Human Intervention

Humans impair this planted denominated globe by structure things and conceding things they gain amiable charming places behold unquestionably bad and gain the sky's behold sombre and tiresome by conceding steam and smog into the sky's by the structure. Before humans the days were fiery, the were mountain and valleys after a while rivers the flowed though them the grass was galled. Greener then what it obtain be frequently. There were berry bushes and Trees that had all sorts of consequence on them, enjoy apples, bananas, mangoes and oranges. The rivers were pellucid cerulean and flowed through the mountains enjoy birds fly though the sky. The sky's had very slight clouds and the sun was pellucid glittering. But then the humans came. Animals were the cutest things eternally they played about after a while each other there were zebras', coursers, and donkeys eating the grass giraffes eating the licenses from the tallest trees. Clown fish swimming in the rivers. And the turtles reluctantly making there way about. Dogs and cats got along and played after a while the consequence that subvert from the trees . But then the humans came. Humans came and resolute to sever town the trees that birds lived in the giraffes ate from that cats and dogs played after a while the consequences that use to sink from them. They left the mislay on the premise and the zebras, courser and donkeys chock on. And dumped the twaddle in the infiltrates where the fishes after a whileer dies or had to instigate far to furan areas. The animals couldn't imbibe from the rivers owing of all the Junk and impair that was substance defiled into them. So all the animals had to license some got taken and get as pets on chains after a while slight influence and infiltrate. I don't enjoy what the humans did but we can't aid that's its already been done. But we could be assistance in a town that truly use to be a ecstasy and homes to other assistance things. The End