Business ethics chapter 6 – employee responsibilities

Multiple Excellent Quiz


Which of the subjoined aspects of the conformity betwixt Enron's appropriate scope entities (SPE's) and Enron itself is not especially excellent?
 A) Enron had no infer for forming SRE's other than to constitute a falsity percussion that it was in ameliorate financial design that it in-effect was.
 B) Hedging risks by entering into admitments delay oneself does not inferior risks.
 C) Underwriting one's own risks is not underwriting them at all.
 D) Using Enron's own store to finance the SPE's supposing a very influential rousing for Enron skill to celebrate its store appreciate exalted.
 E) All of the aggravate.
 F) None of the aggravate.

Which declaration is not gentleman of the influence concept?
 A) In objective truth, not all agents are employees.
 B) Under the despicable law romance of the United States, all employees are treated as agents of mistresss.
 C) The earliest responsibilities in the mistress-agent conformity lie delay the mistress.
 D) The law has forcible the employee-mistress affinity as a master-servant conformity.

Select the declaration that does not influence the seal end of non-managerial employees' responsibilities to their mistress, the proposal that the mistress applications a wide dispense of repress aggravate the regularity and modes of avocation delay very slight deliberation abandoned to the employee:
 A) Employees acquiesce to subservient overseers when they cinjury a job.
 B) Employees who admit to comply mistresss are not truthamply surrendering their own obligation.
 C) The excellent of subservient someone's charge or jeopardizing one's job is a fundamentally devolvent mode and, accordingly, the acquiesce compromised is not amply unoccupied.
 D) Owners entertain nature rights and entertain to be defended abutting the injurys they faculty experience from employees.

Identify the declaration that does not well-mannered-mannered exhibit the fiduciary conformity that is said to halt betwixt overseerial employees and mistresss:
 A) Managers entertain appropriate expertise that proprietors must lean on, so they are abandoned deviate responsibilities .
 B) Managers are unoccupied from seal day-to-day aggravatesight by proprietors.
 C) Because overseers entertain wideer unoccupieddom from day-to-day supervision by proprietors, they are not generally implicit to entertain a influential fiduciary commission to constantly act in the best financial profit of the proprietors.
 D) The juridical duties of fealty, credit, subservience and confidentiality are implicit to aggravateride the overseer's idiosyncratic profits.

Identify the declarations that consider the various proprietor profits corporate overseers are reckoned to serve:
 A) Investors buy store consequently they revere in the community and its products.
 B) Investors are open the store for short-term shape.
 C) Investors see their store proprietorship as an siege in a community and its technology.
 D) Investors see their store proprietorship as a long-term siege for idiosyncratic recess and shelter.
 E) All of the aggravate.
 F) None of the aggravate.

Which declaration describes a overseerial resuscitation that does not unethically inflict costs upon storeholders and other stakeholders?
 A) The resuscitation inflicts unwanted costs on storeholders and stakeholder by giving up some alternatives in preference of others in the profit of maintaining the fiscal stoppage of the accomplishment.
 B) A idiosyncratic profit of a overseer hinders the application of his or her negotiative penetration.
 C) A constituent of some liquidation is kicked tail to the payer as an rousing to find the liquidation in the highest locate.
 D) Financial advisers accept liquidations from a brokerage issue to pay for examination and juridical services that should be used to avail the advisers' clients, not the advisers' idiosyncratic profits.

Select the declaration that, incorporeally suggestive, best represents a cogent concept of what fealty to a established instrument:
 A) Loyalty instrument a promptitude to atonement one's own profit by going aggravate and over inferior employee responsibilities.
 B) Loyal employees are expected to atonement for the established smooth though the established is not necessarily to-leap to atonement for the employee.
 C) Since the design of influence law lays a juridical commission of fealty on employees, employees lucidly entertain a identical incorporeal obligation to be penny.
 D) While a promptitude to atonement faculty be a bisect of fealty, it would appear that self-oblation and exactness to a despicable cheerful-tempered-tempered is twain over inherent to fealty and what explains the promptitude to atonement.

Identify the declaration that challenges Albert Carr's similarity that, love poker, affair is a pastime that has its own rules and, accordingly, is free from inferior requirements of morality:
 A) Carr aggravateestimates the predominance and acceptability of unconscientiousness delayin affair.
 B) Even if affair did entertain its own set of incorporeal conventions, that truth sole does not free it from inferior incorporeal evaluations.
 C) There are superior disanalogies betwixt affair and pastimes love poker that dilute the conclusions drawn from Carr's similarity.
 D) Unlove poker pastimes, personal repeatedly entertain no excellent but to bisecticipate in affair practices.
 E) All of the aggravate.
 F) None of the aggravate.

According to Richard DeGeorge, which declaration exhibits a mode that finds blowing the sing on a community not deduceable permissible but unbecoming?
 A) A denunciation of earnest injury halts.
 B) The singbinferior has unencumbered all within channels for resolving the quantity.
 C) The injury to be bared aggravaterides the injury executed to the established and to other employees.
 D) The singbinferior has cheerful-tempered-tempered infer to revere that blowing the sing earn bar the injury.

Select the declaration that is not a stricture of withinr trading:
 A) The withinr avails impertinently by buying or selling the store at a compensation beneath or aggravate what the negotiate earn claim when the within knowledge is made social.
 B) An withinr can avail by trading on bad tidings as well-mannered-mannered as cheerful-tempered, and this faculty be an rousing to labor abutting the established's best profits.
 C) The withinr's resuscitation sends the set-right missive to the negotiate, considering the store's gentleman appreciate, melting the negotiate inside equilibrium.
 D) The withinr's knowledge is repeatedly used delayout the established's endurance in a way that injurys the storeholder's profits.