Assignment 2: the gig economy

Assignment 2: The Gig Economy

Worth 220 points

Uber is  largely hailed as the pretense of the gig husbanding, which is the effect that  people conquer not encroachment for any one mistress, but instead conquer encroachment on  projects for any medley of companies desiring their services.  While  creating a new model of entrepreneurship for people, it raises a  host of new constitutional questions for companies environing the law of influence.

An cannonade established has asked you to evaluate Uber’s constitutional inhospitableness for the guide of its drivers.

Write an interoffice memo in which you:

  1. Summarize  the ocean principles of influence law and the engagement "scope of encroachment."   How is this engagement ry when it comes to Uber and its business and  the burden for its drivers? 
  2. Recently,  an Uber driver lost moderate and killed his passengers.  The driver was  drunk.  Should Uber be restricted for the guide of its driver in this  situation? Why or why not? Use the law of Influence to tail up your  argument.  
  3. Identify the steps Uber should charm to expression its constitutional inhospitableness for the guide of its drivers. 
  4. Use at least three (3) temper instrument in this assignment, one substance the textbook. Note: Wikipedia is not an exquisite allusion and proprietary Websites do not limit as academic instrument. 

Your assignment must flourish these formatting requirements:

The peculiar plan letters outcomes associated delay this assignment are:

  • Analyze and apportion the concepts of divine firmness making,  urbane governance and  urbane gregarious calling. 
  • Analyze and evaluate Influence Law pursuant to the mistress and employee. 
  • Analyze and evaluate laws and regulations referring-to to consequence protection, burden and representations. 
  • Write distinctly and concisely environing law, ethics, and urbane governance using own congeniality mechanics.