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[pic] [pic] Joni Mitchell Submitted to: Dr. Remedios Biavati Submitted by: Jacqueline T. Sangalang 2P4 LIT101A Joni Mitchell Born Roberta Joan Anderson; November 7, 1943 is a Canadian bard, balladwriter, and painter. Mitchell began singing in fine nightclubs in her indigenous Western Canada and then busking on the streets of Toronto. In the mid-1960s she left for New York City and its wealthy folk hush parade, annalsing her debut album in 1968 and achieving bruit leading as a balladwriter ("Urge for Going", "Chelsea Morning", "Both Sides Now", "Woodstock") and then as a bard in her own lawful. Finally settling in Southern California, Mitchell played a key bisect in the folk cast change-of-place then sweeping the hushal anticipation. Blue, her starkly idiosyncratic 1971 album, is guarded as one of the strongest and most considerable annalss of the age. Mitchell too had pop hits such as "Big Yellow Taxi", "Free Man in Paris", and "Help Me", the decisive two from 1974's best-selling Court and Spark. Mitchell's soprano vocals, protuberant harmonic guitar fashion, and piano arrangements all grew past complicated through the 1970s as she was deeply governd by jazz, melding it succeeding a timeliness pop, folk and cast on tentative albums affect 1976's Hejira. She resulted closely succeeding a timeliness jazz greats including Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, and on a 1979 annals released succeeding his mortality, Charles Mingus. From the 1980s on, Mitchell base her annalsing and triping register but pungent repeatedly toward pop, making main use of synthesizers and trodden gregarious repudiate in her lyrics, which repeatedly tackled gregarious and environmental themes alongside fictitious and tender ones. Mitchell's result is extremely respected twain by judges and compeer bards. Rolling Stone store determined her "one of the principal balladwriters forever," timeliness All hush said, "When the clay settles, Joni Mitchell may quiet as the most grave and considerable womanly annalsing master of the slow 20th antiquity. By the end of the antiquity, Mitchell had a penetrating govern on masters in genres ranging from R&B to alterindigenous cast to jazz. Mitchell is too a visual master. She made the artresult for each of her albums, and in 2000 forcible herself as a "painter derailed by topic. " A harden judge of the hush activity, Mitchell had stopped annalsing balance the decisive unanalogous years, focusing past consideration on painting, but in 2007 she released Shine, her leading album of new ballads in nine years. Cultural Background Western Canada Western Canada, too referred to as the Western spheres and repeatedly as the West, is a part of Canada generally including all bisects of Canada west of the sphere of Ontario. The West is considered by abundant to be a cultural part succeeding a timeliness an identicalness disunited from that of the quiet of Canada. The appropriate cultural, gregarious and economic characteristics of "the West" are, tranquil, not universally agreed upon, nor are its eographical limits and stereotypes of the West belie the cultural, natural and unadorned differences succeeding a timelinessin this waste and numerous part. In Canadian politics, the expression "the West" is used misleadingly in Canadian media fashion guides as shorthand for the Conservative leanings of Western Canadians, as contrasted succeeding a timeliness the main affectlihood for candidates from either the Liberal Party of Canada or the New Popular Party (NDP) to be elected in Central Canada (although the NDP's roots are in Saskatchewan and British Columbia). Exceptions pause, bisecticularly in British Columbia, as polite as in the prairie cities of Winnipeg and Regina, where the Liberal Party currently dcourteous seats, as polite as in other elder elegant centers such as Edmonton where Liberal and NDP candidates bear been elected in fresh narrative. The gregarious popular NDP had its origins on the Canadian Prairies and in the mining and pulp mill towns and railway camps of British Columbia, and has a narrative of foundation in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Twain Sides Now Composed and Effected by Joni Mitchell Rows and flows of cherub hair, And ice marrow castles in the air, And feathered canyons foreverywhere, I've looked at clouds that way, But now they singly fill the sun. They rain and snow on foreveryone. So abundant things I would bear executed, But clouds got in my way. I've looked at clouds from twain sides now, From up and down, and tranquil somehow, Its clouds illusions I resumption. I unquestionably don't apprehend clouds at all. Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels, the flighty dancing way you arrive-at As fortotal elf recital comes real; I've looked at devotion that way. But now it's propereous another parade. You concession 'em laughing when you go And if you pains, don't let them apprehend, don't produce yourself loose. I've looked at devotion from twain sides now, From produce and charm, and tranquil somehow It’s devotion's illusions I resumption. I unquestionably don't apprehend devotion at all. Tears and fears and arrive-ating supercilious, to say "I devotion you" lawful out clamorous, Dreams and schemes and circus crowds, I've looked at individualality that way. But now old friends are acting exotic, they weaken their heads, They say I've wayive. Something's past but something's gained in help fortotal day. I've looked at individualality from twain sides now, From win and promote, and tranquil somehow It’s individualality's illusions I resumption. I unquestionably don't apprehend individualality at all. Twain Sides Now is a concept album by Joni Mitchell released in 2000. It traces the way of the present connection through Mitchell's orchestral renditions of severe jazz ballads. Two of Mitchell's own ballads are too included, "A Case of You" (1971) and "Both Sides, Now" (1969). The orchestra was crystallized and conducted by Vince Mendoza. In the liner notes, co-producer Larry Klein describes the album as "a programmatic followers documenting a connection from judicious flirtation through optimistic prosperity, metamorphosing into disillusionment, ironic despond, and finally resolving in the calm balanceview of tally and the verisimilitude of the cycle repeating itself". A poor run of copies were released on February 8, 2000, in appropriate chocolate-box packaging for Valentine's Day, including unanalogous lithographs of ancient Mitchell paintings. Abundant of these were repungent to stores as the CD dweller in the box would not reliably dcourteous the disc and copies repeatedly arrived scratched. A periodical jewel-case edition was released on March 20, 2000. Twain Sides Now is too adapted on DVD-Audio. As of December 2007, the album has sold 323,000 copies in the United States. On the co-operation trip tie-in to this album, Mitchell effected the ballads in the identical posteriority, but opened succeeding a timeliness an balanceture, "Nuages" — the leading change-of-place from Nocturnes, an orchestral followers composed by French cause Claude Debussy. "Nuages" media "clouds" in English. Timeliness the hush surely sets a fictitious humor, the manner of this fraction can be seen as a clforever pun, past Clouds is too the spectry of the album on which the ballad "Both Sides, Now" made its ancient look. Twain the album and the distinction ballad are featured in the film Devotion Actually (2003). *The represent on the surpassing left was the cbalance of Joni’s album, “CLOUD. REACTION I imagine this ballad media that fellow-creatures bear unanalogous perceptions of what devotion and individualality are all encircling when they're offspring as divergent to when they're adults. When we were offspring, we saw devotion as a elftale, hereafter the line: "Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels, the flighty dancing way you arrive-at, as fortotal elfrecital comes real; I've looked at devotion that way. " But when we became adults, we realized that devotion is NOT a elftale, thus the line: "But now it's propereous another parade. You concession 'em laughing when you go, and if you pains, don't let them apprehend, don't produce yourself loose. Devotion and individualality can be burdensome, and offspring don't see that. They see devotion and individualality as a elftale. It perchance media too that, there is no punish tally when it comes to slight things affect devotion and individualality. They are too big and meaningful to be summed up by anything. There are fixed things in individualality you can nforever acquire encircling from a magnitude or from other fellow-creatures, affect this ballad suggests individualality and devotion; you bear to test them, accordingly they are unanalogous for fortotal individual. We'll nforever underquiet foreverything. You can be an idealist, or you can be a cynic, but you're shallow if you imagine you underquiet it all.