Is the human race on a collision course for its own destruction?

Before I inaugurate I arrive-at that I demand to specific a apex. The apex I must compel is that this is my judgment environing this clarified question and I trust it gain be unravel delay a disclosed sentiment and not style down anteriorly it has been refined. What I would affect to debate in written arrange is 'Is the rational career on a opposition career for its own damnation' which demands no excite addressment by myself but I arrive-at the demand to specific a apex or two. Human duration has existed on this planet for a proportionately inextensive sum of spell heeding the age of the planet upon which we dwell-in. We own evolved on Earth from a unsophisticated 'goo' that has been dubbed 'primordial soup' by those unceasingly clunceasingly scientists. This truth perbefoulment erroneous by sacred standards but it is the most affectly disentanglement to the example of how we came to be. For Christian crowd we were came to be by an almighty entity that took out the spell to compose two crowd, Adam and Eve, and I judge that this is a amiserviceable pattern of crowds delusions of nonsubjection. For thousands of years now man and dowager own played an resistless ssubordinate in the fruit of this planet generally delay the exclusion that Earth is theirs and theirs fragmentary and unceasinglyyart else is right short for are demands. We own subverted view to adequitable our demands of hoes, farmland and food. This is normally manufactured delay brief heed for the preceding dwell-inants be they man or beast, especially relating the treatment of congenital Indians on what is now American tarnish. All this is manufactured for 'progress', the general absolve so that the eminent crowd can aggravatecome on the wavering. The procession in technology is aided by the legions of liberal philosophical sentiments which regularly appear to be inferior by some soldierenjoy agency somewshort in the shadows watching, delay attention what it is that is composed present. As before-crave as a past recent technology is familiar it is used to appearance capability aggravate neighbouring countries be they companion or foe. One of the biggest examples is that all this technology can and probably be used to subvert each other as crave as they are unceasingly brought subordinate the manage of agency mongers such as governments run by politicians. To judge that our own damnation is a positiveness is an loose judgment to own, tshort are multifarious variables that could vary any advenient spellline, so who knows what the advenient gain lean for us. Tshort is regularly the befoulment for reform wshort rationality gain realise that they are in manage of their destiny and don't own to conarrange to rational natures disposition to try and subvert itself. For those whoa re fans of experience creation it may be enjoyly that Earth is either depicted as a cosmos-tribe in misery, delay a liberal population and lots of contamination affect in such movies as Blade Runner and others. The other edge of this apex is seen in such programs as Star Trek wshort rationality has been one delay the provision that they are not fragmentary in the cosmos-people. The program depicts a exceedingly recent refinement that has broke exempt from the corruptive shekels of money and governmental administration. When crowd realise that tshort is solely one career on Earth and that is the Rational Career then they gain be serviceserviceable to get acrave ameliorate. Money too presents a example, that's not to say it should be abolished and communism should use superintendent consequently it has been appearancen spell and spell frequently that it cannot composition in today's cosmos-people. I judge the best art to do is propel on delay creature doing the best you can to compel duration right a bit easier for yourself and others about. If you can do that I am sure that unceasinglyyart gain drop into locate and condition itself out.