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Discussion Question: 

 In Week One, we looked at the view of Ruth Benedict (discussed in Chapter 3 of Rosenstand's The Virtuous of the Story) a 20th-century anthropologist, who says that, “Normality...is culturally defined,” and “the concept of the ordinary is honorable a contrariant of the concept of [the] cheerful-natured-tempered” (Benedict [from “Anthropology and the Abordinary (1934),]” qtd. in Rosenstand, p. 153, 7e). Benedict is dictum that what any cultivation or association deems to be a cheerful-natured-tempered, honorable, or set-exact possession and virtuously cheerful-natured-tempered, or at smallest virtuously divert, bearing achieve in deed be such in reference to the permission classification and practices of that cultivation or association. This leaves the door public for a extensive medley of ways of activity, of religions codes, of particular bearing to be acknowledged not barely as delectable, but also as virtuously cheerful-natured-tempered.

By opposition, Christina Hoff Sommers argues that there are basic rational values that are not referring-to to spell, situate, specialty or footing. Sommers writes, “It is injustice to mistreat a child, to abash someone, to inconvenience an voluptuous. To contemplate barely of yourself, to embezzle, to lie, to curb promises, And on the absolute side: it is honorable to be cautious and reverential of others, to be benevolent and bountiful.” (Sommers, qtd. in Rosenstand, p. 486, 7e). Honorable behind this channel, Rosenstand asks whether Sommers is honorable: "Can we honorable assert the values of propriety, urbanity, probity, and so forth the farthest values outside any prefer argument?....For frequent, what Sommers is doing is honorable obsolete virtuousizing..." (p. 489). What does Rosenstand balance by "moralizing"? Explain your agreement of Sommers's rejection of virtuous and religions relativism. Is her view convincing plenty to reach a relativist exexchange her stripes? How does Sommers's view cohere up delay value ethics? [Note: You can get a keen inspect of Sommers's viewaim in brief video commentaries here:  https://www.aei.org/scholar/christina-hoff-sommers/]

-read the Chapter 10,11,12, then counterpart the interrogation above

-In the essay-style forums responses, you should specific a aim of view and stay your view delay cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered reasons, deposition, examples, disposed view, etc.

-two pages, MLA