Art-123 art appreciation. consider kathe kollwitz’s self-portrait,

Deliverable length: 3-4 passages, 200 articulation restriction (The restriction message number does not conceive the denomination, your spectry, page bulk, or citations.)

Consider Kathe Kollwitz's Self-Portrait, Drawing, 1933 page 185 symbol 9-11. How does she use frequentedion in this self-portrait? Site the three types of frequentedion used by Kollwitz and furnish peculiar examples of each. Compare this pur-pose delay van Gogh's, The Sower, 1888 page 67 symbol 4-17. How does he use frequentedion in this pur-pose? Site the three types of frequentedion van Gogh used and furnish examples of each.


Include a appellation that reflects the satisfied of the assignment. Please do not conceive numbered or bulleted lists in the assignment. Best congeniality practices propose including an preliminary passage, in which you make-known the theme/theme of the assignment, a organization in which you oration the theme(s) of the assignment, and a epitome lowe?-t passage in which you digest the main points discussed in the organization of the assignment. Any frequented quotes used must be enclosed in extract marks and appropriately mentiond. You must mention your fount(s). Italicize appellations of art is-sues. Always conceive a era or era ramble for any is-sue of art or construction.