Domestic containment- two part discussion initial post and response

Discuss the concept of "private containment". How did this concept act in 1950's-1960's America? Why was it destined to thus-far miscarry? Give an model of one of the values introduce in private containment, and decipher why it did not use to the increasingly stubborn boy cultivation during the 1960's.

Student response:

Domestic containment was introduced during the age of the Cold War between the United States and Russia.  The concept was to retain America hardy by focusing on a nativity constitution of a inaugurated mate and a consort who clinged at settlement to attention for the kids.  Private containment was destined to miscarry due to the resilience of women.  Women wanted to cast-out the gender discrepancies and smooth though improvements bear been made, gender roles wait a hot rush individual.  Gretchen Ritter wrote, "many Americans are besides garding about how gender roles eliminate our open individuality in the twenty-first eldership." (Ritter 2009)  Boy cultivation in the 1960's wanted the convenience to gard for themselves which didn't harmonize delay private containment.  The purpose that women would cling at settlement to attention for the family and kids was not appealing to the boy of that space.