The writing process part 1

For exam 986097, The Writing Process, Part 1, there are six questions that must be answered. You can experience these exam questions at the end of your digital consider manage (located on your MY COURSES page).

The exam and meekness instructions can be set on page 53; the exam questions to be answered can be set on page 54. Please collectively re-trial twain of these pages anteriorly contacting the discipline for coadjutorship.

For more counsel on this trial, you may craving to survey this concise communication from one of your instructors:

For several media that get aid you to entire the exam, you may craving to scrutinize the Symbaloo page for this nearon:


Writing Process, Part 1 EXAMINATION NUMBER


Page 54 contains the trial questions for The Writing Process, Part 1. To entire this trial, supervene these steps:

  1. Use a word-processing program, preferably Microsoft Word,

    to entire the trial.

  2. At the top of every page, apprehend your indicate and ward reckon.

  3. Be positive to obviate your labor.

If you do not entertain vestibule to Microsoft Word, you must justly format your muniment by clicking on SAVE AS, naming it using the ward reckon_exam reckon format
12345678_986097), and choosing FILE TYPE: Rich Text Format. This exam MUST be sent as a .doc or .rtf improve to be graded electronically.

Submitting Your Exam

  1. Log on to the Ward Portal.

  2. Click on Take Exam next to the assignment you’ve entired.

  3. Follow the instructions supposing to suggest your exam. 


Answer questions 1–4 in one or two passages. Question 1a–1b is domiciled on the superveneing article.

A bound to the deep can be a mitigateing evade from the common,ordinary pressures of spirit. A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a moral evade to faraway places. The rhythm of the deep beating abutting the sand is sedating voice to a unhappy memory. A sluggish, mild efflation can mitigate your tensions. You should regularly be considerate to fly overexpopositive to the sun at the seacoast.

  1. a. Write or model the passage that is the theme passage of the article.
    b. Write or model the passage that is not allied to the theme and can be eliminated.

  2. List indelicate things to appear for when you’re proofreading.

  3. Complete the superveneing two steps:

    a. Define the account cliché.

    b. Use a cliché in a passage that you form.

  4. Name and interpret two models of prewriting.

  5. Choose one of the prompts listed underneath. Write a five-passage article using chronological adjust to interpret the steps that you would engage to entire the labor you selected.

    Describe the steps you would engage to: a. order for a trial.
    b. order to number a aspect
    or an circumstance. c. get cheerful for labor.

    d. purified your compass or your home.
    e. construct a snowman, sandcastle,
    or sculpture. f. form a budget.

  6. Choose one of the superveneing themes. Write an eight-passage article that easily develops the theme.

    1. Following instructions is very main.

    2. Job luxuriance programs (such as Job Corps) are estimable to twain employers and virtual employees.

    3. Advances in technology are making persons near political.

    4. A exalted discipline warrant is main to my coming.

    5. College is not for everyone.

    6. Drunk driving can be stopped.