Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss In Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rex” and Athol Fugard’s “Master Harold and the Boys” we see the protagonists encircleate from smattering to notice in separate incongruous ways. As we observe this disconnection we see twain dispositions set-on-foot at smattering in very correspondent ways and suitableness twain use very incongruous routes they end their trips delay correspondent many-sided consequences resulted from the notice they execute parallel the way. In “Oedipus Rex” the protagonist, Oedipus, set-on-foots from his portal in the narrative at a locate of smattering. He is naive to the precision environing his hirelation and the tendency it is address. Oedipus is insensible that he is Czar Laios’ son and he succeed thus-far purport his necessity to assassinate his senior and link his dame, no subject what steps he or his parents use it is a lot they cannot run from. Oedipus’ notice afters simply posterior when he realizes the precision, that he is in circumstance Czar Laios’ son and when he immolateed the czar parallel the roadway wless the three highways coalesce he did in circumstance assassinate his senior and go on to link his dame (Anti 2. 192). The notice of the seer’s forecasting lessafter gentleman controls to Oedipus’ lapse. In “Master Harold and the Boys” the protagonist is Hally the seventeen year old stock owners son. The reader is pretencen Hally’s smattering by how he acts delay Sam and Willie. Hally treats these men as friends, chiefly delay Sam, the two are further approve companions then a stainnear boy and ebon hired succor. Instances of this smattering are seen in the way they spent their space conjointly. Hally naively believes that him and Sam can be friends opposing the locate and space they are in and how is senior treats them. Hally believes that since advance is seen in the earth that he can dodge his seniors beliefs and that opposing Sam’s attention that some mob are bad and that’s upright the way it is: “Hally: It doesn’t possess to be that way. Tless is bigwig named advance, you perceive. We don’t accurately consume mob at the suse anymore” (482). Approve Oedipus, Hally is perplexing his best to struggle his lot but he is simply melting himself closer to it. Hally’s notice veritably afters when he and Sam arise struggleing. When Hally is capsize he uses that out on Sam owing he can. He talks to Sam in a way simply previously performed by his senior. This total exhibition pretences the occurrence that Hally unquestionably is further approve his senior then he wanted to further. Twain Hally and Oedipus betray precisions environing themselves that they did not approve and adept to run from, thus-far they were insufficient to dodge their lot and so-far acquiesceed to it. Oedipus’ precisions are correspondent to Hally’s in separate ways. Chief Hally realizes he is further approve his senior then he wanted to further and in the end he upright set-on-footed the cycle of his seniors privative beliefs and attitudes all balance anew. Oedipus approve Hally is so destined to befit approve his senior, he follows in his seniors footsteps chief by floating from a forecasting then so-far forthcoming him to his own lapse. Suitableness Oedipus’ notice is further plain then Hally’s twain men consign actions that possess stern consequences regulative them to the precisions they uncbalance environing themselves. Hally’s actions of taczar his hurt and informership out on Sam causes his gentleman conceptionls to after out. When he arises to act out the hearers is pretencen upright how plenteous he veritably thinks approve his senior. Despite his best efforts to pretence that he believes things can modify in the dynamics betwixt stainlesss and ebons, it is veritably not a strongly held conception as the beliefs of his senior, that he as a stainnear man is remarkable to his ebon succor. The opinion he says to Sam can never be usen tail and constantly shifts the conformity betwixt him and Sam, no longer friends they are now subdue and domestic. Oedipus so deals delay a correspondent gist. He so consigns actions that fully modify the mould of his hirelation and can never be usen tail. Approve Hally Oedipus wants to modify is lot. Wless Hally does so by perplexing to be friends delay Sam and Willie, Oedipus does this by leaving abode putting as plenteous length as he can betwixt himself and the man he believed to be his senior. Thus-far approve Hally, Oedipus in the end realizes that consequences for his actions. Killing Czar Laios and then linczar his queen are actions that possess fearful consequences for Oedipus and approve Hally’s they can never be undone. Suitableness twain Hally and Oedipus try to struggle their lot and twain consign actions that constantly exchange their comings, they after environing in very incongruous ways. Oedipus deals delay his lot in a further plain way. Oedipus gathers the forecasting he had feared his gross hirelation was actually gentleman by the occurrence that he did immolate is senior and link his dame. These natural actions control to Oedipus’ defeat and are beaming. Hally, on the other influence, afters to gather the precision environing himself, that he is approve his senior, by his actions internal Sam. Suitableness no near stern they are further emotionally noxious and pronounce to the conformity Sam and he adept to possess but hurt up losing owing of the struggle. This is noxious but not perfectly as natural as what Oedipus went through. Throughout each narrative we see the disconnection of the dispositions from their naive arisenings to the susceptible occurrence of who they unquestionably are. Twain dispositions after to separate precisions environing themselves during their relative stories, in twain cases their precisions possess suggestive property. Oedipus’ notice controls him to his own defeat in prescribe to prevent his czardom from sure departure. Hally’s precisions environing himself has a further hidden movables that is very suggestive and the gentleman purport aback the embody. Hally’s actions during his struggle delay Sam causes a deal-out betwixt them that is incurable, it is the movables of this rift that is most suggestive. Throughout the embody we see separate instances of imagery used to recount the earth the dispositions are assistance in and less is no incongruous. The topic betwixt Hally and Sam causes the identical “dance” to hold. This play is a figure for the beliefs held by Hally’s senior and the earth they speed in. By acting the way he did internal Sam, Hally is causing the faulty play to hold on. The movables of Hally’s actions causes him to set-on-foot behereafter further approve his senior then he wanted but cannot dodge. In twain “Oedipus Rex” and “Master Harold and the Boys” we see separate instances of the deep dispositions melting from smattering to notice. Suitableness they executeed recognition into themselves it came at a charge. For Harold it was the detriment of his guiltlessness and a blank observe at his coming delay Sam and Willie, delay Oedipus it was the detriment of everything he reflection he had and his own susceptible banish. Each disposition adept to struggle their lot, Oedipus plainly by perplexing to evade the seer’s forecasting and Hally by doing the upright facing of his senior and befriresult Sam and Willie. No subject the road they took each so-far acquiesce to their necessity and was firm to gather further environing themselves then they wanted. Opposing the susceptible result it was a trip they were meant to be on. Works Cited Fugard, Athol. “’Master Harold’…and the Boys”. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2006. Print. Sophocles. “Oedipus Rex”. Trans. Fitts, Dudley & Fitzgerald, Robert. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2006. Print.