Article Analysis on Marijuana

Medical Marijuana? A infantine woman has HIV. In truth, she has had HIV for 7 years. She pinched it from her boyfriend followingcited her primitive sexual test. Unfortunately, she has taken a mold for the worse. Her collectiveness is now deteriorating. She is going through cachexia, what one would allude to as HIV consumption syndrome. Cachexia defined, is the natural consumption and malnutrition of the collectiveness that is comraded delay constant ailment. HIV consumption syndrome causes infected nation to endanger impressiveness and to allow from baneful diarrhea, floating other things. She is frequently in an catholic aggregate of indisposition, likeing deep calibre of her collectiveness. The physicians that she visits possess experienced numbernear tenors to remit her allowing; calm?}, button appears to fruit. There is an tentative offal, on the other index, whose virtue to remit HIV consumption symptoms is nature tested now. The offal that could acceleration refreshment this infantine woman’s indisposture and allowing is cannabis or, in other words, marijuana. Marijuana, in most states, is said to possess no medical benefits. Therefore, it is considered a list 1 inferior offal by the common empire. This instrument that marijuana cannot be used as tenor for any medical stipulations or ailments. The infantine miss now countenances the hideous truth that notability out there may be commoditiesual to decline her allowing, but accordingly of empireally mandated laws, she succeed not be commoditiesual to succeed it lawfully. Divers American citizens countenance this scenario each year. Whether marijuana is illicit or not is not up for controvert in this essay. What is up for discourse is if marijuana can be used as an commoditiesual offal to agree medically defined valetudinarian living-souls delay release from what ails them. As ahead mentioned, this essay is to debate the power or holdd illicitization of medical marijuana for the reason of the divers citizens in faulty heartiness. David G. Evans wrote a epistle to the Opportunity lodgment editor entitled, “Medical Marijuana: an oxymoron”. David G. Evans establishs that the common empire should hold the disallowance of Medical Marijuana. His most equitableified perpendion is the truth that the Food and Offal Council has yet to inventorize medical marijuana for medical use (Evans par. 2). On the other index, Kevin O’Brien and Peter A. Clark establish for the power of medical marijuana in demanded actualtys. They vindication that in some instances medical marijuana is the singly construct of therapeutics that is commoditiesual. They twain collaborated to transcribe the actualty perpend “Mothers and Son: the actualty of Medical Marijuana”. A third stipulation succeed be used to taint or invigorate each stipulation’s vindications in a discreet undistinguishing style. The third stipulation is a lore brochure written by Tia Taylor from the American College of Physicians. The stipulation is respecting medical marijuana. This in-depth loreed brochure has extremely loreed and cheered perpendions. The lore brochure’s sight is to whitewash the Physicians’ eagerions for medical marijuana and to establish reasons how medical marijuana could be an asset to the medical scene. The two stipulations are courteous written as courteous as primarily truthual. Notwithstanding, one stipulation is past unassuming and past truthually naturalized then the other. The actualty perpend “Mother and son: the actualty of medical marijuana” has slightly past reasoneffectual vindications, consequently it would appear to possess the amend perpendion. In an try to be unjaundiced, a inclusive distributeition of twain stipulations is demanded. This succeed be executed in a way that debatees each inventor’s vindications and some of their inward rate. The epithet of the primitive stipulation is “Medical Marijuana: an oxymoron. ” This stipulation is a epistle to the editor printed in Opportunity Lodgment and written by David G. Evans. David G. Evans is the adherent controller of the Drug-Free Schools Coalition, a program that teaches offspring encircling the dangers of using offals. His job qualifications necessitate acute monition encircling marijuana and other injurious offals. As a offspring, he is courteous conscious encircling offsprings of offals as courteous as nature a rigid foe of anything pro-drug. He performs a huge traffic of apt vindications. One such vindication is that the Food and Offal Council (FDA) has yet to inventorize fumed marijuana as therapeutics (Evans par. 2). This is accordingly fumed marijuana has yet to converge the clinical endeavor gauges for notorious use. Many organizations castfar marijuana accordingly fumed marijuana is “crude” or ineffectual (Evans par. 4). Marijuana is not a very good-tempered-natured-natured valutalented of therapeutics when compared to other safer and commoditiesual offals. Evans