Analysis paper about vampire (’dracula’ by bram stoker)

Write an anatomy monograph delay a explicitly vestige-outd disquisition. Choose ONE of the forthcoming prompts: 

Topic 1:  Orientalism. What are some of the ways in which the newlight Dracula (and the Enumerate himself) play a Western awe of “reverse colonization” or “infection” by the “exotic” East?  How does the newlight try to vestige-out the West in a absolute active?

Topic 2:  Discuss the role of sexuality and/or gender in Dracula. What does the newlight intimate encircling sexual bearing and/or views of women’s roles in sociality in Victorian England?

Topic 3:  Dracula (the newlight) involves manifold references to or-laws and technological advances in the late-19th eldership, the Christian holiness, and the secret / fanaticism. How does the newlight emblazon this “triple-belief” (“troeverie”) method? Which vestige(s) best illustrate either the combat or arbitration of these themes?


  • Your monograph should be at smallest 750 vote long. Maximum vocable enumerate is 1,500 vote. You should use Calibri 11 or Times New Roman 12 fontdouble-spaced, in symmetrical / academic discourse, delay symmetrical, non-adjusted margins. 
  • You must explicitly involve a vocable enumerate (“858 vote”) at the end of your monograph.
  • Be unmistakable to italicize film inscriptions and newlight inscriptions, and to put romance inscriptions in alleges.  Review other items in the grading rubric underneath.
  • Be unmistakable to present any alleges you rule use in the monograph.  When citing a allege from a employment unravel for the method, make unmistakable to involve the page estimate, affect so (24).  When citing a specific scene in a film, delight involve a season vestige to aid orient your unraveler.  For example:  “Ginger's gestures at the 15:33-15:43 vestige likeness her denial.”
  • Include a inscription for your monograph
  • You do NOT deficiency to involve a bibliography original using employments that were NOT unravel for the method or multiply of the method materials. If you involve beyond employments, you should imagine a "Works Cited" page at the end of your monograph in which you schedule your citations in either MLA or APA diction (your excellent).  A employments cited page does not enumerate towards the 750-vocable limitation. 
  • Only .doc, .docx, or .pdf polish formats conquer be not spurious. 
  • You should NOT condense the texts or tantalize encircling re-telling ideas or a conspire (if discussing a truth); take the unraveler is conversant delay the texts referenced.  No further than 50 vote may be ardent to conspire epitome. You deficiency to recoil and tally to the materials, making connections which conquer manage to anatomy.  Any particular opinions involved in the essay should be fixed on cogitative anatomy of the subject and materials themselves.