Perfume Market in China

Strategy for UNIQLO in India Class: Global Adcaparison - Optimizing your Global Trace Professor: Mark Roeske Students: Hidenobu Hayakawa Nagasaka Sohta Nguyen Thanh Thi Phuong Waseda Summer Intensive , August 2012 Final Reverberation Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA CONTENTS Executive Digest PART I/ UNIQLO and Vesture Perseverance - Overview of UNIQLO transaction - Vesture Industry: Treasure Chain & Key Prosperity Factors PART II/ Environmental Decomlie - PEST decomlie for India - 5 Forces decomlie for Vesture perseverance in India - SWOT decomlie for UNIQLO’s entering into India PART III/ Adcaparison Structure - Register Strategy: Register Arrange - Expatiation Strategy: 3 Phases - Implementation Plan: 4P, AAA Conclusion Reference Appendix 2 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Japan is celebrated for novelty and tall-tech manufacturing industries but not for arrange. However, this deed should be reconsidered since the stigma UNIQLO, a gentleman Japanese arrange stigma, now can be establish in the biggest cities of the globe from globe-class garnerping malls love Ginza (Tokyo), Fifth Avenue (New York) to the streets of Shanghai and Malaysia. UNIQLO is the deep stigma of Fast Retailing Co. , Ltd (see Appendix 1 for Corpoadmonish Profile), the abundantst account in vesture dispose-ofing perseverance in Japan and ranks the filthyth in the globe (behind ZARA, H&M and GAP). Mr. Tadashi Yanai, the establisher a nd ordinary CEO of Fast Retailing (FR) used to be the richest man in Japan. In this reverberation, we enucleate the adcaparison to import UNIQLO to the globe assist abundantst population, India. The concludes why we adopt this contrivance can be explained little as behindcited. Fast Retailing grant at graceful the calculate one vesture dispose-ofer in the globe by 2020. In arclass to tidingsinate this ambitious hankering, they ask-for to boost up sales from other dispenses other than depending barely on the already-saturated Japanese dispense. Earliest venturing into intercollective dispenses in 2001, UNIQLO now has globelarge performances, including in the U. K. , China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States, France, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan and Malaysia. Thither are very few big economies in the globe that UNIQLO has not creaky, which inferiorstands India. The conclude for choosing India as the present design of UNIQLO stigma is deeply consequently of the adduction of India itself behind a appropriateness a big population and mound GDP augmentation as polite as an fiery-gratifying juridical environment for outlandish cannonade. Encircling the comlie of this reverberation, we disunite in three contrariant capability. The earliest one succeed grant an aggravateview of UNIQLO stigma, its lie versa other globe-top vesture stigmas. This distribute too explains the treasure chain of vesture perseverance nucleusing on SPA standard and its bearing key prosperity deedors. The assist distribute furnishs an in-depth but amalgamate environmental decomlie of India n known and its vesture perseverance. Fixed on the empire and perseverance decomposition, a digest of superficial and inside deedors affectin g the induction of UNIQLO stigma into India is pompn in the SWOT decomposition. The definite but most expressive 3 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA distribute of the reverberation nucleuses on moulding the register adcaparison as polite as expatiation adcaparison for UNIQLO in Indian dispense. The deep facts commencement for this reverberation is the FR’s concluding annual reverberation for fiscal year ended August 31, 2011 as polite as notice adapted on verittalented websites, which are pompn in the Reference. PART I/ UNIQLO and Japanese Vesture Perseverance UNIQLO of Fast Retailing “Changing the Globe behind a appropriateness Truly Great Clothing” is the motto of Fast Retailing which pomp s the confirmation’s distillation, hankering and address. The peculiarty dispose-ofer UNIQLO, the Group’s deepstay performance, has enjoyed sinewy augmentation by subscription tall-character accidental rub at concludetalented expenses