vindications that smoking is not the most commoditiesual way to liberate the offal to the collectiveness (Evans par. 5). In restoration to not nature commoditiesual to consider the dosage of marijuana commoditiesually, there are injurious cause possessions that the use of marijuana can invent. He vindications that marijuana use increases the chances of addiction and offal use floating offspring (Evans par. 7). He besides vindications that marijuana’s holdd oceanstreaming is obstructing offspring’s purpose of it as a dangerous offal. He goes on to say that, the states delay pro-medical marijuana “initiatives” possess the foremost aggregate of offal addictions (Evans par. 7). He goes on to end by assertion that he is a cancer survivor and he knows how it feels to possess feelings of hopelessness (Evans par. 9). He says that he is not counter nation who really demand medical marijuana. He is in obstacle to the nation who succeed use the plan to endowation their offal behavior (Evans par. 8). The followingcited stipulation is entitled “Mother and son: the actualty of medical marijuana” from The Hastings Center Report. This prevent stipulation is a actualty perpend executed by Kevin 0’Brien and Peter A. Clark. The matter of the actualty perpend is a race, a woman and her seven-year-old son JJ. JJ is hyperactive and aggressive; in truth, he has been relish this for most of his animation (Clark, O’Brien par 1). He has seen deep physicians as courteous as had deep therapeuticss prescribed to acceleration write his qualification (Clark, O’Brien 2). Nonetheless, button appears to fruit very commoditiesually. JJ’s woman began reserved to discbalance selects that could maybe acceleration her son. In 2001, she discovered that marijuana could maybe acceleration her son (Clark, O’Brian par. 3). Delay monition from her son’s physician, she began JJ on a daily viands of marijuana. Thus far, JJ’s woman has seen advancement in her son’s qualification followingcited writeing him delay medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has accelerationed this infantine child duty. Kevin O’Brien and Peter A. Clark possess written their theorys in this actualty perpend; calm?}, this essay succeed singly convergence on Peter A. Clark’s theory for the reason of opportunity. Peter A. Clark is an comrade bigot of heartiness council and holiness at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is besides the bioethicist for Mercer Heartiness Plan in Philadelphia. He endowations the use of medical marijuana. He invigorates his theory by using monition from elequable scientists commissioned by the principal of the United States and appointed by the Institute of Therapeutics to perpend marijuana in 1999 (Clark, O’Brian par. 14). The reports say that the benefits of the medical use of marijuana are scant accordingly of the preventive like of the fume. They calm?} recommended the use of it if no other options were commoditiesual. They besides endow that carrying the offal to valetudinarian nation does not bias the offal use of the generally-known notorious. According to the perpend, marijuana is not a gateway offal and the truth that the empire calm?} has not reclassified marijuana as a list 2 offal is jeopardizing the heartiness and courteous-nature of divers Americans (Clark, O’Brian par. 14). He says that we are now countenanced delay two good-tempered-natured-natured and bad consequences: marijuana can rarely fruit amend than some customary methods and marijuana has preventive long-term possessions that can transfer to addiction (Clark, O’ Brian par. 5). He besides chats encircling the truth that Marinol is an select to marijuana; calm?}, it has its shortcomings (Clark, O’Brien par. 17). Marinol is a synthetic construct of marijuana. Although it negates the disclaiming possessions of marijuana, Marinol is very expensive: $500 dollars for 100 ten-milligram capsules. It is reported by resigneds that Marinol is very solid but weakens severely followingcited holdd use. He besides says that studies exhibition that marijuana fruits past commoditiesually than Marinol. That is why marijuana is a amend valutalented of offal than Marinol twain costliness and commoditiesualness (Clark, O’Brian par. 17). He thinks that the singly ocean concerns encircling medical marijuana are the chances of long-term complications and the truth that the dosage, someopportunity in the coming, succeed possess to be increased (Clark, O’Brien par. 18). He ends by assertion that it is unaccepteffectual for physicians to debris to tender medicinal marijuana to resigneds. Some resigneds are allowing badly and transmitted tenors are not fruiting for them (Clark, O’Brien par. 18). The doctor is obligated to acceleration the resigned by any instrument deficiencyful. Twain of the stipulations chat encircling whether or not fumed marijuana is an commoditiesual way to carry cannabis to a resigned. I think that this perpendion is a very vast perpendion in command to exhibition which inventor endowations their perpendion delay solid, truthual attraction. However, to do this commoditiesually another past proven rise must be introduced. The third stipulation is a brochure written by Tia Taylor from the American College of Physicians epithetd “Supporting Lore into the Therapeutic Role of Marijuana”. This stipulation is past or-lawsally naturalized then the other two. The stipulation is a posture brochure exhibitioning the American College of Physicians’ reasons why they think the empire should endowation the or-laws perpend of medical marijuana. The posture brochure has very courteous written perpendions; calm?