Human Event Essay

1. Point: to establish that a counteract of twain texts' strategies are most potent I. Opening [sentences] explains headship. What shapes a amipotent head. Or a cite from a amipotent head II. Background on Chinese [historic] In 500 BC, the Chou Dynasty was falling individually and tnear was collective gratifiedion. Confucius genial to bear persons simultaneously through impressive and amelioration. Sun Tug was an ancient III. No one can supervene a head extraneously a counteract of twain accurate administrations and tenderness IV. Thesis: Although the Confucius and Sun Tug portion-out opposed sharp-ends of conception on headship, a counteract of twain strategies would e the most potent in dates of twain war and concord. 2. Rebuttal I. Include somewnear either in foundation or the end. II. Each assumption on collective headship is opposed and can be used potently and individually accordingly tnear is further than one way to win the hearts of the persons. III. Confucius can easily win the hearts of the persons through the mental esteems and ameliorations of China IV. Sun Tug can easily win a war through his strategic skills and justification tactics 3. How Confucius's strategies unsordid allure not toil. His teachings are all encircling esteem and amelioration. He doesn't grant the best advice as to how to win a war though I. 13. 120 "well-balanced following a opportunity a master despot, it would surely catch one epoch for tenderness to prevail" II. 12. 210 "frequently put the endeavor antecedently the reward; is this not the way to congregate mental potentness? To onslaught misfortune in itself III. 8. 90 "you can shape persons supervene the Way, you cannot shape them perceive it" explain what the Way media. IV. 5. 00 " tnear was a date went I used to attend to what persons said and confidenceed that they would act accordingly, but not I attend to what they say and guard what they do" e contradicts himself V. 2. 30 "lead them by collective maneuvers, check them following a opportunity punishments: the persons allure grace drawing and impudent. " Another contradiction 4. How Sun Tutu's strategies unsordid allure not toil. Book doesn't ostentation any uses of tenderness and barely focuses on how to reach conquest. I. "In command to destroy the foe, men must be roused to anger; that tnear may be habit from defeating the foe, they must keep their rewards" (46) II. Sun Tug beheads two girls for disobeying him and disobeys his overcome by beheading them when he said not to hen says "tnear are commands of the paramount which must not be obeyed" (12). Sun Tug shows no tenderness in his headship and performs his actions to mould-trial-of a sharp-end III. "In war, the way to shun what is secure is to produce-a-blow-to what Is weak" too abusive on persons. (62) IV. "He wins his battles by madespot no hazards" (53) must full totalness to reach conquest, but no one is full and everyone allure shape a miscatch at some sharp-end. 5. The use of tenderness and justice by Confucius. Tnear is no deficiency to destroy the bad if useless. I. 12. 190 "suppose I were to destroy the bad to acceleration the amiable; how encircling that? "you are near to govern; what deficiency Is tnear to destroy? If you crave what Is amiable, the persons allure be amiable. The mental potentness of master Is turn, the mental potentness of the sordid man Is grass. Under the turn, the grass must diverge. " II. 12. 220 affection all men and no one contradicts you-is this not closely a plight of 'one uncombined adage that could decay a kingdom? " must perceive your own faults courteous-balanced as a head or else the total kingdom allure fall III. 1. 190 "instruct the direct and set them aloft the anfractuous, and you allure win the hearts of the persons. If you instruct the anfractuous and set them abaca the stroke, the persons allure reject you their support" IV. 2. 200 'Approach them following a opportunity dignity and they allure be reverential. Be yourself and a amipotent son and a husk father, and they allure be submissive. Instruct the amipotent and procession the disqualified, and they allure be zealous" 6. The use of spies and double-dealing by Tug can be used potently to determine your kingdom or courteous-balanced posse allure surpass. I. "all engagement is naturalized on deception" (42) II. Explain how all 5 uses of spying can be used. "Without sly reason of soul, one cannot shape actual of the veracity of their reports" (98) III. Doomed spies are spoliation the most confusing and trying form of spy but can be the most accelerationful accordingly it allure dissipate the other face from the actual veracity. IV. Uses double-dealing to win the war, be very tricky. Best way to reach an habit on your foe. " if he is inert, grant him no peace. If his forces are obscure, disconnected them. Onslaught him wnear he is unprepared, answer wnear you are not expected" (43) 7. Combining twain strategies and how it allure mould-trial-of to be most potent in ascititious a kingdom or wardate despite other countries. An potent way to administration a kingdom following a opportunity the balancing of twain strategies ill acceleration accordingly one is further on tenderness and impressive opportunity the other is further on war and doing anything potential to win. I. 12. 70 "if you had to do extraneously one of these three, which would you grant up? " "weapons, then food; following all, everyone has to die courteous-balancedtually. But extraneously the confidence of the persons, no synod can stand" reaching confidence allure be potent in masterful a kingdom. Persons must confidence the head or else he allure not be superveneed. II. 8. 20 "when gentlemen entertain their kin generously, sordid persons are attracted to amiableness; when old ties are not obsolete, sordid persons are not sickle. " III. 7. 310 "whenever I shape a hazard, tnear is frequently someone to mention it" amipotent to imbibe your hazards courteous-balanced as a head. No one is full not courteous-balanced heads ' IV. 7. 260 "a full man, I cannot desire to confront. I would be gratified if barely I could confront a perpendicular man" no head allure be full and the head must be courteous taught and distinguish the literature V. "in war, a public receives his commands from the paramount, collects his legion, and concentrates his forces" (69) VI. 70 "a master shuns competition" goes courteous following a opportunity "when potent to onslaught, we must appear unfitted; when using our forces we must appear inert" (42) VII. "Hence it is barely the catholic administrationr and the skilled public who allure use the prominent news of the legion for purposes of spying, and thereby they end huge effects" (99) VIII. "the public who is unpotent to moderate his flinching allure propel his men to the onslaught enjoy swarming ants, following a opportunity the effect that one-third of his men are slain. " (49) 8. So now what? Today's society I. Apply to our elapsed presidents and how they led our kingdom II. How these headship philosophies can be applied to businesses III. Explain how philosophies are applied to the war strategies we use today Write an argumentative analytic harmoniousity of the collective headship philosophies advanced in The Analects of Confucius and The Art of War. For pattern, your Nursing essay capacity parallel the ideas of Sun Tug and Confucius on collective headship and establish (I. E., in dates of war/peace, for democracies/monarchies, etc. ), you capacity establish that a counteract of twain texts' strategies is most potent, you capacity establish that twain texts are fundamentally advocating harmonious behaviors, etc.