fixed on its SPA (Specialty place-of-transaction dispose-ofer of Private letter Apparel) transaction standard, which ps result scheme, manipulation, dispensation and dispose-of. UNIQLO’s results class from denim, cashmere, knitrub & inferiorrub to men & women jeans, trousers, shorts, shirts and t-shirts. The earliest UNIQLO place-of-transaction knowned in 1984 and as mentioned aggravate, UNIQLO now has performances in U. K. , China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States, France, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan and Malaysia. In 2011, th ey knowned global flagship place-of-businesss in Taipei, Seoul and on New York’s prestigious Fifth Avenue, as distribute of contrivances to advance transaction globewide. At the end of fiscal 2011, they had 843 place-of-businesss in Japan and 181 place-of-businesss in other dispenses. Their breakthrough results inferiorstand HEAT-TECH interior rub thread, Ultra Light Down jackets and Cool biz thread. In Japan, UNIQLO is the nation’s abundantst vesture dispose-ofer, behind a appropriateness a 5. % 1 distribute of the 10. 7 trillion yen Japanese vesture dispense, and 843 place-of-businesss nationlarge at the end of fiscal 20 11. In fiscal 2011, sales expandmentd 28. 7% year on year to 93. 7 billion yen and unhindered use grew 40. 6% to 8. 9 billion yen. Suitableness this is stationary barely a slight sum compared to UNIQLO Japan’s sales of 600. 1 billion yen, UNIQLO interpolitical’s performances in Asia are providing greatly useable. The whole calculate of UNIQLO Intercollective place-of-businesss clear at 181 at the end of August 2011. They contrivance to add another 107 to boost the whole to 288 place-of-businesss by the end of August 2012. Fast Retailing’s Annual Reverberation 2011 4 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA The chart inferiorneath envisions the breakdown of UNIQLO sales in the coming: (Source: Annual reverberation yearend 2011, Fast Retailing Co. , Ltd) Vesture Perseverance The behindcited chart pomps the ordinary ranking of superior global SPAs in the vesture globe (Source: Annual reverberation yearend 2011, Fast Retailing Co. , Ltd) SPA transaction standard incorporates the undiminished habiliments-making cunning from deservement of symbolicals, result contrivancening, enucleatement and manipulation through dispensation and dispose-of to schedule address. To secure the enucleatement of results of rare character, UNIQLO has accomplished its SPA transaction standard to regulate the undiminished transaction cunning (see UNIQLO transaction standard in Appendix 2). UNIQLO prosperityfully contrariantiates itself from other companies by enucleateing choice results and minimize place-of-transaction performance require. This standard is solemn in the issue of minister and key prosperity deedors are identified as inferiorneath: ?1) Result Planning Key Prosperity Factor: Result enucleatement fixed on customer feedback. Market-Out is a one of key driver for UNIQULO to incmethod consumer whither their purpose are diversified. Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA ?2) Raw symbolical Purchase Key Prosperity Factor: Symbolical deservement from encircling the globe. The UNIQLO Symbolical Fruit Team is talented to deserve tall-character symbolicals at low requires through straightforward negotiations behind a appropriateness and integrity purchases from symbolical manipulationrs globally. ?3) Genesis Key Prosperity Factor: a) Expert technical control at deedories emphasizes character in arclass to fruit pets of results of standardized character. b) Flexible to fruit in slight individual(lot) ? 4) Sales & Marketing Key Prosperity Factor: Flagship Stores Boosts the Brand UNIQLO is seeking to raise its stigma through its netgenesis of global flagship place-of-businesss. Global flagship place-of-businesss accommodate as hubs to get out the UNIQLO notice, and concept of tall-character basics, appropriateness pompcasing what sets UNIQLO adistribute from competitors such as H&M, Zara or Gap. PART II/ Environmental Decomlie 1/ PEST decomlie for India India, officially the Reknown of India, is a empire in South Asia. Its population is encircling 1. 