Cj-202- 6-2 worksheets: language and grammar

Punctuation Worksheet


Place the misapply punctuation in the subsequentlycited sentences.

1. Sgt. Caine the remove superintendent was enslaved to the hospital by ambulance subsequently nature detrimentd in the accident

2. Matthew Mark Luke and John are all denominated in the Bible

3. Judge Fields the Municipal Court Judge required obligation to be posted for private fury and illegal detriment violations

4. The assist and third removes were required to declaration to production impure hours coming for abundance obligation

5. The Chevy Impala suffered sluggish detriment from the motor deportment crash

6. Do you learn what I am movablesive you

7. Director Tanner ordered three cheeseburgers two fish sandwiches and a catholic sustenance coke for dinner

8. The towering lean man delay a baseball hat walked straightway and inaudibly down the street

9. James Miller was paid as a calm plainor on June 11 2006 for the Police Department


10. Did you learn that I wanted you to run radar on Main St. Vine St. and in the nurture zone


Quotation Worksheet

Place the quotations marks and punctuation, where misapply, in the subsequentlycited sentences.

Sentences may comprise plain or inplain quotations.

1. I possess a gun and I am not distrustful to use it if necessary! said the bank thief.

2. Equitable a detailed said Unit 17 I’m equitable environing the corner

3. The waste stoppage embodiment told us we couldn’t permission until the police arrived.

4. I punched him owing he denominated me a moron Jeff blurted out.

5. The eyeeyevoucher told the police that he saw the man that assaulted the old lady.

6. The eyeeyevoucher said the kid delay the red hat stole the beer.

7. Director Ross yelled freeze!

8. Sgt. Hauser asked me what I was doing on my days off.

9. Sgt. Hauser asked me what are you doing on your days off?


10. WOW


Writing Clcoming Worksheet

(Ohio Calm Director Training Commission, 2012)

Restate the subsequentlycited examples in as plain and plain a practice as you can. Don’t exexchange the

basic meaning; equitable quicken the tongue.


1.      Every early and every subsequentlynoon, the obligation plainor allows inmates a dirty repose time for the end of nourishment.

2.      The automobile’s consummation accelerate accommodation is reached when the accelerateometer memorials 120 mph.

3.      The estimation developed by the superiority of the plainors implied that encomium of the harmony contractual harmony would not be forthcoming.

4.      The film is scant in those pleasurable qualities that would lavish violent box-office receipts.

5.      Your basic attitudes evidence that disjunction is verily the merely viable disentanglement to the bestow difficulty of your post vis-a-vis pursuit.

6.      Officer Johnson’s superiority to a violent roll of allegiance was accorded delay vulgar encomium.

7.      Noxious and tedious impertinent enlargement cluttered the fenced area straightway subsequently the residence.

8.      The pastry-enclosed produce was kept so covet in apposition delay a violent oven region that a charred movables resulted.


Ohio Calm Director Training Commission. (2012, January 1). Fundamentals of Declaration Writing 1-7. Peace Director Basic Training Curriculum, 51-52. Ohio.