Information literacy lesson 2 | Literature homework help

Information Literacy instruction 2

1. Which exploration engine offers apprehending media, including profession and theses, that couple countless
A. Bing
B. Academic Index
C. Google Scholar
D. RefSeek

2. The divergent muniment types advantageous among EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP) include
A. ample citation, peer-reviewed, and images.
B. profession, tidingss, unexpressive profession, fabricator conceptionals, notes to editors, and further.
C. notification inscriptions, notification types, and audio options.
D. magazines, academic journals, books, and newspapers.

3. MetaLib
A. identifies the exploration engine along after a while its results and offers twain Web-ample explorationes and a ample multiformity of specialty exploration
B. offers further than 42,000 unconditional ebooks after a while expired U.S. copyrights in uncertain formats.
C. provides slow exploration options, favor settings, and exploration suggestions.
D. explorationes opposite multiple U.S. federal synod databases, profession, and citations.

4. The best way to adit EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP) is to
A. log into your Penn Foster Tyro Portal Page and click on the Library Services Button on the lawful sidebar.
B. log onto your Penn Foster Tyro Portal and prefer the Knowledge Literacy line.
C. complete an Internet exploration for "EDSeek database."
D. complete a exploration engine exploration for "EDSeek" and prefer from the roll of hits.

5. Examples of spiritless exploration engines used for reexploration include
A. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
B. EDSeek, Reader's Guide, and Dogpile.
C. Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.
D. Open Library, Project Gutenberg, and The Internet Public Library.

6. Using a plus (+) expression antecedently a keyaccount exploration indicates that
A. it's a mandatory account that must be base in the exploration.
B. you're eliminating a account from your exploration results.
C. you're adding a new term to your exploration.
D. it's an optional term among your exploration.

7. In EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP), choosing barely peer-reviewed profession indicates that you'll
A. be operative to adit and curtail the name.
B. see profession that are accompanied after a while photographs, diagrams, charts, and other visuals.
C. see give-back hits that pertain barely to academic journals.
D. see barely profession containing apprehendledge that has been evaluated and inventorized by procureings in a room.

8. Among EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP), you'll commence your exploration by choosing to exploration by
A. keyword, notification inscription, and conceptional.
B. tidings, material, and unexpressive name.
C. keyword, material, or notification inscription.
D. ample citation, images, and estimate of pages.

9. Examples of metaexploration engines include
A. RefSeek, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.
B. Google Scholar, iSEEK, and Academic Index.
C., Dogpile, and MetaLib.
D. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

10. Which of the aftercited layout elements is shared opposite most exploration engines?
A. A "Sort by: Notification date" option
B. A truncation option
C. Nonprofit advertisements
D. Concomitant exploration types

11. Which of the aftercited statements about human-power exploration engines is gentleman?
A. People adfitting the exploration engine so that they'll populate rolls of trending exploration stipulations and phrases.
B. The option adfitting is disproportionate, so the results are reflection to be of inferior kind.
C. Users cast in their exploration demand and then the exploration engine librarians confront materials for them.
D. Links are chosen by users.

12. Wildcards
A. are characters that depend for a note or concomitant notes of a account.
B. shorten your exploration.
C. commute antonyms and synonyms in your exploration.
D. are characters that exclude any variations and give-back barely the fitting spelling of a account in exploration results.

13. Which of the aftercited is a human-powered exploration engine?
A. Google
B. MetaLib
C. Dogpile
D. Mahalo

14. Boolean operators include
A. and, after a while, or not.
B. and, or, not, andnot, or and not.
C. and and not barely.
D. or, not, and after a while.

15. Which of the aftercited rises mitigated has the most relioperative apprehendledge?
A. A company-sponsored website after a while minute citations
B. A computer skill citationbook written by an procureing in the room in the forthcoming 2000s
C. An name in last month's result of a peer-reviewed exchange journal
D. A graduate tyro's blog that was updated ten months ago

16. EDSeek (also public as Expanded Academic ASAP) is
A. Penn Foster's Tyro Portal providing line materials, exams, and grades.
B. Penn Foster's Digital Library intimation and reexploration individuality.
C. Penn Foster's Community website referencing tyro posts and line materials.
D. Penn Foster's electronic database that serves as twain a stated condemnation and a repository of ample-citation profession.

17. NoodleTools is a website that
A. enables tyros to generate accepted noodles.
B. provides educational tools, software, and apprehendledge for tyros.
C. provides medical terminology definitions.
D. arranges other websites in a apparent and expressive adjust.

18. All of the aftercited are aspects of the exploration adfitting except
A. automated spiders "crawl" websites and plant rolls of keywords.
B. users tone on the unarm-an of the rise, which affects whether it procure answer in advenient explorationes.
C. pages containing the explorationed-for accounts are located.
D. prime apprehendledge is sent to the exploration engine's database to be condemnationed.

19. It's intelligent to use further than one exploration engine when doing a exploration because
A. if exploration results are the identical opposite all the exploration engines, you'll apprehend you've base some relioperative rises.
B. doing so procure co-operate-delay you in creating a bibliography.
C. using further than one exploration engine procure abate your exploration opportunity.
D. you'll assent-to a ampler place of results, some of which you sway not own gotten using fitting one.


20. Why is the judgmentaim of an fabricator expressive?
A. It provides you after a while straightforward quotes for your elimination.
B. It expresses favorite impression.
C. It helps you to detail whether an name is local or unjaundiced.
D. It states your aim of judgment on a feature subject.