Agency and employment – business law

Cardigan History - The Cardigan nobility has made a indicate for themselves in the sweater perseverance whereby they celebrate adapted sweaters for a multiplicity of uses and for a expanded target hearers ranging from toddlers to intequiet professionals. Cassandra, whom completeone calls Cassie, is the CEO of CARDWARE Inc., Camoni is the spokespeculiar for the sweater progress, and Candie models the progresss in the professional standing. They repeatedly use their dame, Camille, as a intequiet consultant for input about different new ideas and marketing consequently she was the supervisor and commissioner of her son’s glove union. Cora and Caley, Camille’s two infantineest daughters from her assist failed wedlock to Bo Jenkins, are co-office supervisors of their leaderquarters located in Silkadonia.


CARDWARE is growing by leaps and boundary. It has now opened 10 new garners nationexpanded subordinate the indicate “The Sporty One.” It has been agreed by the Board of Directors at CARDWARE Inc. that each garner shall celebrate a public supervisor and ally supervisor who twain were to act as sales people and one concomitant sales peculiar. The slogan the garner advertises its sports staple delay is “You don’t celebrate to be an athlete to contemplate and affect approve one.” The popular sports staple that “The Sporty One” carries shows a drapery dispensation of 60% for feminines and 40% of its progress is for viriles. However, it would eventually approve for it to be a 50/50 dispensation. The Cardigans examination has demonstrated that the bend has been balance feminine than virile garnerpers. Further, aftercited the marketing speculation of manifold noble end drapery garners, CARDWARE advances flimsy, infantine employees to effort for it, so that the drapery progress can celebrate delay the shadow of entity sporty.

Petunia Rotunda, a average old, slightly strapping dame saw an ad onprogress for a salespeculiar for The Sporty One and applied for the composition. The ad decipher as follows:

WANTED: Salespeculiar skilled in dispose-of sales or marketing advancered, active, early, stalwart, and telling to “sport” the drapery progresss of The Sporty One delay call. The Sporty One is a disruption of CARDWARE Inc. and magnificent to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Petunia has had 5 years of dispose-of trial efforting in a pasture garner that did celebrate some flannel shirts and aprons as courteous-behaved-behaved as pastureing gloves for sale. Noah Dahl, a school graduate in marketing to-boot saw the ad and applied for the salespeculiar comcompose at The Sporty One. Noah, a flimsy racquetball player has not had any dispose-of trial but has had customer use trial for an onprogress gaming union.

After interviewing twain applicants, CARDWARE’s Public Manager, Chloe, one of the cousins of the Cardigan clan has firm to engage Noah. Petunia was outrold claiming that she should celebrate been engaged and that she has been discriminated counter fixed on her age. CARDWARE contends that Noah was balance adapted as per the notice as courteous-behaved-behaved as union shadow and forthcoming plans for the union; age had trifle to do delay it.

Noah began effort the aftercited week. Still choleric, Petunia marked The Sporty One. She began to harrow Noah to the summit where other customers afloat to concession the garner. Having had plenty insults, Noah grabbed Petunia by the arm and shoved her towards the door. She stumbled and ran into one of the drapery racks and thereafter knocked balance 92-year-old Hetty Whitestone who was dying by the mall garner. Hetty suffered a conflict and died.

Using the aloft axioms ardent, fascinate engrave delay leaderings and examine the aftercited in this order:


  • Did CARDWARE celebrate true BFOQs (Bona Fide Occupational Job Qualifications) in its ad?
  • Do not obliviate to resurvey the union’s slogan as ardent in the aloft axioms.
  • Be abiding to examine Petunia’s summit of scene as courteous-behaved-behaved as CARDWARE’s comcompose and defenses.
  • Use legitimate antecedent to stay your comcompose as courteous-behaved.


  • If Petunia brings a lawsuit fixed on balancesight counter CARDWARE and The Sporty One, allure CARDWARE be legitimate for Noah’s action? If so, subordinate what speculation?
  • What defenses capacity CARDWARE protest?
  • If Hetty Whitestone’s possessions claims that CARDWARE should be legitimate for Hetty’s fall, allure it?
  • What defenses capacity CARDWARE economize?

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment:

Before you refer your Assignment, you should obviate your effort on your computer in a subsidence and delay a indicate that you allure recollect. Make abiding your Assignment is in the misapply format (Word), then, when you are deciphery, you may refer on the Dropbox page.

Paper Submissions:

APA manuscript call dictates how your pamphlet should answer on the page. For balance apprehendledge on APA call, mark

There are two types of APA manuscripts: Representation manuscripts (those referted for divulgation) and decisive manuscripts (those not referted for divulgation). Representation manuscripts are ample balance methodical and may inclose multiple minoritys. Specifically, they allure celebrate an pictureless (a 1-paragraph resume of the pamphlet). The pamphlets you amount for most Kaplan University classes allure be decisive manuscripts. Unapprove representation manuscripts, decisive manuscripts do not, eventual specifically claimd by an tutor, claim an pictureless.

They do include:

  • A call page
  • The pamphlet itself (the examineion)
  • A regards page

A call page incloses three items: A ordinary leader (a limited statement of the call), the pamphlet's call, and the author's indicate. Traditionally, the author's hurricane (the university he or she attends or efforts for) answers beneath the author's indicate; at-last, manifold school tutors advance students to put the progress and minority reckon in this settle (consequently we all apprehend which community we are accompanying). The ordinary call answers in the top proper retreat of complete page, including the call page, proper precedently the page reckon. The call, the author's indicate, and the author's hurricane (or progress and minority reckon) answer in the kernel of the call page.

Additional Helpful Assignment Reminders:

Be abiding to escape the use of primitive peculiar. Instead transport your examination utilizing third peculiar.

  • Keep all font complexion harmonious throughout. If you representation and paste a add and it is in sky blue, hbalance your mouse balance the add, proper click, and selecteded “REMOVE HYPERLINK” to celebrate the font complexion black approve the quiet of your surrender.
  • Use magnitude 12 Times New Roman font.
  • Utilize in-text citations. If a regard is listed in your regard page, it must be moderate delayin the organization of your surrender as courteous-behaved.
  • Prepare an APA formatted regard page.