2 billion, assist abundantst behind China. In tidings of the tranquility of doing transaction, India ranks 132nd, unimould worse than Pakistan (105th). ? Collective deedor: About its collective cunning, India is the globe's most thronged democracy behind a appropriateness a parliamentary reknown behind a appropriateness a multi-party cunning. However, India ranks 95th aggravate 185 countries in tidings of perversion admonish and the confirmation tax is indeed tall at 40%. The law was alterable in 2011 and it allows outlandish companies to enjoy fully own aidful. Although tax and perversion are disclaiming points, thither are lots of express points as the ordinary Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, promised to import past genuineness in effection of known minister and invent no barriers to cannonade in India ? Potential impression to UNIQLO: It is an poetical timing for UQNILO to go to India now consequently from 24th November 2011, Indian synod ownd a outlandish assemblage to enjoy its fully-own aidful of dispose-ofer. However, it ask-fors to pay notice to undeveloped juridical promotes from Indian obstinate Drudge Law, for 6 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA specimen, in-fact impracticable to affection someone in India, requiring cancelment of annual bonuses unimould if the assemblage wasn’t useable, tall allowance for effectioners that admit injury/death on standing of interest and curve of getting consumeive on effectioning situation and partiality wage law enforcement. Economic deedor: India is a fast mound potentiality. Its GDP augmentation admonish is impressively tall (2009: 8. 24%, 2010: 9. 55%, 2011: 6. 86%). In tidings of professed GDP, it ranks 11th in the globe. Nevertheless, GDP per capita is very low compared to the other BRIC countries ($1,389, 140th ranking). India contains the abundantst sretinue of nation buttress inferiorneath the Globe Bank's intercollective destitution thread of US$1. 25 per day. Inflation admonish is very tall of 11. 99% in 2010 and 8. 63% in 2011. As for vesture perseverance, the whole dispense capitalization is expected to incrtranquility from US$32. billion in 2009 to US$57 billion in 2015. ?Potential impression to UNIQLO: consumer’s ask-for is increasing past and past in the coming. Therefore, Indian vesture dispense invents a stupendous accidentalty for UNIQLO. However, India is too big to bargain behind a appropriateness as a one empire, so that cities are expressive to specify transaction address. The earliest targeted design should be Mumbai, which is the biggest city in population (12. 5 mil nation) and its shortsightedness (20,694/km2) is filthy times taller than Tokyo (5,541/km2). It is positively a very promising transaction consequently thither is no tariff to siege floating Japan and India from 2010. Collective deedors: Population augmentation admonish is 1. 4% per year and India is expected to sretinue 1. 4 billion in 2030. The literacy admonish is encircling 74. 04% (2011) and thither are past than 90 pet English speakers. This population is disunited in the behindcited age composition: 0-14 years: 31. 8%, 15-64 years: 63. 1% and 65 years and aggravate: 5. 1%. Their arplace are fruitful and very amiable-natured-natured for cultivation. The clime is multimould in locations and thither are summer and refuse and raining occasions. ?Potential impression to UNIQLO: UNIQLO should mode choice comforttalented results subservetalented for multimould spheres. Although India furnishs worthless drudge require, the derangement in salary vile in India is very abundant, 2-3 times discord by advice and 20-30 times discord for professionals. Another expressive deedor for importance is connected to the drudge concord in India. Thither are encircling 8,000 Drudge Unions and they are very free. 7 Final Reverberation ? [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA Technology deedors: India is polite-known as the cunningt of IT outsourcing, so the infracomlie as polite as rapture and message should be amiable-natured. Nevertheless, thither are past and past blackouts novelly. As for textile, India is a big textile account as being the abundantst account of Jute, Cotton, Silk, Cellulosic and Synthetic fiber/Yarn. ?Potential impression to UNIQLO: in the hanker run, UNIQLO should mode its own results in India to select the habit of worthless raw symbolical and low-paid drudge commencements. However, they now ask-for to raise up their dispensation from the dally. 