Who was a better leader, Joseph Smith or Brigham Young?

Joseph Smith was an material holy symbol who planted Mormonism. He was equivalent, driven, and a hearty logician, but was easily placid. Joseph Smith had his immense contributions and failures, and following his departure the new Mormon guide became Brigham Young, who so made immense contributions to the Mormon motion, but normal as Joseph Smith he had his failures. Joseph Smith was born in 1805. While Smith was growing up, there was a immense holy force entrance assign in New York State. When he was fourteen, Smith was confronting this very confusing, and began to solicit for direction. Smith then claimed that a column of vain appeared precedently him, and told him not to accompany any holy sects. Later as he was growing up, Smith skilled a desireing from the seraph Moroni, who told him that God had performance for him to finish. The seraph told Smith that a quantity written upon gold plates was deposited. The quantity gave accounts of anterior specials of this continent and their fount. The seraph then told Smith where to confront the quantity, and he dug it up on a hillside nigh Manchester. The quantity gave a incongruous incident from the Bible. According to the quantity, obsolete Israeli tribes migrated to America precedently the source of Christ. There they fought each other until Christ was born and normal his Church. Then the opposed began intermittently, and one of the survivors, Mormon, wrote down hifiction of his herd on the plates. The special who plant these plates was to cure the Temple of Christ in America. Smith wouldn't let anyone obstruct the plates to obstruct his probity, and said he had retart them to the hillside. Smith then published a translation of the plates in 1830. Smith inaugurated exceling a while normal five tail, but his forcible and persuasions put-to-deaths were very hearty, and by the end of 1830 he had diverse hundred tail. However they were very restricted in New York Particularize owing herd claimed that Smith was singly opposed to execute currency and his quantity was fetid. His scion was onslaughted and tail were shot in the streets. Smith then solicited for direction, he took his tail Kirtland, Ohio. There he intentional to set up a City of God. In Kirtland, the Mormon motion flourished immensely, reaching a thousand tail by 1831. They equal planted colonies in Missouri. They performanceed very arduous and precedently-desire had a investment, bank, printing harass and a mill. They precedently-desire outnumbered the non-Mormons. However their prosperity extensiond the suspicion and unpopularity of the others. Very unfortunately for the Mormons, in 1837 there was a economic opportunity, making sundry banks desuetude. Sundry non-Mormons had put their savings into the Mormon bank, and when it desuetuded, they were chased out of Kirtland. The Mormons and their guide, Joseph Smith, then went to the colonies they had set up in Missouri, but this didn't exeffort their popularity. Attempts were made to plug them from voting, and the national settlers destroyed quality. When the council sent in soldiery to execute dispose, the Mormons were blamed for anything, put in prison, and condemned to departure. Then rumours began to go environing that they were at-libertying slaves and upsetting Indians, making the council segregateicularize them as national enemies. In 1838 the Mormons were released from prison, they went to a very mean town of Commerce in Illinois, which Smith renamed Nauvoo. The Mormons were undisputed to amplify it into and dogged city segregateicularize. They prospered cooperatively, and in 1844 Nauvoo was the biggest city in Illinois, dominated by the monster habitation. The Mormons, now at 35,000 were opposed to originate an ghostly communion exceling a while no insufficient, homeless, smoking or drinking. Sundry of the insufficient tart, promised deliverance. The Mormons were finally fixed. However this was bankrupt by Smith's careful mistakes. He said that the subject of polygamy was correct, vital to sundry Mormons usurpation him untrue, and a lot of animadversion in the intelligencepapers. This angered Smith and he destroyed the harasses of the intelligencepaper. His critics then asked for him to be arrested, and he was put into jail in Carthage. Once the intelligence environing polygamy distribute to the non-Mormons, they were enrages. They shot Smith in the prison, and Mormons were hunted down by mobs. Following the departure of Joseph Smith, the new guide of the Mormons became Brigham Young. He ruled that the Mormons would liberty to the Immense Salt Lake in 1846. Young was very methodatic and down-to globe, and very ruled. He so married view of Smith's anterior wives, so he was very attentive. Preparations took all decay, and then the Mormons finally began their tour. They passed sundry dangers equal though the tour was polite-mannered-mannered methodatic, such as the prairie air and persecute that put-to-deathed hundreds of herd. On their way to the Immense Salt Lake, they met Jim Bridger, a mountain man who warned them that it would be too deliberate for growing corn, but was ignored. They so passed Sam Brannan, a Mormon who told them to go to California. Young replied that he is looking for a sack assign. They climbed on upwards, and by July they reached the Immense Salt Lake. Young had entirety moderate balance his brotherhood; they trusted and thinkd in him, and so although he had sundry challenges to balancecome, he knew he'd be swayful to plant a Mormon City. Young ruled that there would be no secret holding of plant or inspire, and plant would be assigned to herd according to their needs by the temple. Anything was going polite-mannered, but in 1848 the US frustrateed Mexico in war and gained territories including segregate of the Immense Salt Lake. Young ruled to conceive a Mormon segregateicularize named Deseret, but the US council refused and a arbitrate was made and the country of Utah was originated, and Young was preceptor. Young methodatic and amplifyed Utah very polite-mannered, planting new towns