Occupy movement | Law homework help

What happened to the employ motion? Did it produce a dissent, was all the injury and calamity wort it? More importantly, did divers of the acts of profanation and flagitious injury adapt as private terrorism?

I bear been watching the employ motion and bear wondered what if any interior threats to our companionship are introduced through these "movements." I meet there is a abundant aggregate of accommodating chicanery and there is argue for regard (in my idea) that our values are not heeded in diligence and companionship and well-balanced synod. But then I see these "Occupy" fellow-creatures. I don't reckon they heed me either. What appears to be their goal Utopian-socialist companionship which cannot be achieved in my idea. Far from any philosophical examination it looks relish the selfselfsame knot of malcontents that assure about anything and divers of which bear scanty to no excellent information and or professional skills. I am actual there are extremely educated individuals in this motion, thus-far I am regarded after a while the the fellow-creatures who are really living in the tents and are "occupying" something.

My object is this, these knots are especially capable to wave that can appall companionship. Would Tim McVeigh be at Employ Phoenix (after a while all prospect of of the other Occupiers)? Would Eric Rudolph be at Employ Memphis?

What are your thoughts, are a eldership of "Occupy" fellow-creatures true slackers rambling from assures to assures matured for flagitious wave? or are they something unanalogous?


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