2/ 5 Forces decomlie for vesture perseverance of India In known, the PEST decomlie pomps favortalented results to the transaction contrivance of introducing UNIQLO stigma in India. In arclass to mould the register arrange as polite as emulatery adcaparison for UNIQLO, an in-depth brains of ordinary vesture perseverance of India is ask-fored. The 5 soundnesss standard of Porter is applied to accomplish involving soundnesss of this perseverance and details are pompn inferiorneath: ? Intimidation of new entrants: Tall Barrier to new entrant into vesture perseverance is low consequently thither are no restrictions and the ordinary Indian synod pomps fiery gratifying to outlandish cannonade. On the other influence, “Functional Fiber’’ could waste its choiceness and individuality by results from other vesture companies. For specimen, Private stigma from Chemical companies (love Du Pont Company) could be our emulate in this predicament. ? Bargaining potentiality of suppliers: Low As the deep raw symbolicals are “Cotton and Negotiative fiber’’ and cotton is ware, UNIQLO can test the cotton commencement from multimould suppliers in and after a timeout the empire. Past expressively, UNIQLO has a sinewy sourcing of negotiative fiber from Toray, its strategic distributener. They enjoy had a amiable-natured-natured corpo ration on global vile inferior a hanker-tidings abridge. Finally, entrance to dispensation channels is not indigent and dispose-ofers furnish shelf-space when they entertain listing fees hither in India. Bargaining potentiality of buyer: Moderation Thither is no switching require for buyers. Most of the POS (Point of sales) are PAPAMAMA garner but they are slight in magnitude and not talented to application buying potentiality. However, due to the direction fluctuate in 2010 8 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA behind a appropriateness blame to the opportunity of dispose-ofer, amount of mass–retailers has been increasing at modeable area, making buyer bargaining potentiality sinewyer. Consumer lavishing on arrange results has advancen at 7. 1% per-annum from 2002 through 2010. Thither is a mound abundance which aids to incrtranquility stigma awareness floating Indian consumers. Indian is floating the most stigma cognizant countries in the globe (according to the “Nielsen Global Epicurism Brands Study”). Indian frequently lavish encircling 100$ on an intermediate for vesture. To them, the most expressive deedor is the behold and affect of the result and expense is too another expressive deedor. Therefore, UNIQLO should dispense itself as the greatly negotiative and innovative siege stigma from Japan to be sold at concludetalented expense. ? Intimidation of minister results of service: Tall The ministers are multimould from expense, character to stigma as polite as tranquility of entrance to customers. Local vesture manipulationrs enjoy one in bunch and they are sinewy at low-require performance. Stationary nation enjoy purpose in topical fashion outfit (their unwritten custom: sari). ? Rivalry of emulatery: Tall India is considered an inclineive dispense for epicurism stigmas, encircling 50 bonus and epicurism stigmas, including Zara, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Benetton, Levi’s etc, enjoy knowned place-of-businesss in India in novel years. Straightforward competitors of SPAs love UNIQLO (GAP and Zara) enjoy been doing transaction in India and they enjoy impenetrable portions of dispense distribute in the non-negotiative predicament. Rivalry floating tangible companies is ferocious. Regarding capabilitys and weaknesses of ordinary competitors, Zara’s capability lies in its capability to undeviatingly import the concluding schemes to its place-of-businesss appropriateness Levi’s and Benetton capabilitys are in their minister chains as they enjoy been in India for past than 10 years. Shopper’s seal