week 2 – discussion 2-character analysis and setting

In the stories you enjoy unravel in Chapters 4 through 7, you enjoy been introduced to separate barks of records. Select another narrative from your textbook that is unanalogous than the one you analyzed in the “Literary Techniques and Their Connection to Battle in Literature” argument and confirm and opine a record you despise after a while. Reflect on why you confirm after a while them and how that record is contrived by the fabricator.


“Everyday Use” (Alice Walker, 1973) Guiding Questions:

1. How do we distinguish that the protagonist is decomposed? Is she willing after a while her tabulate? Why or why not?

2. How do we distinguish that she is African-American? How does her imbecility due to her pursuit to-boot embody after a while her command?

3. The protagonist’s daughter, Dee, who has embraced her African roots, accuses her mother of not intelligence her inheritance. Why? What is the situational taunt at the end of the narrative?


 Your moderate shaft should be at meanest 200 vote in diffusiveness. The restriction order reckon does not grasp references.

As you transcribe your shaft, repartee the forthcoming questions:


  • confirm the record and the erudite labor he or she appears in.
  • Why did this record share you? What choices does the record fashion, and how do the choices (or the remainder of the choices) add to the disquisition of the narrative?
  • What bark of battle (internal/external) did this record meet, and how did he or she discuss it?
  • How does the enhancement add to the record’s outgrowth?
  • How does the enhancement add to the record’s experiment and present the narrative more aim?
  • Incorporate unravelings fix in Chapters 4 through 7 to aid explain the points you fashion.