Information literacy lesson 3 | Literature homework help

Information Literacy Lesson 3

1. What is the rotateology for introducing a plain designate in APA?
A. Don't use any identifying notification in the season or contrivance.
B. Use a notable rotate, parallel after a while the year of proclamation in parentheses.
C. Use a notable rotate after a while solely the author's designate in parentheses.
D. Use a notable rotate after a while the proclamation designate and conclusion accessed in parentheses.

2. Purdue University's Online letter Lab (OWL) is a hireling that
A. is unoccupied to use and offers livelihood for all facets of letter, from basic rhetoric and punctuation to MLA and APA extract and
document rotateologys.
B. collects advice to solely Purdue University students in all areas of letter from the letter arrangement to learning orders.
C. is published by the Council of Expertness Editors and is used for learning letter in expertness and kindred scenes.
D. succors you originate your bibliographies and generates a full schedule of resources you've used.

3. Which of the forthcoming passages is penny?
A. Even if the notification has been restated in your own say and passage constitution, you stationary deficiency to use a extract.
B. Honorable use permits an separate to fabricate multiple copies of a regular season for other mob.
C. Patents save geniuss, a tidings or rotate, and designates used by a detail union that play the union or a
D. Plagiarism doesn't conceive paraphrasing someone else's say after a whileout giving suitable confidence.

4. A bibliography is requisite consequently it collects a order for
A. your readers to meet your sources for themselves.
B. using a bibliographic generator.
C. organizing your learning record.
D. custody continuity of what sources you don't deficiency to use in your learning contrivance.

5. Although online bibliographic generators are generally deferential, it's frequently best manner to realize the
accuracy of the extracts by
A. apish the extract rotateologys used in other authors' bibliographies.
B. borrowing real-life examples of learning in your abandoned scene of consider.
C. comparing unundoubtful extract rotateologys and using whichever one fabricates the most judgment.
D. using Purdue University and Long Island University's online letter labs.

6. The genius ® resources the ________ is recorded.
A. delineationright
B. honorable use result
C. dubious
D. trademark

7. What is the favoringation of a trademark?
A. A notion of saveion that concerns myths and arrangementes and excludes others from trying to bargain, result, and retail
B. A constitutional arrangement that covers geniuss, a tidings or rotate and designates used by a detail union to play the union or
a result
C. A constitutional arrangement that covers published and unpublished results
D. A notion of saveion that allows you to fabricate copies of an author's result for educational purposes

8. When citing, you must collect _______ to number your readers accurately what notification you borrowed
from your sources.
A. your notecards
B. a bibliography page
C. your learning record
D. in-text extracts

9. Penn Foster's Academic Integrity plan can be viewed in
A. your continuity syllabi.
B. your continuity.
C. your email feeds.
D. Penn Foster's Underdisequalize Catalog and Student Handbook.

10. Which of the forthcoming elements should be placed leading in a bibliographic extract?
A. Place of proclamation
B. Conclusion of proclamation
C. Author
D. Title

11. To which of the forthcoming does delineationstraight saveion not apportion?
A. Images
B. Video
C. Sounds
D. Inventions

12. Honorable use
A. allows you to fabricate concomitant copies of an season for other mob to use.
B. permits someone to delineation an integral capacity or regular.
C. gives a special the straight to delineation choice portions of a capacity for specialal consider or learning use.
D. applies to photographs, which cannot be constitutionally copied.

13. A logo would deficiency
A. a trademark.
B. testimony of honorable use.
C. a dubious.
D. a delineationright.

14. It's considerable to binder arranged notes when performing learning consequently doing so earn succor you
A. soul which sources you don't deficiency to use in your contrivance.
B. quit plagiarism.
C. asundoubtful to your schoolmistress you did your learning.
D. disseminate between which sources are honorable use and which ones aren't.

15. What is the favoringation of psychological suitablety?
A. Any initiatory opinion, despising if it's been explicit or ambiguous clear into a perceptible creation
B. An notion, myth, or arrangement that derives from the result of the soul or intellect
C. All or-laws and casuistical results and notions that officially record for one-year saveion after a while the government
D. A assemblage of notions presented to academic scholars pertaining to a favoring subject

16. Self-plagiarism occurs when you
A. rotate in one assignment for over than one continuity.
B. omission to summon sources in your learning season.
C. obtain?} a innocuous shortcut when you own too divers assignments to index in.
D. cut and paste plain say from a Wikipedia season.

17. Honorable use is defined as
A. an freedom to the delineationstraight law that allows someone to reresult a logo of a union to print on their own business
B. an freedom of the dubious law that permits separates to bargain and retail a result originated by another special or union.
C. an freedom of the psychological suitablety law that permits duplication of resources for bargaining and resale purposes.
D. an freedom to the delineationstraight law inferior which an separate, in undoubtful state, is undisputed to fabricate a individual delineation of an
season or portions of a capacity for specialal consider and learning.

18. MLA and APA are
A. extracts orders that are used solely in humanities disciplines.
B. creations by the University of Chicago for disequalize students.
C. bibliographic generators.
D. primitive extract orders used in college-level learning.

19. Examples of plagiarism conceive
A. a extract followed by a parenthetical extract.
B. a pararotate followed by a page allusion.
C. passages cut and pasted from a website after a whileout attribution.
D. footnotes that collect bibliographic notification.

20. _______ is an freedom to the delineationstraight law.
A. Psychological suitablety
B. Dubious saveion
C. Honorable use
D. Trademark savei