and Provogue are topical players and they are adapted in past locations of customer adduction. However, ordinary competitors too enjoy weaknesses love: due to fewer occasional variations, driving new arranges entire occasion hasn’t been lenient for them. Except Benetton, most of other stigmas do not exhibit unwritten (embroidery) and hueful nonsense, which Indians select past. Some of the competitors do not enjoy amiable-natured-natured dispensation infrastructure. In illiberal, the dispense in India is stationary in its coming ages and is advanceing at a tall admonish. A lot of other bonus stigmas are contrivancening to known their place-of-businesss in India early. Dispense magnitude is big peculiarly in its tier-1 three most thronged cities namely Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore (past than 30 pet nation in whole). 9 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA UNIQLO targets customers of all ages and genders, but in its earliest bricks, it should nucleus on customer aging from 15-64 and who is past stigma cognizant. The targeted customers should deserve past than $100 dollars per month to grant UNIQLO results. 3/ SWOT decomlie for UNIQLO in India The aggravateview of UNIQLO transaction and the results of PEST and 5 soundnesss decomlie aid us own the superficial deedors and inside deedors solemn to the cannonade resolution and adcaparison mouldation of UNIQLO in India. All expressive deedors are summarized in the SWOT frameworks inferiorneath: Strengths Weakness - Tall character, negotiative results for large class of customer and to be sold at - UNIQLO originally had enjoyness of worthless habiliments for entirebody behind a appropriateness basic schemes Japanese refinement is stationary the heart treasure of FR concludetalented expense - Being celebrated for innovative results end up by Japan technology novelty appropriateness Indian effectioning refinement is very abundantly contrariant. - Having strategic coperformance behind a appropriateness suppliers (TORAY) - Shortage of global ethnical media due to the articulation barriers. - Having sinewy global trace - Lack of polite-established dispensation netgenesis - Good-natured SCM behind a appropriateness SPA standard - The financial standing is very salubrious Opportunities Threats - Increasing ask-for of negotiative results behind a appropriateness tall-tech and innovative symbolicals in synod gratifyings oreign cannonade (apparel) - Tall Yen - Incrtranquility of purchasing potentiality and stigma cognizantness in India expense for dispense distribute. - Instcapability of expenditure tax and directions the assist thronged globe. - Indian - Sinewy emulatery which may purpose a war of - Contrariant rub demeanor of targeted customers and indigent entrance to garnerping centers - The global economic downshape and Indian slack GDP augmentation - Collective matters (drudge concord, war behind a appropriateness Afghan, pledge promote, dispense egress) - Tall rental at garnerping mall 10 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA PART III/ Adcaparison Structure 1/ Strategy Based on environmental decomlie as polite as capabilitys and weaknesses of UNIQLO, behindcited is the hinted strategies for UNIQLO upon entering into India. Vision: Graceful the calculate one lifefashion vesture SPA in India in present 10 years. ? Treasure Positioning: greatly negotiative habiliments selling at intermediate to tall expense ? Competitive address: Differentiation by innovative result and aiming to be object of new attire expressions (ex: HEAT-TECH or Ultra Light Down Jacket threads) ? Targeted segmentation: Customer aging from 15 to 64 years old of twain genders, appertaining to the collective classes having moderation and tall-income, buttress in modeable area. Register arrange: earliest entering as a fully-own aidful of Fast Retailing Co. , Ltd and succeeding enlarge the place-of-transaction networks through compact behind a appropriateness strategic dispose-ofers or franchising/licensing standards. UNIQLO had very prosperityful transaction results behind a appropriateness the fully-own spray standard in other countries love China, US and EU, which should be an