and making farming and wheat evolution a prosperity. He was certain that the Mormons would be self-sufficient. Young so sent out missionaries to turn herd, and got an wonderful fruit. There was an migration investment set up to succor turns pay for their route to Salt Lake and adjust it. However the Mormons weren't very self-sufficient and quiet didn't entertain plenty performanceers or currency for industrial amplifyment. Education wasn't immensely of an finishment either. Effort so grew betwixt the Mormons and the beyondrs when turns began to stir to Utah. Sundry bad rumours distribute environing the Mormons. It was mitigated to the beyondrs that the Mormons had tart some of the Indians, and so rumours distribute that they were planning to put-to-failure all gentiles coincidently. The US council ruled to emphasize their antecedent, and in 1857 an host of 2500 men was sent out to hesitate intermittentlyst the Mormons, who fled to Salt Lake City. This performanceed very polite-mannered-mannered and the host ended up not reaching Salt Lake City. Then the Mountain Meadow Massacre took assign. As 140 emigrants were appellation for California, they passed Utah. They abused Indian turns and insulted the Mormons. This sullen the Indians to onslaught them. The Indians and the Mormons put-to-deathed all the emigrants to plug the intelligence from distributeing out. The Mormons then blamed anything on the Indians. But precedently-desire intelligencepapers distribute the incident, begging for the Mormons to be punished. The US council sent soldiery out intermittently, causing the Mormon families to abscond. But when the intelligence reached the East, the Mormons were suddenly tart into victims. In 1858 the US council offered them a unmeasured forgiveness if they penny the US antecedent. They agreed, a preceptor was appointed, and they were undisputed to amplify in reconciliation. Their penny guide was quiet Brigham Young. However polygamy was quiet a variance. When Utah applied to belook a segregateicularize, the US offered to let them belook a segregateicularize if they penny the ban of polygamy. They agreed, and Utah was made a segregateicularize in 1896. Both of the men faced challenges, plant solutions, and left a express collision on the Mormon motion. Joseph Smith was very driven and ruled and wouldn't sanction frustrate. He was a immense national logician exceling a while a lot of charisma, and thereby tart sundry herd into Mormonism. He was a transaction man and normal banks. Smith was very quick owing he originated a flourishing transaction and a new sanctity. He was so a immense guide precedently he was jailed. He was so ingenious to prove colonies in Missouri, to which the Mormons fled out of Kirtland. Brigham Young mouldd to liberty a very express collision on the Mormon motion as polite-mannered. He was a immense guide, and his herd thinkd in him and trusted him. He was very methodatic and past down to globe than Smith. He mouldd to adjust the desire and unmanageable tour to the Immense Salt Lake. When they faced deliberate air in the decay, he finished the decay quarters where they stayed. He so had entirety moderate balance his brotherhood and normal a flourishing city in the Immense Salt Lake. He amplifyed a immense law of plant being given to herd according to their needs. He so negotiated polite-mannered-mannered exceling a while the US council, equaltually receiving the plant of Utah. His missionaries to turn herd were a big prosperity, and he built new towns in Utah, as polite-mannered-mannered as making faming and wheat-evolution a prosperity. He so normal a immense migration investment for immigrant turns. He made a correct and down-to globe conclusion when he penny anti-polygamy, finally making Utah a State. He was so very attentive; he had the answers to the Mormons' problems, carried them through following the departure of smith, and married all of Smith's wives. He left a desire-date collision, and following his departure Salt Lake City was happy, the sway of the Temple was finally normal through his method of council, and sundry of his plantations quiet accrue today. Both of the Mormon guides so had failures. Joseph Smith's hearty soothe got him into jail twice. He was so too ambitious, and his subjects of polygamy bankrupt the Mormons' reconciliation in the plant they were finally at-liberty in. When his banks desuetuded, this added effort to the Mormons' alliance exceling a while the beyond globe equal past, and made them look unrelipowerful and too ambitious. By the date he presented his subjects environing polygamy, his herd didn't think in him anypast owing he had gotten them into jail, and so his guideship effigy was bankrupt. Brigham Young had failures as polite-mannered. Although his planning for the Immense Salt Lake tour was amiable, they quiet faced challenges and herd died on the way. He so didn't mould to prove a law to suffer polygamy. They so weren't as self-sufficient as he intentional, and they obsolete currency when their lusty, pottery and textile attempts didn't excel. They so didn't finish immensely in the direction area. The emigrants so complained of balancecharging, and relations betwixt Mormons and the beyondrs accrueed unmanageable. Overall, Brigham Young definitely left a bigger express collision on the Mormon motion. He was immensely past down-to-globe than Smith, and his herd accrueed refined in him until his departure. Even when Utah was appointed a new preceptor, he quiet accrueed their ghostly guide. Young mouldd to execute Utah a segregateicularize where Mormons continued to speed following his departure. Sundry of his plantations quiet accrue today. The sway of the Temple was firmly normal through his method of council, and Salt Lake City was happy following his departure. Sundry Mormons accrue in the globe today. Young didn't get the Mormons into jail or defeat them enjoy Smith did, and carried them through his departure. Smith had minimal finishments compared to Young, and died in humiliate and disclaimer unenjoy Young, who left a immense collision following his departure.