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Assignment on despatch in GrameenPhoneLTD. Assignment ON Despatch in GrameenPhoneLTd. Prepared for: Ishtiaque Arif Assistant zealot School of duty Studies Southeast University Prepared by: Name Burhan Uddin Rabbani ID- 2011110001065 MBA(regular), Batch -28th Institution Name: Southeast University Submision Date: LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL July28, 2012 Ishtiaque Arif Assistant zealot School of Duty Southeast University. Subject: Submission of Assignment repute Dear Sir, I would affect to seize this convenience to felicitate you for the curb and foundation you bear granted me during the continuity of this repute. Externally your acceleration, this repute would bear been unuspowerful to genteel. Forthcoming a while heartfelt felicitatefulness, I besides claim the acceleration granted by Mr. Shariful Huq, Customer Harvest Supervisor Grameen phone Ltd. To furnish the repute I unmoved what I judge to be most applicpowerful counsel to penetrate my repute as analytical and real as feasible. I bear concentrated my best exertion to close the objectives of the repute and expectancy that my strive close subsubwork-for the resolve. The useful notice and habit gathered during repute provision close immeasurably acceleration in my advenient authoritative vitality. I supplicate you to indulge me for any misseize that may appear in the repute opposing of our best exertion. I would truly compute it you illuminate me forthcoming a while your thoughts and views touching the repute. Also, if you longing to enquire encircling an feature of my repute, I would gladly tally your queries. Felicitate you intermittently for your foundation and submission. Yours Sincerely, Burhan uddin Rabbani Program: MBA (Regular) ID: 2011110001065, Batch: 28th (B) Southeast University Acknowledgement All panegyrize to Allah, the all-powerful, and the compassionate. Externally his good and endorsement this repute would not bear been genteel. The auspicious height of this repute influence never be feasible in space forthcoming a whileout the acceleration some singular whose intuition and instigation made it betide. Principal of all I scantiness to felicitate my upright tutor Ishtiaque Arif for accelerationing me completing my repute on “Assessment of Communication” in the tenor of Grameen phone. I would besides affect to felicitate Mr. Shariful Huq, customer harvest supervisor at Grameen Phone, and my associate who accelerationed me by providing acquaintative instructions. Without them this contrivance would bear been very up-hill. And terminally I besides specific my pure felicitatefulness to all those who distributeicipated to furnish the repute. They were diligent employee of Grameen Phone. Magistrate Summary Grameen Phone is the sum 1 movpowerful operator forthcoming a while 44% bargain distribute (September, 2010). Sum of subscribers stands at 2865 mn (Sep'10). - For 2010 up to end 03, entirety revenues were SOT 55. 1 ho versus R0T48. 6 hr for selfselfcorresponding resembling continuance in 2009, when-in-fact 525 for 2010 up to end 0. 3 was SOT 523 intermittentlyst BDT 537 for the selfselfcorresponding continuance in 2009. This contrivance was intentional to assess the Despatch way in grameen Phone . t is generally affected that, although Grameen phone is quantitative the bargain of movpowerful teledespatch perseverance, they bear some despatch untruth. Grameen Phone Co-effect forthcoming a while the agents, dealers, employees in the forthcoming way: # Movpowerful Phone # Onthread # Aspect to aspect despatch. Basically these are the despatch way GP used in work their texture. GrameenPhone separates its despatch way into three sectors These are explained under: Despatch forthcoming a while the customer Despatch forthcoming a while the texture Despatch forthcoming a while the dealers or agents The Despatch way of Grameen Phone accelerations the texture to expand its duty. So there is no dubitate that “Business despatch expertness is weighty for a duty to close its textureal aim”. Tpowerful of divergency | Contents| Page no. | Chapter 1| Introduction| 1| 1. 2| Objectives of the con-over| 2| 1. 3| Methodology | 2| 1. 4| Apprehension of the con-over| 3| 1. 5| Limitation of the con-over| 3| Chapter 2| Findings and dissection| 3| 2. 1| Despatch arrangement forthcoming a while customer| 3-6| 2. 2| Despatch arrangements in the texture| 7-8| 2. 3| Despatch Career in GP | 9| 2. 4| Despatch scheme in GP| 10| 2. | Despatch forthcoming a while the agents| 11| Chapter 3| Conclusion| 12| 3. 1| Reference| 12| 1. Introduction: Corporation thread Grameen Phone is the sum 1 movpowerful operator forthcoming a while 44% bargain distribute (September, 2010). Sum of subscribers stands at 2865 mn (Sep'10). - For 2010 up to end 03, entirety revenues were SOT 55. 1 ho versus R0T48. 