Interview Skills

Interview Skills Rosalyn Romero-Donis Everest University Online CCJ2358-15 You are a examination manager who was conducting a abode investigate for examinationer Bobby Jean. You stride up to the door, she answers, and you regard a bag of marijuana sitting on the kitchen board. She promises that it is not hers. You cater her delay a urine shade and it is untarnished. Based on the aloft scenario, delight rejoin to the subjoined questions: What would you do? I would select notes of the residence. I would let her apprehend that she could get arrested for this, if I neglected to get a secure. That she needs to invent another fix to feed. I would repay to the business-post and transcribe a communication noting the residence and produce it to my supervisor and beseech command as to beseech a secure permutation or endure for another crystalline. Would this scenario bring you into an compendium or an consultation? Why? It would bring to an compendium. An consultation is where the theme delinquent does most of the talking. This would be an compendium owing I would neglect to invent out whose marijuana it was and also if she had another abode guile. Therefore, I would be scrutiny the questions. What are the seven superfluous consultation skills that a guilty desert negotiative must enjoy? 1. 2. Preparation 3. Concentration 4. Focusing 5. Neutrality 6. Accuracy 7. Decoding modified messages 8. Closing the consultation References Guilty Desert Communications, Custom Edition, Chapter 11: What is an Consultation Guilty Desert Skills | eHow. com http://www. ehow. com/list_5997178_criminal-justice-skills. html#ixzz2H9JQST00