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1) A codified law is disclosed as a

A) deviant act.

B) edict.

C) supposition.

D) enormity.


2) According to John F. Galliher, juridical definitions of sin are arrived at through a __________ mode.

A) sociological

B) psychical

C) collective

D) mainstream


3) Ron Classen sees enormity chiefly as

A) a reversal of a law.

B) whole action.

C) an enormity athwart ethnical relationships.

D) a contrive of gregarious maladjustment.


4) The pluralistic perspective suggests that actions are typically feloniousized through

A) open treaty of members of fellowship.

B) a collective mode.

C) the being of shared norms and values.

D) none of the aggravatehead


5) Which of the subjoined jobs probably would not decline incompact the exhibition of feloniousistics?

A) Fingerprint examiner

B) Polygraph operator

C) Forensics examiner

D) Correctional negotiative


6) A police negotiative or trial negotiative is best picturesque as a

A) feloniousist.

B) criminologist.

C) felonious proper authoritative.

D) none of the aggravatehead


7) __________ definitions centre on criminology’s role in uncovering the underly-

ing causes of enormity.

A) Scientific

B) Causative

C) Disciplinary

D) None of the aggravatehead


8) According to manifold authoritative groups, fury in television, music, video

games, and movies

A) may carry to increased levels of passionate action incompact product.

B) may carry to decreased levels of passionate action incompact product.

C) may carry to melting sensitization inside fury in authentic estate.

D) may enjoy no pi on levels of passionate action incompact product.


9) Which of the subjoined is not an present input supposing by the proper manage that may augment or impair the manner of felonious occurrences?

A) Police tally space to a enormity exhibition

B) The availability or stagnation of negotiative maintenance

C) The closeness or insufficiency of police negotiatives

D) A prison that acts as a “enormity school”

10) Which of the subjoined is not considered a wealth enormity by the UCR?

A) Robbery

B) Burglary

C) Arson

D) Theft


11) Which of the subjoined is not a argue why infringe victims miss to tidings their victimization?

A) Fear that the enormity is not expressive plenty to tidings

B) Fear of the committer

C) Fear of competition in the felonious proper manage

D) Shame


12) The class of enormitys in NIBRS which corresponds most closely to the UCR Part I enormitys is

A) Group A enormitys

B) Part I enormitys

C) NIBRS key enormitys

D) None of the aggravatehead


13) According to Elliott Currie, the __________ is the scold of enormity adapted on the premise of enormitys that would slight be committed by those who are incapacitated by the felonious proper manage.

A) objective enormity scold

B) sin apostacy

C) invisible enormity scold

D) diffusion scold


14) The NCVS divides pillage into the categories of __________ pillage.

A) conversant and identical

B) important and average

C) passionate and nonpassionate

D) offense and fault


15) Which of the subjoined is not a opinion of the National Youth Survey?

A) Passionate offenders inaugurate lives of enormity prior than originally believed.

B) Females are compromised in a weaker uniformity of enormity than previously fancy.

C) There is a consonant gradation from less earnest to further earnest acts of

delinquency aggravate space.

D) Race differentials in enormity are weaker than transmitted basis sources implied.


16) The principal tramp in any elimination is to

A) lay-open a elimination contemplation.

B) pick-out a basis store technique.

C) revisal the opinions.

D) fulfill a whole.

17) A __________ is especially precious when aspects of the gregarious setting are further the restrain of the eliminationer.

A) one-group pretest-postproof contemplation

B) predicament consider

C) restrainled proof

D) quasi-experimental contemplation


18) The consider of one detail felonious construction is an model of the __________ basis-gathering policy.

A) examine elimination

B) predicament consider

C) participant attention

D) unimportant segregation


19) The extent of division of scores about the average is disclosed as the

A) gauge solution.

B) median.

C) mutuality.

D) appreciation proof.


20) A __________ mutuality exists betwixt specimen extent and the extent of assurance we can enjoy in our products.

A) unconditional

B) serpentine

C) denying

D) inverse


21) In which year was the Magna Carta identified?

A) 450 B.C.

B) 1215

C) 1066

D) 1700 B.C.


22) Which of the subjoined was not one of the three types of enormitys outlined by Beccaria?

A) Crimes that compromised no victims other than fellowship

B) Crimes that ran incompatible to the gregarious manage

C) Crimes that damaged citizens or their wealth

D) Crimes that threatened the guard of the avow


23) Which of the subjoined categories of retribution energy apprehend the dropping of the proper to signification?

A) constant

B) compulsive

C) indefeasible

D) stringent


24) The dispute that enormity is not a product of indigence or gregarious conditions and

therefore cannot be abnormal by gregarious programs was made by

A) Lawrence Cohen.

B) David Fogel.

C) Ronald V. Clarke.

D) James Q. Wilson.

25) Elimination by __________ ground that a weak reckon of constant recidivists were binding for a ample eldership of earnest passionate enormity.

A) Marvin Wolfgang

B) Marcus Felson

C) Jack Katz

D) Ronald V. Clarke