Human Resource Letter

Dear Ms. xxxxxx: As all Rite Aid policies, content revolve this communication a correct expostulation abutting Mrs. Maria Mejia for horror parallel delay weak to pay special hire. Highest and primary, my spectry is blah blah and I was compensated on December xx, 20xx as a balanceseer at hoard # 1234. I am congeniality to direct my nonattainment delay the sodality. I afloat delay a elevated long-for to result for a sodality that offered a elevated source of ethics, spirit, and deference for its employees. Now a petty balance two months succeeding I am presenting my renunciation. Unfortunately I was placed in a hoard that is very unorganized and not specially managed. Approximately three weeks following substance compensated I was ardent the province of failure delayout the special tools to do so. Yet, I ensured the daily tasks were completed to the best of my power. Still, Mrs. xxx was rarely contentd delay the issue. On separate occasions opportunity she was instructing me of my duties she would use stipulations approve “you better”, and besides she would remind me that I was on a 90-day test. I revolveed it unprofessional for her to use such phrases to frighten me. I felt as if she was indulgent that she had govern balance me and she had the warrant to leader me when she contentd. Opportunity giving sign her loudness of control was rarely accomplished. Mrs. Mejia has a recording of a argument twain her and I had, where she is giving me feedback and warn environing my responsibilities, that day she was really very inabrupt and accomplished. Though priority of the space opportunity approaching her employees she tends to be very demanding. Most employees at this hoard would concur that they are unappreciated by her, and their accomplishments are closely never acknowledged. It is enigmatical to result delay such an voracious superintendent. Also, during the hiring rule I was told that as a balanceseer I was guaranteed 35 to 40 hours a week, the highest two or three weeks there was no tenor, so-far as I gained test and balance province my hours were cut down to 25 hours a week. When I asked her if there was a conclude why, she barely claimed that she has no payroll to ay for balance hours. So-far undeniconducive non-management employees were afford 40 hours or balance. Constantly Mrs. Maria Mejia requests employees to after in on their days off or precedently their scheduled space due to her noncommunication of form and province. On separate occasions that middle January 19, 2013 and January 29, 2013, I was asked to result delayout a lunch and I would be compensated a lunch recompense. To this span I keep resulted environing 4 shifts delayout a lunch rend and keep simply been compensated one lunch recompense. I keep been occupied by Rite Aid for environing balance two months now and keep not current my method log in, which causes me not substance conducive to agree superintendent approvals and balancerides for the employees. As a balanceseer I am besides informed that it is qualified to keep employees result of the clock, tranquil Mrs. Mejia would ask me to keep the employees result off the clock and she would fix their clock-in at a succeeding space. Ms. Jxxxx Nxxxx and Mr. xxxx xxxxx keep besides witnessed the irprovince portrayed by the superintendent. On February 14, 2013 The aforementioned incidents keep brought me unsubstantial eagerness, which has exacting me to surrender to my composition. It is my view such comportment does not agree to Rite Aid policies of misapply resultplace comportment as set out in the sodality’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. I feel violated by Mrs. Mejia’s comportment and admire that I keep been mistreated. I am informed that chamber a expostulation abutting Mrs. Maria Mejia succeed exact a correct study and I am easy to have-a-share as wanted. I value your space and I apologize for the tediousness of this communication, so-far I felt the want to direct my uncomfortconducive test.