The Role of Mass Media in Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins's gripping boyish adult trilogy The Crave Games is a futuristic fantastic delay unsettling parallels to the exhibit. The connections are indisputeffectual equiteffectual from the contrast as the race of Panem, consisting of the Capitol enveloped by twelve purlieuss and a decimated Purlieus 13, is located in the remains of exhibit-day North America. Television is a mighty cat's-paw in bulk message, specially in Panem where normal indiscriminatelys are mandatory and all indiscriminatelys are government-sanctioned. The Capitol and Purlieus 13 uses instrument capacity for influencing Panem notwithstanding delay twain having oppositional favor. However, neither instrument capacity expects a third player to answer who succeed offer a divergent bring-aboutproduction for viewing and bring-abouting substantiality. This third player emerges from delayin the manipulation of their instrument gaze: Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the trilogy. The Capitol and Purlieus 13 concede the goods Katniss’ fancy is choice of having on assemblys. In response, they use her fancy in their television indiscriminatelys to stir and eternize detail postures of viewers inland themselves as predominant services and to bring-environing a divergent reason of substantiality. The Crave Games trilogy revolves environing a labor for instrument regulate and, thus, for bias delayin and aggravate Panem. This disquisition seeks to obbenefit at the concepts of hierarchy, oneness, surveillance, empire, the role of instrument, and study the uniformts in the fantastic in agreement to the synchronous happenings in the cosmos-people. Suzanne Collins's gripping boyish adult trilogy The Crave Games is a futuristic fantastic delay unsettling parallels to the exhibit. The connections are indisputeffectual equiteffectual from the contrast as the race of Panem, consisting of the Capitol enveloped by twelve purlieuss, is located in the remains of exhibit–day North America. This disquisition seeks to obbenefit at the concepts of oneness and surveillance as biasd by the instrument, and study the uniformts in the fantastic in agreement to the synchronous happenings in the cosmos-people. The Capitol comes up delay the fancy of the Crave Games in apintention to remind the citizens environing the failed vindication of the purlieuss resisting the Capitol. The Capitol screens the foundationage of Purlieus 13 which is said to keep been annihilated occasion unmanageeffectual to suppress the pronouncement. The Games not barely benefits as a reminder but as-courteous functions as the Capitol's admonition to the purlieuss so that any grain of vindication would be quelled at the youthful quantity. The doomed fortune of the citizens is demonstrationn through the Games where two Tributes (a boy and a maiden) are clarified from each purlieus, in a process denominated Reaping, and are made to contest to the departure in an province. The tournament is indiscriminately to the total race and benefits as nourishment to the Capitol which demonstrations the dehumanization of the citizens of the purlieuss by the Capitol. The fancy of surveillance and the role that the instrument plays in it is a discriminating bestowation in the fantastic. This could be peruse using Michel Foucault's concept of panopticism that he coins in his production Discipline and Punish (1975) where he considers the use of trustworthy surveillance as an goodsive cat's-paw to urge capacity and continue collective appoint. The panopticon, an eighteenth-century architectural building that Jeremy Bentham intentiond to benefit as a prison, is frequently cited as a metaphor to exemplify how capacity productions in a sociality whose "institutions treat a file of disciplinary practices which secure that conduct continues in a regularized, patterned way" (Lyon 7). In Collins's fantastic, panopticism manifests as a disciplinary agency that the Capitol uses to hold regulate aggravate the purlieuss. This bring-aboutproduction can be used to interpret how the Capitol organizes Panem in a way that goodsively allows it to drill disciplinary capacity. To start delay, the thirteen purlieuss that comprehend Panem are undesigning from one another geographically, making wandering unarranged them on foundation opposed as courteous as exposed. The Capitol assumes joined steps to word herd's disturbance by treating Peacekeepers. The perimeter of Purlieus 12 is enclosed by a chain-link enclose that ought to be electrified but rarely productions as it should. Occasion the functional truth states that the enclose exists to save the purlieuss from predators that saunter the forests departed the town, it as-courteous holds their citizens in a urban colonization, decrement the arrival of their interforce delay herd from other purlieuss. As Katniss states, "It's to the Capitol's habit to keep us divided unarranged ourselves" (15). In this way, the purlieuss are relish the prisoners in Bentham's panopticon, uneffectual to co-operate delay each other as a upshot of their retirement in compartmentalized cells which in mold minimizes the arrival of their uniting to prefer their own interests. In the primary paragraph of his size Theatre of the Oppressed, Boal exhibits Aristotle's philosophy and defines Aristotelian adversity as a coercive classification to urge legal bearing in the viewer, suppressing any hanker for vindication. The Capitol follows a congruous ideology wherein the citizens are made to note the Games. The substantial habit is used to accelerate settlement the substantiality that the offspring are affliction due to the dogged acts of the departed contriveation and such acts should not be common. The Games, then, are not barely reward for a departed vindication, but an seek by the Capitol to bias the postures of the Districts. From this perspective, we see two instrument techniques used by the Capitol, priming – choosing an end to exhibit as essential – and framing – promising viewers to graft an posture inland that end. That is, through the Games, the Capitol consummates its assembly to centre on its capacity. By making it required for citizens to note the Games, the Capitol has normal a bring-aboutproduction for them to sanction the Capitol as the last instance. The Capitol indiscriminatelys a trustworthy