacan but racewide and plain earthwide, through these affiliations the collocate of the swell-mannered procure breed and could fetch competitiveness for the swell. Tterminate is a proud probstrength that proud swell-mannered disequalizes from DYCI would assume their tertiary roll in the similar swell-mannered consequently they are already comforconsultation thriveing a convenience the environment and they procure not be insufficiencying structure and to-boot the smootht of having 40% discount in instructing fees and the top 10 of having 100% discount for the proud swell-mannered alumni procure sure the wards to be aid beneficonsultation and to con-aggravate academy at DYCI. Proud swell-mannered disequalize from neighboringby swells procure collect enjoyly consequently tterminate are numerous wards who do not noncommunication to con-aggravate in far swells. The academy can effect intents, strategies and possession to get the enjoyly enrollees from proud swells having Accounting themes as Electives to confer them the apprehension encircling the benefits and opportunities they could accomplish thriveing graduating Accountancy and thriveing dying the CPA Consideration Examination. The vigorousest convenience of getting Accountancy directions is that it is in seduce-for in the activity. As is typically the smootht, consider and engineering seniors, plus those deserveing sizes in technical shows, including computer investigation, are most in seduce-for at the bachelor's size roll," writes the Unconcealed Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in its "2011 Job Outlook". Convenience some studies tear-asunder down which sizes are most common racewide, NACE's con-aggravate is rare in that it polls employers and asks them to meet their hiring intentions. The Calcudelayed 1 in seduce-for direction is Accountancy and instant is Finance. The division of the fame is enjoynessn beneath. In-Demand Size #1 - Accounting Sharp how to peruse and weigh a financial spreadsheet could conclude in ruley when bargaining yourself to companies. When asked for your skill-set, you'll be efficient to meet confidently that you are polite-mannered-versed in the extreme recitaling theories and manners and recognize how to use the most vulgar software. In-Demand Progress Prospects: Employment opportunities for recitalants procure mollify 22 percent through 2018, according to the U. S. Province of Labor. Closely skinred progresss embody budget analysts and advance dutyrs. Kindred Careers and Middle Salaries:* Advance Officer: $65,900 Accountant: $68,960 Budget Analyst: $70,660 In-Demand Size #2 - Finance Noncommunication to print proud-roll consider employers? Underlasting the bargains and how consideres breed