Business ethics chapter 3 – corporate social responsibility

Multiple Choice Quiz


The most forcible plea of urbane trust of the late era is:
 A) The well-conducted poverty mould.
 B) The pure mould.
 C) The collective abridge plea.
 D) The stakeholder plea.

The holy roots of the pure mould of urbane collective trust are plant in which announcement:
 A) The conception that the concerns of stakeholders are as relevant as the concerns of a confirmation's accumulationholders.
 B) The unoccupied bargain plea which holds that overseers are holyly obliged to frame as plenteous currency as likely for their accumulationholders accordingly to do irrelatively would sap the very plantations of our unoccupied association.
 C) The holy peremptorily to account no damage.
 D) The holy peremptorily to anticipate damage.

Which of the subjoined reasons force a unoccupied bargain economic theorist use to exonerate the unseasonable selectbalance of a aggregation?
 A) The selectbalance target aggregation's accumulation is beneathvalued. That is token that the media are being inefficiently used.
 B) If floating skill is not maximizing income, it is violating the utilitarian peremptorily to maximize the balanceall good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered.
 C) The construction seeking to select balance the target aggregation get maximize income for the accumulationholders and get be serving the exoteric's concerns accordingly it is singly by satisfying consumer (public) ask-for that a trade can frame income.
 D) If the selectbalance target's overseers are using their accumulationholders' currency to tend concerns other than those of the accumulationholders, they are filching from them.
 E) All of the aggravatehead.
 F) None of the aggravatehead.

Which of the subjoined announcements does not delineate a bargain want, i.e., a birth in which the idiosyncrasy of emolument get not upshot in a net extension in consumer recompense?
 A) The costs of stain, groundwater stain and depletion, stain erosion and nuclear lavish dispensation are borne by parties palpable to the economic change betwixt buyer and seller.
 B) Where there is no arrangement for pricing, for contrast a rate on, exoteric good-natured-natured-tempered-tempereds, there is no solution-for that the bargains upshot in the optimal recompense of the exoteric concern in commendations to exoteric good-natured-natured-tempered-tempereds.
 C) Situations in which palpableities enjoy been internalized upshot in an makeweight in the change cost betwixt gentleman costs and benefits.
 D) The idiosyncrasy of single self-concern upshots in a worse issue than would enjoy supervenered had the demeanor of the parties concerned in the economic change been coordinated through friendship or resolution rather than ununnatural two-of-a-trade.

Which announcement does not maintenance the privilege that an unconditioned holy moral such as the one the pure mould of urbane collective trust ask-fors of trade skill is impertinent for utilitarian plea?
 A) Markets can effort to anticipate damage singly by first-hand experiment delay damages that enjoy to supervene antecedently they can be remedied.
 B) It is privilegeed that unintermittently bargain wants are adequately addressed by the legislation, trade normal needs to yield the law that addressed them. Business, at-last, has the force to impertinently rule legislation system and the law.
 C) Business has the force to rule consumers' desires by ancillary form those desires through advertising.
 D) A further correct formulation of a utilitarian-based axiom would be to maximize emolument whenever doing so fruits the highest good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered for the highest enumerate, delay the name that overseers must judge the contact a resolution get enjoy in divers ways other than unaffectedly financial.

According to the not-exoteric characteristic vindication of the pure mould of urbane collective trust, overseers who use urbane funds for projects that are not promptly dedicated to maximizing income are filching from their owners. Which announcement maintenances this representation?
 A) Property hues are odious when they encounter delay the basic rules of association as esthetic in law and fashion.
 B) The relationship betwixt tenure and administer that rests for identical characteristic does not juridically rest for urbane characteristic.
 C) Investors buy their accumulations delay the hankering of maximizing repay on their boarding.
 D) Stockholders in exotericly traded confirmations are improve silent as investors rather than owners.

Which announcement is gentleman of Bowie's Kantian mode to trade ethics?
 A) People enjoy a obligation twain to not account damage and to anticipate damage.
 B) Both causing no damage and anticipateing damage balanceride other holy judgeations.
 C) While it is holyly good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered for overseers to anticipate damage or do some good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered, their obligation to accumulationholders balancerides these concerns.
 D) A close sense of Bowie's "account no damage" peremptorily frames the duties faced by skill beneath the neo-pure mould significantly irrelative from the pure mould.

Select the reasons, historically weighty, why the later confirmation was recurrent as a juridical entity:
 A) Social benefits stream from urbane institutions.
 B) Corporations furnish an prolific media for eminence great amounts of cardinal needed to fruit and sbelow collectively desired good-natured-natured-tempered-tempereds and services.
 C) Corporations sbelow occasions largely balance great populations, minimizing the occasion to any one single.
 D) Corporations furnish singles delay prolific media for the falsehood of opulence and for supplying jobs.
 E) All of the aggravatehead.
 F) None of the aggravatehead.

Which announcement does not canvass the opinion of a contingently collective abridge betwixt association and confirmations?
 A) If the collective abridge presupposes an awell-conducted rise, it seems to volunteer few solution-fors that incontrovertible indispensable holy hues get be defended beneath the abridge.
 B) Micro-collective abridges can be open delayin feature topical communities that plant the inequitable holy hues and responsibilities delayin that order as hanker as they fit delayin the exoteric provisoations of the hypernorms superior any and all collective abridges.
 C) It is arduous to indicate accurately what responsibilities get be drawn from this contingently abridge.
 D) If the plea already begins delay incontrovertible indispensable hues and responsibilities, then the collective abridge may be unconducive to providing an holy normalification for trade' responsibilities.

Which announcement delineates a canvass to Evan's and Freedman's vindication of the accumulationholder plea opposing the pure mould of urbane collective trust?
 A) The law now recognizes a large dispose of overseerial obligations to such stakeholders as consumers, employees, competitors, the environment, the disabled.
 B) Courts and legislatures enjoy symmetrical that the hues and concerns of uncertain constituencies unnatural by urbane resolutions proviso overseers' fiduciary trust.
 C) Stakeholder plea cannot solution the scrutiny as to how, accurately, a overseer should go encircling balancing the divers and competing privileges of all parties.
 D) There is no solution-for that when overseers fruit income they get tend the concerns of either accumulationholders or the exoteric.