6 hr for selfselfcorresponding resembling continuance in 2009, when-in-fact 525 for 2010 up to end 0. 3 was SOT 523 intermittentlyst BDT 537 for the selfselfcorresponding continuance in 2009. - Initial capex cycle of geographical coverage elevate Out genteel. - Subscriber churn equalizes at 1% per month in 2010; amongst the smallest in emerging Asian bargains. One of the enlightenedst ISPs in Bangladesh forthcoming a while almost 4. 5mn erratic subscribers. - Its network covers balance 99. 14% of the population in all 64 districts of Bangladesh and 88. 84% of the entirety fix area, and the network infratexture comprised encircling 114,000 TRXs in aggravate than 7,200 vile stations. - Grameenphone works on twain OSM 900 & 1800 bands forthcoming a while a bandwidth of 22MHz. The modern allocation of 7,4M1-lz to OP in adduction to the 14. 6MHz it already has close acceleration to reduce the urgency on GPs network. OP has 11300 vile stations in balance 6500 locations opposing Bangladesh. Overview Grameen Phone (GP) established productions in 1997. In 2009, GP offered 69,439,400 plain distributes at BDT 10 (US$. 014) each, in adduction to a BDT 60 (US$ 0. 871 encouragement, entiretying BDT 4. 86 bn (US$ 70. lSmn) & got Listed on OSE & CSE. - Quickly forthcoming its inception in 1997, GP established itself as the quantitative movpowerful operator in the dominion by providing surpassing coverage and reform network character sight than its competitors. - In the definite 4 years, bargain lordship of GP has sloth eroded through eager emulation, career from 63% in 2005 to encircling 44% (September 2010). GP's AR? U has teen eternally feeble, as movpowerful words tariffs hold to gravitate and as senior sums of subscribers end from inferior inend clusters. From USD 5. 4 in Q1'07, the ARPU has end down to USD 3. 03 in 03'10 (02 2010 USD 3. 47). - GP was the principal movpowerful operator to exhibit prepaid movpowerful connections in Bangladesh in 1999. Adistribute from internet employments through EDGE, Crameenphone is besides the barely balance through which Cell Bazaar works a employment where populace can buy and hawk products through a movable. It besides works a telemedicine employment named Health thread, It agrees a multitude of other VAS employments including ringtones, welend tunes, SMS-MMS, flash messaging, sports-news updates, store bargain updates, electronic ticketing employment etc. . However, to deflect its duty GrameenPhone separates its despatch way into three sectors These are explained under: Despatch forthcoming a while the customer Despatch forthcoming a while the texture Despatch forthcoming a while the dealers or agents 1. 2 objectives of the con-balance The relevant reclear-up of the repute is the viewment of the continuity modification. The deep objectives of the repute are as follows: * To view the distributeicular modification of the “Business Communication” continuity offered in MBA program. * To prove advantages agrees by the expertness of Duty Despatch and subsidy to the profitably of the textures as polite-behaved-behaved as arrangement of Bangladesh. * It close besides qualify me to rectify my expertness on repute match. As municipal magistrate put vast compute on repute match as an weighty atom in aptitudeful-treatment completement, this distribute of the continuity close repare me to aspect the advenient challenges of municipal globe. * To criticise the good of applying the expertness of despatch in textures. * To criticise how GP elevate up their Despatch System. 1. 3 Methodology Fountain of postulates: I would affect to penetrate positive that I bear all the essential postulates required to end up forthcoming a while powerful consequence. Therefore, I bear combined twain relevant and minor postulates gathering arrangement. All postulates akin to this con-balance is immovpowerful forthcoming a while the sequel. A. Relevant fountain of postulates: * Interview of customer supervisor instituted at GP B. Minor fountain of postulates: * Internet * Newspaper archive * Annual Repute of GP 2010 . 4 apprehension of the con-balance The infer forthcoming choosing this theme, there are basically 3 infers forthcoming choosing this theme. 1. It is one of the most weighty subject for us how a enlightened multinational Corporation works their Despatch way. 2. What is the deep despatch force of deeptaining enlightened layer of subsidy? 3. How GP adhere-to up Despatch way? 1. 5 Limitation of the con-balance In doing this con-balance we bear to aspect some limitations, those are Employers were not assiduous to colloquy. Employees disinclined to distribute inner subject. For understandforce we had to use very sickly statistical tools. We were not powerful to sum ample counsel from empire lore production. 2. Findings and Dissection 2. 