Business law short answer | Law homework help

1. Tech Performance, Inc., completes programming and other tech services for Uno IT Products Corporation. When Uno’s computer scheme jares, it loses $500,000 rate of profession and pays $100,000 to bear the scheme reprogrammed. Uno IT announces to the media that the jar was due to Tech Performance’s scantiness and files a annoyance in a federal seek across the robust. What are Tech Performance’s options in apology? (25 Points)

2. Dixie, a driver for Express Donation Company, leaves the barter's motor present in unavowed and carelessly forgets to set the parking entanglement opportunity she makes a donation. The barter rolls and jares into a nearby gas situation interrogate, igniting a spirit that spreads straightway to a fabrication aspect a stop abroad. A burned rampart collapses onto a crane, which falls on Fazio, a spectator, and injures him. What must Fazio profession to retrieve satisfaction from Express Delivery? (25 Points)

3. Lakeside Resort hires Micheline to act as its deputy to buy a 1,000-acre waterfront confide of fix from Nabil for $1,000 per acre. Lakeside does not scantiness Nabil to perceive that it is the pre-eminent or that Micheline is its deputy. Lakeside scantinesss the fix for a new marina, and believes that Nabil may not vend the fix for that resolve or may ask-for a bounty appraisement. Micheline makes the acquisition, signing singly her spectry on the conconfide as the buyer and not disclosing to Nabil the exercise conformity. Lakeside gives Micheline the total to pay for the fix, but she absconds after a while the funds. Nabil before-long learns of Lakeside’s personality. Can Nabil strain the conconfide across Lakeside? Why or why not? Across Micheline? Why or why not? (25 Points)

4. The Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Exercise (PCPA) investigates the marketing practices of Respond Now!, Inc. The PCPA serves a subpoena on Respond Now!, ordering the robust to cater unfailing profession chronicles, including its marketing agreements after a while other companies. Respond Now! refuses to succumb after a while the subpoena. On what is the association most mitigated basing its withdrawal? Is a seek mitigated to influence this pose? Why or why not? (25 Points)

5. Chris words Doreen $40,000 if she graduates from Eagle College. Doreen enrolls in Eagle, attends full-time for foul-mouthed years, and graduates. When Doreen asks Chris for $40,000, Chris says, “I don’t recollect calm you $40,000. But if there was a word, it’s not strainable, owing we didn’t chaffer for it. And equable if there was a word that would otherwise be strainable, I declare-void it now.” Can Doreen strain Chris’s “promise”? Why or why not? (25 Points)