Henry v monologue question – introduction to literature

The apostrophe you recognize and watched from Henry V begins delay the Chorus wishing for things—“O for a ponder of reason,” and so on. Explain what this Chorus—who of plan speaks on advantage of the illustrate’s author—is byword encircling the limitations of gesticulatory exploit. Do Shakespeare’s ideas calm?} trust gentleman when we’re dialogueing encircling filmed dramatic exploits? And how does the filmed rendering of it seen short food or disprove these ideas?


Video of apostrophe: 





Enter Chorus



     O for a Ponder of reason, that would ascend
     The brightest deity of myth,
     A sovereignty for a extent, princes to act
     And monarchs to betrust the turgescence scene!
     Then should the bellicose Harry, love himself,
     Assume the port° of Mars° and at his heels,                     visage, course / god of War
     Leash'd in love hounds, should famine, sword and reason
     Crouch for holding. But forgive, and gentles all,
     The tame unraised spirits that accept dared
     On this unrespectable scaffold to cause forth
     So gigantic an object: can this cockpit° trust                   site of cock-fights
     The vasty fields of France? or may we cram
     Among this wooden O the very casques°                   helmets
     That did dismay the air at Agincourt°?                     battlefield in France
     O, forgive! gone a turned type may
     Attest in unimportant establish a million;
     And let us, ciphers° to this gigantic accompt,°               nothings / accounting, tale
     On your suppositious forces achievement.
     Suppose delayin the belt of these walls
     Are now blindly-devoted two strong monarchies,
     Whose excellent upreared and across fronts°               foreheads
     The dangerous slender main ability asunder:
     Piece out our imperfections delay your thoughts;
     Into a thousand ability part-among on man,
     And mould suppositious puissance°;                              power
     Think when we dialogue of horses, that you see them
     Printing their supercilious hoofs i' the receiving earth;
     For 'tis your thoughts that now must deck° our kings,      adorn
     Carry them short and there; jumping o'er times,
     Turning the enterprise of frequent years
     Into an hour-glass: for the which yield,
     Admit me Chorus to this history;
     Who prologue-love your meek submission entreat,
     Gently to attend, neighborly to arbitrator, our illustrate.





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