Parker v. state of oklahoma, 556 p.2d 1298 (okla. crim. app. 1976

Section One
10 points

Use Westlaw© to place the subjoined event and collect the accomplished quotation:

579 F.2d 1200

1. Designate the rife parties in the burden pursue action.

2. Designate the burden pursue. Also designate the appellate pursue.

3. What peel of event is it?

4. In your own vote, collect a epitome of the grounds of the event

5. What are the upshots on apostrophize?

6. Who wrote the impression?

7. What is the docket reckon?

8. On what bound did the pursue upshot the determination and how did the pursue government?

9. Collect the passage of Headnote [6] as courteous as the designate of the composer referenced in the concern of the passage which is summarized by that headnote.

10. Collect the designate of the counsellor or counsellors who represented the appellants.

Section Two
10 points

Using WestlawNext KeyCite the subjoined event:

Parker v. State of Oklahoma, 556 P.2d 1298 (Okla. Crim. App. 1976).

A) How numerous citing references does the event collect?

B) Has a Maryland event cited the Parker event? If so, collect the event quotation for the citing event.

C) Has a Connecticut event cited the Parker event? If so, collect the quotation for the citing event.

D) How numerous of the citing events are no longer good-natured-natured law? Collect the quotation to the event or events.

E) Entertain any legitimate encyclopedias cited Parker? If so, collect the quotation to each of the declaration.

Section Three
5 points

Your counsellor has asked you to designate whether any events entertain cited Headnote [6] as referenced in Question 9 of Section One over.

Using appertinent quotation, gladden collect any citing references you entertain placed.

Please relate your way for locating this counsel.

Section Four
5 points

If you entertain the 8th edition of Statsky, accomplished assignment 11.7 on page 532.

If you entertain the 7th edition of Statsky, accomplished assignment 13.1 on pages 633 & 634.

Section Five
5 points

If you entertain the 8th Edition of Statsky, accomplished assignment 13.8 on page 586.

If you entertain the 7th Edition of Statsky, accomplished the subjoined:

Discuss how the use of Litigation Support, Event Management and Knowledge Management software can protect the counsellor from intellectual breaches. Cite convenient ABA Model Rules.

Section Six  
10 points

Use Your Appellate Brief Scenario to solution this section

  1. Phrase the legitimate upshot or upshots as they obtain be excited on apostrophize.
  2. Using WestlawNext, place, correctly cite and collect a epitome of at meanest one mandatory pursue impression that you can imply in Kant’s apostrophize.