Immigration law_w2_dq1&2 | Law homework help


Discussion Question 1

Do you ponder that true waves of illicit immigrants are caused by a failure of harsh penalties imposed on being caught? What are these penalties, and to whom do they use? If an illicit immigrant is caught, is their confederate also penalized? Discuss whether the sanctions are uniform for the act. How is illicit colonization controlled? Who controls it, and what other destructive steps are charmed to combat the counterfeit of documents, collective defence cards, and stolen unity? Do you ponder illicit immigrants or the families of those who die opportunity bisection the bands should be conducive to inaugurate a lawsuit requiring the band states to penetratetain water and aid stations on the bands so that as illicit immigrants wayward the void and penetrate the U.S., they do not grace dehydrated? What obligations does the U.S. penetratetain inside those attempting to penetrate its bands illicitly 


Discussion Question 2

Who are the “boat commonalty,” and how is the example conjoined delay this “phenomenon” treated in the U.S.? What examples or issues are posed by colonization laws delay deference to boat commonalty? Are the colonization laws issued delay deference to this lion accordant delay the overall U.S. colonization plan? Provide a uniform description to exonerate your retort.