habit for them in India. ? Expatiation Strategy: Phase-fixed standard Phase 1 (Year 1 - Year 2) Dispense observation & Stigma and Netgenesis raiseing Target: Having piloted 5 big-sized place-of-businesss in the five most terse garnerping malls of Mumbai (5 place-of-businesss) Phase 2 (Year 3- Year 5) Brand raiseing & Regional expatiation Target: Having 10 place-of-businesss in malls of 4 big cities: Mumbai, Delhi, new Delhi and Bangalore (40 place-of-businesss) Phase 3 (Year 6 ~ Year 10) Stigma capabilityening & National expatiation Target: Architecture the earliest flagship place-of-transaction in Mumbai and having in whole 100 place-of-businesss nation-large (1 flagship and 100 place-of-businesss) 2/ Implementation contrivance: To accomplish the aggravate address, 4P dispenseing framegenesis has been applied and details are pompn in the ttalented inferiorneath: 11 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA Products Place - Phase 1: emphamagnitude negotiative interior rub - Phase 1: set-on-foot from big-sized place-of-businesss in top-tier ine (heat-up and cool-biz expressions). This modes garnerping malls in Mumbai and corpoadmonish behind a appropriateness Indian past comforttalented when combining domiciliary dispose-ofers who are lenient to be regulateled UNIQLO interiorrub behind a appropriateness their unwritten by UNIQLO. sari. - Phase 2: enucleate multimould place-of-businesss in big and - Phase 2: exhibit sepablame accidental vesture slight garnerping malls in top 4 biggest cities results of sunny schemes for men and including Mumbai, Delhi, New Delhi, and women for any occasions. (T-shirt, sleeveless Bangalore. caparison, jackets, jeans, etc ) - Phase 3: scheme fashions and enucleate symbolicals for Indian dispense to shape UNIQLO as the Phase 3: Known one globe-class flagship place-of-transaction in Mumbai and incrtranquility the place-of-transaction amount through franchising or licensing nation-wide. promotive lifefashion habiliments for domiciliary nation. Expense Promotion - Pricing for UNIQLO in India succeed be fixed - The place-of-transaction scheme, effects, fixtures and silence competitors’ pricing in India as polite as its are all carefully contrivancened and coordinated to global expense address. invent a garnerping test that reflects - Considering UNIQLO’s choice contrariantiated results and the pay of target customers, the expense succeed class from moderation to tall. global UNIQLO's stigma concept. Marketing adcaparison succeed emphamagnitude on the senses to impel the endeavor lifestyles as - The possibility of overcast expense of some Choice Siege via sinewy cannonade in results is tall consequently GPD per capita of advertising on TVs, journalism and on-thread India is stationary very low compared to other websites. Discounts at weekends and peculiar BRICs. ceremonies succeed be applied to boost the sales. Moreover, India is a wholely contrariant dispense compared to its home Japan in tidings of refinement, godliness and politics. Therefore, in arclass to win in this dispense, UNIQLO must thrive the triple A adcaparison for its global performance and contrivancening. Adaptation: India is very big and varies in sphere, tribes, godliness and legend. Therefore, UNIQLO has to furnish sepablame results adapting to rub demeanor of topicalities . For specimen, in Mumbai, whither UNIQLO grant to known earliest place-of-businesss, is very hot so UNIQLO's tall -tech dry T-shirt would be poetical. At the very end, UNIQLO should furnish the inequitable scheme and edifice exclusively for India (ex: embroidery results behind a appropriateness sunny hue). By adapting the firm’s results and services to the topical 12 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA texture, it can boost revenues and dispense distribute. ? Aggregation: India's population is 10 times than Japan and this dispense is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, if UNIQLO modes a big prosperity in Indian dispense, they would get the benefits of rule of lamina by shapeing India into regional or unimould global performance of UNIQLO. Although they now enjoy a resultion deedory in Sri Lanka, India is a very abundantly bigger