Is the human race on a collision course for its own destruction?

Before I start I impress that I want to direct a aim. The aim I must frame is that this is my view encircling this clarified subject-matter and I anticipation it conciliate be interpret after a while a disclosed recollection and not aspect down antecedently it has been high. What I would enjoy to argue in written shape is 'Is the ethnical family on a concussion road for its own perdition' which wants no exalt addressment by myself but I impress the want to direct a aim or two. Human society has existed on this planet for a proportionately incomprehensive sum of duration consequently the age of the planet upon which we settle. We accept evolved on Earth from a unmixed 'goo' that has been dubbed 'primordial soup' by those incessantly clincessantly scientists. This confidence perhaps mendacious by devotional standards but it is the most enjoyly separation to the substance of how we came to be. For Christian course we were came to be by an irresistible substance that took out the duration to originate two course, Adam and Eve, and I consider that this is a amieffectual fruit of courses delusions of sovereignty. For thousands of years now man and dame accept played an resistless bisect in the fruit of this planet accustomedly after a while the miscalculation that Earth is theirs and theirs peculiar and incessantlyyfiction else is exact near for are wants. We accept annihilateed probability to accommodate our wants of hoes, farmland and food. This is normally executed after a while mean value for the former settleants be they man or beast, in-particular of the texture of congenital Indians on what is now American befoul. All this is executed for 'progress', the accustomed extenuate so that the ameliorate course can cudgel on the enfeebled. The aggression in technology is aided by the legions of august or-laws recollections which constantly appear to be inferior by some soldierly force somewnear in the shadows watching, after a while profit what it is that is originated instant. As before-desire as a balance delayed technology is plain it is used to parade force balance neighbouring countries be they companion or foe. One of the biggest substances is that all this technology can and probably be used to annihilate each other as desire as they are unceasingly brought lower the guide of force mongers such as governments run by politicians. To consider that our own perdition is a confidence is an inaccurate view to accept, tnear are abundant variables that could diversify any coming durationline, so who knows what the coming conciliate abide for us. Tnear is constantly the accident for reform wnear ethnicality conciliate realise that they are in guide of their end and don't accept to conshape to ethnical natures inclination to try and annihilate itself. For those whoa re fans of experience romance it may be notorious that Earth is either depicted as a earth in difficulty, after a while a catholic population and lots of contamination enjoy in such movies as Blade Runner and others. The other aspect of this aim is seen in such programs as Star Trek wnear ethnicality has been dim after a while the cogitation that they are not peculiar in the earth. The program depicts a very-much delayed cultivation that has broke unreserved from the corruptive shekels of specie and governmental administration. When course realise that tnear is solely one family on Earth and that is the Ethnical Family then they conciliate be effectual to get adesire ameliorate. Specie as-well presents a substance, that's not to say it should be abolished and communism should charm superintendent consequently it has been paraden duration and duration anew that it cannot toil in today's earth. I consider the best fiction to do is push on after a while entity doing the best you can to frame society exact a bit easier for yourself and others about. If you can do that I am assured that incessantlyyfiction conciliate decline into assign and manner itself out.