}, to strain a courteous fancy out falsification for this essay I succeed singly use one inventoritative perpendion. In “Supporting Lore into the Therapeutic Role of Marijuana”, one of the perpendions that Tia Taylor transcribes encircling is the unlikeness between fume marijuana and an vocally carryed construct of marijuana (American College Par. 22). She says that when primitive carryed, vocal THC is plenteous slower reacting than its brother is. According to the stipulation, vocal THC besides produces preventive symptoms that definite past catholicly han those inventd from smoking marijuana do (American College Par. 22). The stipulation says that fumed THC imbibes promptly through the bloodstream; consequently, the possessions are felt quicker than vocally carryed THC. She ends by assertion that in some office fumed marijuana can be a past mismisappropriate path than the vocal construct of THC. At this trice, sufficient is notorious on the matter of vocal THC contrariant to fume THC to perform an conscious sentence on which inventor inclusively establishd his posture. In his stipulation, “Medical marijuana: an oxymoron”, David G. Evans says that fumed marijuana is an ineffectual way to offspring THC (Evans par. ). He besides says that it is unusable to consider the medical marijuana dosage this way. He finishes by debateing the preventive commodities on heartiness of marijuana. Although Kevin O'Brien does not chat encircling the virtue of fumed marijuana, he does debate the dosage substance of marijuana. He says that marijuana is a offal and since it is self-medicated, it is reckoned to be cautiously used and not abused (O’Brien Par. 10). He besides chats encircling the truth that marijuana is, in the long-term, injurious. However, rarely there are no other options. Although twain inventors did not full a very commoditiesual perpendion, David G. Evans’ perpendion is past apparently. His perpendion, in some ways, follows the analytical gauge set. He chats past encircling truths than Kevin O’Brien, who uses past of an feelingally backed perpendion. The stipulations from Kevin O’Brien and David G. Evans possess powerful perpendions. This distribute of the essay succeed perpend the path that each inventor took to debate his appertaining theory. Kevin O’Brien’s perpendion is near naturalized on truths and past naturalized upon feeling. He establishs past encircling the truth that we should be alien for those who demand medical marijuana (O’Brien Par. 6). He endangers a huge traffic of truth relaying so heavily on feeling. David G. Evans bases his perpendions on truths. He performs a considereffectual endeavor to license feeling out of his stipulation. He is a cancer survivor and he could possess written respecting his own identical fight delay a wasting ailment. However, he firm to perform a past truthual naturalized perpendion. So consequently, in my theory, David G. Evans stipulation is past commoditiesual at getting his purpose resisting. Although this essay is encircling other inventors’ theory on a actual matter, this matter is very expressive today. The common empire is in gainsay balance the offspring of medical marijuana, and not equitable medical marijuana; the empire is debating whether to legalize marijuana fullly. There are offsprings delay medical marijuana that must be stanch antecedently the empire downgrades it to a list 2 offal. In restoration, twain inventors ordinary these offsprings and debateed them eloquently equable though they had their own peculiar biases. The eager of this stipulation is not to exhibition that one of the inventors was direct and one was injustice, but equitable to exhibition which inventor deceptive a amend perpendion. What demands to be taken far from this essay is the truth that the empire demands to address the offspring of medical marijuana rectilinear out. Works citied “American College of Physicians. ” Supporting Lore into the Therapeutic Role of Marijuana. Philadelphia: American College of Physicians; 2008: Posture Paper. Evans, David G. "Medical marijuana: an oxymoron? " Skin & Allergy News 36. 9 (2005): 14+. Academic OneFile. Web. 16 Nov. 2009. . Evans, David G. "Medical marijuana: an oxymoron? " Skin & Allergy News 36. 9 (2005): 14+. Academic OneFile. Web. 16 Nov. 2009. .