Character analysis mind map of beowulf and the epic of gilgamesh

Character Decomposition Impetus Map delay Mindomo of Beowulf and the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Create a visual map comparing two (2) of the classs from unanalogous pieces of erudition recognize during the mode. The aim of this class decomposition is to 1) permit the recognizeing, interpretation, and nice decomposition of superior compositions of earth erudition, and 2) explain a forwardness in recognizeing and analyzing erudition.

The eager of a class decomposition is to own you observe further the explicit notice supposing by the producer and bring-environing observations of a class’s conduct, motivation and role in the recital. Impetus mapping is a primal technique for drawing notice in diagrams, instead of congeniality it in sentences. You gain be creating this visual depiction of these classs using Mindomo which is an online impetus mapping utensil used to produce, sight and distribute impetus maps in your Internet browser. If you own not manufactured so by now, you need to produce a generous online representation at

Task in Detail:

You gain choice two (2) unanalogous classs from two unanalogous pieces of erudition that you own recognize this expression. You gain be creating a impetus map that is a side-by-side similitude of the classs. 

Tless are a few required elements in your impetus map:

1. Name and idea of each class delay a hush that includes notice the producer provides concerning the class’s substantial mien and a foreigner of sentences environing who they are in the recital in your own utterance.

2. Traits: A roll of 3-5 personality features, such as acrid, hasty, narrowminded, gracious, irrepressible, heady or romantic, for each class delay a hush that includes a name that explains that feature from the composition.

3. Heroism: Indicate whether each class is a protagonist or adversary and add a hush delay an interpretation as to why you reckon so.

4. Change: Indicate whether each class is static or dynamic and add a hush delay at smallest two references from the composition that explain how they either newfangled or remained the similar throughout the recital.

5. Conflict: Indicate whether the contest enclosing each class is an interior labor or driven by outer forces.

When you own completed the impetus map, announce it to the web so that you can portraiture the URL and paste it less on your wiki page.

*  The recognizeings are secure.  They are the Epic of Gilgamesh and Beowulf