1 Despatch arrangement forthcoming a while customers: Forthcoming immodestteen years of production, Grameen Phone has encircling 30 favorite subscribers as of may 2008. To keep the popular subscriber and to extension the sum of them, Grameen Phone has to co-effect its customer uniformly. As a consequence it ends to distinguish encircling customers tenors, expectancys and wheedle-for from the corporation. To do so, Grameen Phone gets linked to its subscriber 24 hours throughout the year by providing counsel. Moreover, the corporation fascinates the customer by giving entire idea of facilities such as SIM reinstatement, alter of address as so on in their customer concern capital. To agree these employments. The corporation co-operates forthcoming a while its customers through frequented or infrequented arrangement. These arrangements are forcible under. Products and employment Frequented Arrangement Through this frequented way, the powerful despatch of Grameen phone forthcoming a while its customer appears in a two way, aspect to aspect standing where twain unrecorded and non unrecorded symbols and languages are plain to twain distributeies, which can be named equalize 1 despatch. Morebalance the corporation deals forthcoming a while its subscribers by equalize 2 despatch where a two ways, but now aspect unrecorded standing appears. Twain in these two ideas of despatch, flash feedback are adapted. As a consequence, the corporation can partially glean encircling what subscriber scantinesss from the corporation and can supply its subscribers wheedle-fors, expectancys and clear-up tenors as per as its force. However, forthcoming gleaning encircling the expectancy, wheedle-for and tenor of subscriber, Grameen phone separate these things into three segments and these are Supplicate # Complains # Queries Forthcoming doing so, then Grameen phone acquaint their aptitudeful-treatment by doing email in he internet. Actually, in the entire way of corresponding, Grameen phone furthers too email subscribers and aptitudeful-treatment. There are some kinds of examples on frequented arrangement are shown under through which Grameen phone be alike forthcoming a while customers. $ *111*# all space get to any counsel $ 121 hot onthread employment: $ Notice employment ; Email adjunctions $ Customer Skillful-treatment capital 121 HOTLINE SERVICE GrameenPhone Ltd. Launched “GP Employment Month” from March 1 , to exalt rectify the donation of forthcoming-sales employments Enjoy prioritized customer employment by merely dialing121. Dedicated customers concern supervisors are availpowerful smooth the clock, 24 hours A day and 7 days a week barely to subsubwork-for you reform. Duty Solutions postpaid subscriber can wheedle 121 unconditionally loose of absorb. Customer Skillful-treatment Center In an exertion to agree forthcoming sales employments closer to where the customers feed, aggravate than 8000 GP Employment Desks bear been knowned encircling the dominion, located in all upazila in the 61 districts where the Grameen Phone network has coverage. These GP Employment Desks are equipped to agree most of the forthcoming sales employments and are known from 10am - 6pm on all weekdays. In adduction, all the 600 GP customer Centers located in the schismatical cities now redeep known from 8am – 8pm entireday including all holidays. Email And Notice Employment On the other laterality, if any subscriber scantinesss to acquaint encircling their tenors, they can do it through email adjunction or notice employment besides. As a consequence, they can be linked forthcoming a while GP very closely. Infrequented Arrangement On the other laterality, Grameen phone co-effect forthcoming a while its subscribers through infrequented arrangement by equalize 3 despatchs where a two way, aspect unrecorded despatch does not appear. Barely written or printed documents or photo mages are circulated on score consideration and advertisements are telecast on television and so on. As a consequence, flash feedback is not availpowerful in this way. Thus the corporation their facilities of SIM card to subscribers. Some kinds of infrequented arrangement are besides consecrated under: # Advertisement on television # Advertisement on score consideration # Advertisement on newspaper. # Advertisement on internet. 2. 2 Despatch Methods In The Organization: To close its loose aims, Grameen phone’s needs to frequented and coordinate its interdependence of units and living-souls inaspect a desired aim. As a consequence, a affected texture texture consequences from exertions to close coordination. On the other laterality, coordination consequences from powerful despatch and polite-behaved-behaved unconfused programs or schemes. There is a affectedized hierarchy of Grameen phone has been shown under. Here, texture chart defines the drift of the texture. The populace generally employ roles and discharge offices in all those spaces in the texture chart, he pictured texture could occasionally be considered a terminal tally. However, to precede office, the officials of GP bear o adjunction forthcoming a while each other. Generally, GP judges in acquaintal despatch when they usually colloquy to each other. But, to yield a scheme, repute to their aptitudeful-treatment, they further to email despatch reform. They do not yield these things by frequented handing balance. On the other laterality, their despatch in movpowerful by adjutant is loose as they bear their own corporation movpowerful SIM. 2. 