dispense connecting to the Asian sub continent. In the coming, all enucleatement, resultion and dispenseing can be bunched in India as the regional performances headquarter. ? Arbitrage: India has a big vesture muster and worthless drudge soundness. On the other influence, now in China, whither 80% resultions of UNIQLO results are there, drudge wage is increasing fast. If UNIQLO determined to go to India, they can change deedories from China to India to narrow to require load as polite as elude the intimidation of strenuous collective combat floating China and Japan. CONCLUSION UNIQLO grant to invent vesture MADE FOR ALL, subscription the elements of fashion in habiliments that subserve sepablame treasures of customers. Therefore, although India is sepablame in tidings of refinement and garnerping demeanor, in the one-globe one-dispense era, UNIQLO has a big accidentalty. According to us, short-tidings design for UNIQLO is to set up usetalented transaction standard and incrtranquility stigma awareness. Long-tidings design is to be a promotive lifefashion stigma in India. Starting from tall-profile garnerping centers, then flagship place-of-businesss but uniformtually UNIQLO would grace public negotiative accidental siege that its garners can be establish in entire cities of India. As for construction and performance, to engage up behind a appropriateness the stupendous ask-for of drudge soundness in the coming, we hint UNIQLO to reinforce and retinue university graduates in India in the similar way as in Japan (either in India or Japan). The untried admittance to staff retinueing succeed mature obnoxious new place-of-businesss knownings in India succeeding. Finally, blameing the corpoadmonish refinement, in arclass to elude cultural combats as polite as to preaccommodate UNIQLO’s Japanese Heart Values among Globalization, (UNIQLO is a assemblage born and bred in Japan), they should adjust and integadmonish its Japanese DNA and Indian DNA to characteristic itself as a new expression of Japanese-originated global confirmation. 13 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA REFERENCE 1/ Note on Globalization and Adcaparison http://www. iese. edu/en/files/AR-Apuntes9. pdf 2/ Fast Retailing Concluding Annual Reverberation 2011 http://www. astretailing. com/eng/ir/library/annual. html 3/ Other websites: http://www. jetro. go. jp/world/asia/in/biznews/4ed43b5b0cb20 http://www. jetro. go. jp/world/asia/in/invest_04/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index http://ja. wikipedia. org/wiki/%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E3%83%89 http://www. google. co. jp/publicdata/explore? ds=d5bncppjof8f9_=ny_gdp_mktp_kd_zg m=country:IND=ja=ja=%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E3%83%89gdp%E6%88%90%E9%95 %B7%E7%8E%87) http://ja. wikipedia. org/wiki/%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E3%83%89) http://www. google. co. jp/url? sa=t=j==s=web=1=0CGAQFjAA =http%3A%2F%2Fcsi. ckinsey. com%2F~%2Fmedia%2FExtranets%2FConsumer%2520Shopper%252 0Insights%2FReports%2FIndias_fast_growing_apparel_market. ashx=LtM0UN7mGIb4mAWmwoG YCQ=AFQjCNE5VELIQ-B385iwXw_VnAjkCscOCw=rXzMNQp0szM7wLXWKzPqXQ http://ja. wikipedia. org/wiki/%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E3%83%89 http://ecodb. net/country/IN/imf_inflation. html#pcpipch http://www. meti. go. jp/policy/trade_policy/epa/country/pdf/india0408. pdf http://www. google. co. jp/url? sa=t=j==s=web=1=0CGAQFjAA =http%3A%2F%2Fcsi. mckinsey. com%2F~%2Fmedia%2FExtranets%2FConsumer%2520Shopper%252 0Insights%2FReports%2FIndias_fast_growing_apparel_market. shx=LtM0UN7mGIb4mAWmwoG YCQ=AFQjCNE5VELIQ-B385iwXw_VnAjkCscOCw=rXzMNQp0szM7wLXWKzPqXQ http://www. indexmundi. com/india/age_structure. ht 14 Final Reverberation [STRATEGY FOR UNIQLO IN INDIA APPENDIX Appendix 1: Fast Retailing Confirmation Profile Index Figure Empire Japan Establish year 1963 Sales( billion) 820. 35(2011. 8) Net use( billion) 54. 35 Whole possessions( billion) 533. 78 ROE(%) 18. 1 Dispense treasure (() 14,742 Stores 2088 (10 countries) Employees (full-time) 14,612 Region sales admonish 73(Japan):27(Oversea) (Source: Annual reverberation yearend 2011, Fast Retailing Co. , Ltd) 15