write an essay in which you compare some of the sonnets written

Many of the Harlem Renaissance made capacious use of the sonnet shape; module 2 contains examples such as Countee Cullen's "From the Dark Tower," Helene Johnson's "Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem," and Claude McKay's "If We Must Die."Write an essay in which you assimilate some of the sonnets written during the Harlem Renaissance. How do irrelative approaches to the sonnet shape conspicuous irrelative thematic concerns? 


M4: Essay #2 Requirements

  1. Fully harangue the apt among 500 - 800 suffrage.
  2. Essays must enjoy the suited organization. This grasps an preface portion, divers assemblage portions, and a final portion. The preface must grasp page enumerate, designation and a designation in MLA shapeat. The preface must so prepare after a while a hook/attention grabber, income after a while unconcealed contrast instruction on the theme, and the ONE SENTENCE subject is the LAST specialty in the preface.
  3. Use your own ideas and extracts from the study to prop your subject. When using extracts, bear-in-mind to present the cite after a while a conspicuous specialty and supervene each cite after a while an definition in your suffrage (resurvey the cite sandwich).
  4. Use MLA parenthetical citations instantly superveneing each extract and/or exposition. Purdue OWL's website is an justifiable playing beginning.