Philosophy of Love and Sex

Describe the three kinds of kindness: Eros, Philia and Agape Eros: •This is Greek vocable that refers to a model of kindness that is raving, shows intense hanker for something and is repeatedly referred to as sexual hankers. Another promise to delineate this model of kindness is public as “Erotic. ” As Plato writes: “he who kindnesss the fresh is denominated a kindnessr consequently he portioakes of it. ” This cite explains that someone who admires the picturesqueness of another is a kindnessr consequently he shows the humor. The Platonic-Socratic explains that you can’t actually be friends following a while another following having sex following a while them. Philia: •Refers to the repugnant sex and showing a terrible sum of humor and sagacity towards friendliness, parents, compassion. It should be a non-sexual interconnection. Having friends is a amiable portio of career. You need friendliness to concede you a idea to maintain you lucky to manage to yourself. Forming a friendliness is from humor each other, talking to one another or having the repugnant of what you are (different). He so believes that friendliness is grounded on choice but he so says that it’s not a developed friendliness then. Agape: •The kindness of compassion, credence in god and the union of twain Eros and Philia. You kindness everybody and everyone. Show humor towards your enemies and be exact to everyone. Kindness is rare and is illustrious by its tone and its tone and how it is shown. It is so public as affectionate kindness.