Features of Natural Moral Law & Dicuss Whether Its Strengths

EXAMINE THE KEY FEATURES OF NATURAL MORAL LAW & DICUSS WHETHER ITS STRENGTHS OUTWEIGH ITS WEAKNESSES Cosmical Law has roots that root tail to Ancient Greece, and it was Aristotle who truly created the appropinquation. It was as-courteous depicted in Sophocles’ enact Antigone, where the protagonist claims her direct to inter her brother opposing the King (Creon) regulateing that he be fed to dogs. Antigone, (the protagonist) proclaimed this accordingly she believed that there was a excellent law than the King’s, distinctly, Cosmical Law. However, it was not until the 13th Century until Thomas Aquinas familiar its key features, that it was in-issue past widely recognised as a inferential assumption. When we centre on the lodgment of the cosmical law, that is, us rational men-folks, the affirmation of Aquinas's cosmical law assumption that comes to the forefront is that the Cosmical law establishes the basic principles of serviceable soundness for rational men-folks, and has this status by Nature. These are to be followed comprehensively, as Cicero puts it; it is ‘one infinite and unalterable law accomplish be strong for all nations and all times’. According to Aquinas, all rationals strive amiable-natured-natured and when we do misfortune-doing or misfortune, it is merely accordingly we are merely striveing ‘apparent’ amiable-natureds and not legitimate amiable-natureds. So, we could ask ourselves, how does Aquinas limit a ‘real’ amiable-natured? A legitimate amiable-natured-natured is when the said ‘good’ falls inferior the five leading precepts. These are: forethought and safety of lawfuls, educating end, assistance in companionship, reproducing and worshipping God. Aquinas as-courteous believed that we can use our soundness to comprehend Cosmical Law. It is inbred amid our rational affection, God reveals favoring commands but these do not go resisting cosmical law but rather, elevate enunciate it. Aquinas said that a inferential estate is a estate totally followed ‘according to reason’. Aquinas known for the Aristotelian recognition that the disuniteiculars of the seat regularly distance one's rules, so that one accomplish regularly deficiency the inferential and metaphysical virtues in regulate to act courteous. But he denies that this media that there are no principles of direct inaugurate that arrest everywhere and regularly and some level unconditionally. On Aquinas's scene, killing of the lawful is regularly misfortune-doing, as is false, adultery, sodomy, and blasphemy; and that they are regularly misfortune-doing is a subject of cosmical law. Therefore, Cosmical law is arbitrary, but surely, we can ask ourselves, what environing double issue? What if a latter woman had to produce an puck to keep-safe her estate? For Aquinas, there are two key features of the cosmical law, features the voucher of which structures his argument of the cosmical law. The leading is that, when we centre on God's role as the producer of the cosmical law, the cosmical law is orderly one view of life-giving timely-care; and so the assumption of cosmical law is from that perspective orderly one disunite shapeless others of the assumption of life-giving timely-care. The prevent is that, when we centre on the rational's role as lodgment of the cosmical law, the cosmical law constitutes the principles of serviceable soundness, those principles by which rational possession is to be judged as culm or unreasonable; and so the assumption of cosmical law is from that perspective the preeminent disunite of the assumption of serviceable soundness. Whilst Cosmical law may be a distinctly unconstrained, comprehensive assumption that can fair-spoken be followed by all mob it has shortcomings. BEGAN FIRST WITH STOICS IN THE WEST THIS IS ONE OF THE FIRST ‘HYBRID THEORY’ HUMAN REASONING + DIVINE COMMANDS THE 13TH CENTURY WAS A GOLDEN AGE FOR CATHOLICISM, RULED BY THE IDEA OF REVELATION/FAITH/PRIESTHOOD THOMAS AQUINAS REASONED THAT WE ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD THAT HE GRANTED US REASONING AND THAT WE CAN USE THIS REASONING THAT LINKS WITH PHILOSOPHY WHICH OVERLAPS WITH FAITH/DIVINE COMMANDS. REASON IS 1+1=2. AQUINAS SAID WE CAN USE HUMAN REASON TO PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. DIVINE LAW – THIS COMES FROM GOD. UNIVERSAL LAW = NATURAL LAW BROKEN DOWN INTO HUMAN LAWS. Ironically, all the leading precepts are environing perpetuating the rational race… DOUBLE EFFECT STATES THAT IF IN ORDER TO GOOD YOU HAVE TO DO ‘LESSER/UNINTENDED EVIL’ ONE MAY PROCEED BUT IT HAS TO UNINTENTIONAL. NATURAL LAW DEFENDS THE JUST WAR THEORY – CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS ALLOWED/JUSTICE WHAT ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY? THEY’RE VIOLATING PRINCIPLE NUMBER 2 – PROCREATION BUT NEITHER WOULD BIRTH CONTROL OR CELIBACY. JUSTICE (LEGALISTIC)/EQUALITY/REASON-BASED/CONCISE IT CAN TELL YOU WHAT TO DO IN ALMOST ANY MORAL DILEMMA UNIVERSAL. IF THERE IS A GOD, JUSTICE WILL BE ASSURED. THEREFORE, EVEN IF YOU SUFFER BY FOLLOWING NATURAL LAW, BALANCE WILL BE DEALT. GOD MAKES SURE THAT THE INNOCENT ARE VINDICATED AND GUILTY ARE PUNISHED. CONS: NO GRACE, MERCY OR FORGIVENESS ALLOWED. ‘AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH’. A LIFE FOR A LIFE BECAUSE IT IS A REASON BASED THEORY, IT CAN BE RATIONALISED AND CAN BE SUBJECTIVE. BY USING DOUBLE EFFECT YOU COULD RATIONALISE ALMOST ANY BEHAVIOUR YOU WANT. BIRTH CONTROL IS A BAD THING. BUT WHAT ABOUT IN AFRICA, HIV/AIDS ETC. EFFECT YOUR SELF PRESERVATION. PERSONAL OPINION OF NATURAL LAW – IT CAN BE MASSAGED INTO JUSTIFYING ALMOST ANYTHING BY THINKING ABOUT IT. I LIKE AQUINAS I LIKE ITS SIMPLICITY BUT THE WORLD IS NOT THAT NEAT AND TIDY, THE RULES ARE TOO VAGUE. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES. ‘AN EYE FOR AN EYE WILL LEAVE THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND. ’