course of college to bias viewers’ emotions and to encourage terror. One such video depicts, "A domesticated dam in 7. A derailed cortege delay a pool of toxic attenuate spilling from the tank cars. A granary collapsing after a inspirer" (Collins 132). These fancys exemplify the Capitol’s justice of the injurious consequences of vindication. District 13, on the other artisan, wants to consummate its assembly to fancy environing the strides it is making in the vindication. In this way, it hopes to bring-environing the vindication to demonstration Panem’s citizens that the Capitol can be aggravatethrown if they stay Purlieus 13 and to device itself as a excellent vindication. Purlieus 13 tries to exhibit Panem delay a divergent account of substantiality than what the Capitol has bring-abouted. Both the Capitol and Purlieus 13 try to bring-environing an fancy of Katniss that suits their intention. The Capitol socially displays Katniss as a bride to master her fancy of a implicit revolter. Purlieus 13 as-courteous favor to bring-environing a divergent fancy of Katniss. Realizing Katniss’ energy to bias assemblys, Purlieus 13 intends for her to content an essential role delayin the vindication’s instrument output as the enlargeed guide, the aspect, the guide, and the vicegerent of the character. The Capitol as-courteous goodsively uses Peeta and bring-abouts his oneness too. His colloquys are specially essential regarding his popularity delay viewers. The Capitol starts to use indiscriminatelys of Peeta to bias viewers’ postures environing the war and Katniss. They capitalize on Peeta's explosion that Katniss knew pin environing the vindication which could be pernicious to Purlieus 13's deviceion of her as the vindication’s hotbrained guide and furnish accuracy to the Capitol's bring-aboution of a Katniss who is helplessly in devotion and a sufferer to the exploits of Purlieus 13. Media literacy refers to the energy to interpret how instrument messages are bring-abouted and the energy to use instrument to fashion goodsive messages for detail intentions. Early in The Crave Games Katniss describes what she interprets is "the true message" of the games, revealing that she has been decoding instrument manner antecedently the train unicontrive starts (Collins 18). Throughout the repose of the train, Katniss’ instrument literacy expands to the intention that she is piual to actively use the instrument using the identical methods used resisting her. She is as-courteous guided in the process by the herd environing her. Haymitch teaches Katniss that her articulation and forces, or the way she exhibits herself, on camera can keep an goods on herd. He urges her to bring-environing herself delay a personality turn that succeed bias her assembly to confront her expedient. He advance notes, "It’s all a big demonstration. It’s all how you’re perceived" (Collins 135). Haymitch’s diplomacy of selecting an turn for viewer apprehension is congruous to the diplomacy of substantiality television producers when it comes to casting. She learns through Cinna, the agent, those answerances are irresistible to the Games, as making a actual impact could moderation the variety unarranged conduct and departure. The contrariant outfits of Katniss intentiond by Cinna in the trilogy qualify the assembly's apprehension of her. As the Purlieus produces coal, the Tributes were colored delay coal for sundry years. Cinna, at-last, adds a interpenetrate to it. Instead of coal, he dresses Katniss inveterate on the trigger, i.e., inspirer. That becomes Katniss's oneness – the maiden on inspirer – unicontrive during the vindication. Cinna successfully devices the Tributes from Purlieus 12 as mighty contenders in the spotlight. Katniss is piual to enlarge her own bring-aboutproduction for substantiality by proving through her forces among the province that vindication is potential from delayin a mighty panopticon building. Katniss is piual to baffle the instrument services’ capacitys, precisely consequently she is multiply of the sociality in which that service wields regulate. One of the primary intervals Katniss consummates and bring-abouts substantiality divergently from the Capitol’s intention is when she fashions a close bring-environing for Rue, a boyish offering from Purlieus 11 who is killed in the province during the seventy-fourth Games. Her gesture is an act of vindication resisting the rudeness of the Games. While in the province, Katniss trueizes that by nature fictitious inlands Peeta, she is piual to secure gifts from her sponsors for herself and Peeta. Another interval that Katniss' forces arrange a new bring-aboutproduction for Panem is in the vile spectacle delay the morbific berries. Katniss encourages Peeta to assume morbific Nightshade berries delay her but the Games are ended shortly ample and Peeta and Katniss are twain visible victors. Through her adapted forces, Katniss has arranged a new bring-aboutproduction that suggests to Panem that the Capitol does not keep arbitrary capacity and that hindrance is potential. Her social project of President Coin establishes a new bring-aboutproduction for Panem’s citizens: a bring-aboutproduction that allows citizens to trueize that Panem can outlast underneathneath divergent conditions than either the Capitol or Purlieus 13 would keep arranged. A obbenefit at Collins's frenzy after communication the train is irresistible to interpreting the affinity of the fantastic to synchronous sociality. In an colloquy delay Scholastic, Collins said that she impend from the parefficient of Theseus and the Minotaur when hence up delay the fancy of Tributes for the Games. She ascititious that the coverage of wars in Iran and Afghanistan contributed to her incident. The depictions of these wars in substantiality television led Collins to apprehend the dystopian contrast of Panem, where vehemence becomes a greater contrive of nourishment. One can delineate how the irrationality of war has remained illegal throughout eons. That Collins was piual to seamlessly intermix the Greek parefficient into the truth of a futuristic cosmos-herd demonstrations that there has been not abundantly qualify, let peculiar movement in the sociality. Although the fantastic is set in a futuristic bound, the uniformts are no divergent from popular happenings. 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