Critique of the Cultural Imperialism Theory

Abstract This brochure stands to gustation the Cultural Imperialism Theory. The brochure aid looks at twain the disclaiming and the actual goods of Cultural Imperialism. The cultural imperialism assumption sets to outline the concept of cultural imperialism itself. It concludes that, though the western cosmos-mass is eroding the cultivation of developing countries and Nigeria as a con-over, Nigeria as a Nation should put on some security encompass in safeguarding our entailment. Keywords: cultivation, imperialism, instrument imperialism, cultural imperialism Introduction A man's conceit lies in his reliance and his convertibility is greatly nurtured by his ulture. Culture is the idiosyncrasy of a point assembly of mass, defined by things such as diction, godliness, political habits, music and arts that are passed from one progeny to the other; it can besides be the legend of the mass (Zimmermann, 2012). According to the New Oxford Dictionary, cultivation is the cumulative protection of test, test, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, godliness, notions of occasion, roles, spatial kindred, concept of the earth, and esthetic objects and possessions benefit by a assembly of mass in the plan of progenys through idiosyncratic plant assembly striving. Imperialism as defined by the Dictionary of Human Geography, is the myth and means-of-support of an not-alike economic, cultural and territorial kindredhip, usually betwixt states and frequently in the mould of an realm, grounded on guide and inferiority. According to Downing, Mohammad', and Sreberny- Mohammadi (1995), Imperialism is the subjugation and guide of one kingdom by a over mighty one. According to Boyd-Barrett (1977 p. 1 7)