3 Despatch Career In The GP The careers of despatch forthcoming a whilein the texture may be upward, downward, or horizontally frequenteded. Grameen Phone Limited has downward and upward despatch careers which are forthcoming: Downward Communication: Downward Despatch is that from surpassing to subscriber-from boss to employee, and from cunning penetrater to loose singularnel. Five atoms of downward despatch are forthcoming: Job instruction: Teaching new or popular employees how to do a distributeicular drudgery. Rationale: The exculpation for the texture and its aims; how a distributeicular office fits into the entirety texture. Information: Orientation to the corporation - its rules, practices, procedures, and narrative. Feedback encircling job dischargeance: Supervisors evaluation or appraisal of employee dischargeance. Ideology: The exertion to take to and institute in employees a station of rapture, fealty, or foundation for the texture. This careers, of continuity, akin to the priestly texture of the texture. Upward despatch: When aptitudeful-treatment supplicates counsel from inferior textureal equalizes, the consequenceing counsel becomes feedback to the supplicate. This is named upward despatch. This despatch adhere-tos aptitudeful-treatment acquainted encircling the feelings of subordinates, accelerations aptitudeful-treatment singularity twain up-hill and hypothetically promotpowerful employees, and paves the way for uniform aggravate powerful downward despatch. Basically these two ideas of despatch career are used by the Grameen Phone. 2. 4 Despatch Scheme in GP Entire texture has two ideas of despatch scheme. Grameen Phone is not bar from them. It has besides two ideas of despatch scheme which are forthcoming: Exterior System: This scheme is typified by the affected texture chart. This scheme is used to curb singular and cluster action and to close textureal aims. Some atoms of exterior scheme are forthcoming: #Business epistle #Report match #Business scheme Memorandum repute etc. Internal System: The inner scheme develops as populace interact forthcoming a whilein the affected, exterior scheme and positive action patterns evene, patterns which determine political and psychical needs. In inner scheme, twain affected and acquaintal atoms of despatch are used which are forthcoming: #Grapevine #Face to aspect despatch #PABX #Mobile #Letter etc 2. 5 Despatch Forthcoming a while The Agents The products and employments of Grameen Phone are sold through the forthcoming channels: Grameen Phone at exhibit has 450 Aim of sales all balance Bangladesh in adjust to hawk their movpowerful phones. These Aim of Sales enclose # 11 Dealers and their franchises. # 78 Outlet Agents. # 52 Singular agents. Among the 11 Dealers, at exhibit –Flora, Grameen Telecom, Brothers and Butterfly, are the quantitative ones, forthcoming a while the ultimatum sum of franchises. Besides their products, Grameen Phone besides hawk employment. Services are sold through info Centers and Hotline. Info center agrees disgrace solutions. Here subscribers can get supply. Trained and associately administrators are serving at Info Center from 8am-6pm. There is besides 01 Sales ;Logistics administrator who is chargepowerful on for providing SIM(Subscribers Identification Module) cards and handsets to the subscribers and arrangement of bargaining items. At exhibit there are 6 Info centers, two in Dhaka and pause immodest in the other immodest regional heads, namely, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Khulna. Not barely has that Grameen Phone interacted forthcoming a while the agents in the forthcoming way: # Movpowerful Phone # Onthread # Aspect to aspect despatch. Basically these are the despatch way GP used in work their texture. 3. Conclusion: By precedeing examine I am powerful to penetrate this aim that the despatch expertness of Grameen Phone is truly balancewhelming. Not barely that its powerfulness in despatch accelerations it in a enlightened way to close its textureal aim. The Despatch way of Grameen Phone accelerations the texture to expand its duty. So there is no dubitate that “Business despatch expertness is weighty for a duty to close its textureal aim”. 3. 1 Reference #Grameen Phone Annual Repute 2010 # Despatch for Duty by Shirley Taylor # “Business despatch and English” by Lecica. http://www. grameenphone. com/