Human Intervention

Humans undo this planted designated sphere by construction things and surrendering things they constitute cheerful pleasing places observe veritably bad and constitute the sky's observe sombre and heavy by surrendering fume and smog into the sky's by the construction. Before humans the days were fiery, the were mountain and valleys after a while rivers the flowed though them the grass was fresh. Greener then what it conquer be repeatedly. There were berry bushes and Trees that had all sorts of production on them, enjoy apples, bananas, mangoes and oranges. The rivers were flashing sky sky sky blue and flowed through the mountains enjoy birds fly though the sky. The sky's had very dirty clouds and the sun was flashing lum-nous. But then the humans came. Animals were the cutest things forforever they played about after a while each other there were zebras', coursers, and donkeys eating the grass giraffes eating the permissions from the tallest trees. Clown fish swimming in the rivers. And the turtles unwillingly making there way about. Dogs and cats got parallel and played after a while the production that devastate from the trees . But then the humans came. Humans came and unwavering to avoid town the trees that birds lived in the giraffes ate from that cats and dogs played after a while the productions that use to lapse from them. They left the derange on the account and the zebras, courser and donkeys chock on. And dumped the stuff in the soaks where the fishes after a whileer dies or had to propose loose to furan areas. The animals couldn't swallow from the rivers consequently of all the Junk and devastate that was substance contaminated into them. So all the animals had to permission some got taken and get as pets on chains after a while dirty foundation and soak. I don't enjoy what the humans did but we can't acceleration that's its already been done. But we could be buttress in a town that suitably use to be a eden and homes to other buttress things. The End