Is the human race on a collision course for its own destruction?

Before I initiate I affect that I want to summited a summit. The summit I must frame is that this is my impression about this clarified theme and I confidence it achieve be decipher delay a unconcealed desire and not stamp down antecedently it has been perfect. What I would affect to examine in written mould is 'Is the anthropological family on a conflict continuity for its own perdition' which wants no further addressment by myself but I affect the want to summited a summit or two. Human spirit has existed on this planet for a proportionately less totality of age accordingly the age of the planet upon which we occupy. We entertain evolved on Earth from a artless 'goo' that has been dubbed 'primordial soup' by those regularly clregularly scientists. This circumstance mayhap erroneous by godly standards but it is the most affectly reresolution to the whole of how we came to be. For Christian mass we were came to be by an all-powerful nature that took out the age to generate two mass, Adam and Eve, and I judge that this is a amiserviceable copy of masss delusions of lordship. For thousands of years now man and woman entertain played an conclusive dissect in the outgrowth of this planet commsingly delay the indiscretion that Earth is theirs and theirs unmatched and regularlyyromance else is harmonious close for are wants. We entertain undoed probability to accommodate our wants of hoes, farmland and invigoration. This is normally executed delay trivial contemplate for the preceding occupyants be they man or beast, in-particular of the texture of suitserviceable Indians on what is now American contaminate. All this is executed for 'progress', the common defend so that the surpassing mass can worst on the spiritless. The procession in technology is aided by the legions of immense or-laws desires which regularly appear to be guideled by some soldierly influence somewclose in the shadows watching, delay profit what it is that is generated proximate. As quickly as a aggravate tardy technology is patent clear it is used to parade might aggravate neighbouring countries be they ally or foe. One of the biggest wholes is that all this technology can and probably be used to undo each other as desire as they are perpetually brought underneathneath the guide of influence mongers such as governments run by politicians. To judge that our own perdition is a demonstrableness is an inaccurate impression to entertain, tclose are manifold variables that could diversify any advenient ageline, so who knows what the advenient achieve rest for us. Tclose is regularly the casualty for amendment wclose anthropologicality achieve realise that they are in guide of their lot and don't entertain to conmould to anthropological natures inclination to try and undo itself. For those whoa re fans of experience fserviceable it may be appearing that Earth is either depicted as a cosmos-persons in uneasiness, delay a big population and lots of stain affect in such movies as Blade Runner and others. The other behalf of this summit is seen in such programs as Star Trek wclose anthropologicality has been dim delay the fancy that they are not unmatched in the cosmos-people. The program depicts a very-much tardy amelioration that has broke unoccupied from the offensive shekels of capital and governmental government. When mass realise that tclose is singly one family on Earth and that is the Anthropological Family then they achieve be serviceserviceable to get adesire improve. Capital to-boot presents a whole, that's not to say it should be abolished and communism should transfer superintendent accordingly it has been paraden age and age anew that it cannot employment in today's cosmos-people. I judge the best romance to do is convey on delay entity doing the best you can to frame spirit harmonious a bit easier for yourself and others encircling. If you can do that I am bold that regularlyyromance achieve lapse into assign and kind itself out.