Exam 1 human resource management

1. According to the fair to seclusion, practiceers can keep-secret the structure of the job antecedently hiring an practiceee. 2. The concept of "ethnical wealth address" implies that practiceees are commercial, amply replaced property that must be administerd feign any other material asset. 3.  Currently, no federal laws delineation how to use practiceee databases in regulate to fortify practiceees' seclusion measureliness also consultation practiceers' and society's concerns for safety. 4.  The role of an HR openist is scant to relief and segregation. 5. Which of the aftercited is NOT a inevitoperative condition of ethnical wealths? A. Ethnical wealths are estimable. B. Ethnical wealths are not imitable. C. Ethnical wealths are amply retainable. D. Ethnical wealths enjoy no amioperative depute. 6. Why has the job deviate shifted to broadly defined jobs? A. Emphasis on reversal and condition B. Demand for low useful resulters C. Increased convergence on simplifying jobs D. Lack of competition 7.  Job pur-pose is: A.  the regularity of defining the way result achieve be produced and the tasks that a absorbed job requires. B. the regularity of getting minute instruction environing jobs. C.  the regularity by which the structure attempts to confirm eligible practiceees. D.  the prepared endeavor to qualify practiceees to attain job-related familiarity, skills, and manner. 8. Organizational outgrowth and modify are areas where HR professionals openly illustrate singly a stayed role. 9. As a mark of wealth, ethnical cardinal refers to: A. the compensation, profits, and other costs incurred in stay of HR functions among an structure. B.  buttresser power among an structure. C. the tax-deferred appraise of an practiceee's 401(k) drawing. D. practiceee characteristics that add economic appraise to the structure. 10. According to the Gallup view, which bearing of their jobs is most resulters amply amioperative delay? A.  Health prophylactic profits B.  Retirement drawings C.  Relations delay coworkers D.  Totality of capital earned 11.  The Bureau of Strive Statistics estimates that environing one-tenth of assiduous living-souls result in resource pursuit arrangements. 12. The U. S. resultforce is predicted to befit over various in stipulations of ethnicity and racial elucidation. 13.  An HRIS can be used to fulfil largely all of the aftercited EXCEPT: | A.stay strategic decision-making. B.  quit litigation. C. evaluate programs and policies. D. motivate practiceees. 14. When an structure belowneathtakes a finished reconsideration of its main result regularityes to procure-about them over fruitful and to be operative to give eminent condition, it is winning in: A. outsourcing. B. high-performance result rule pur-pose. C.  completion condition address. D.  reengineering. 15. What chattels has the use of practiceee empowerment had upon recruiting? | A. It has created an interdiplomatic strive traffic. B. It has in-fact enhanced pursuit opportunities for women and minorities. C.  It has shifted the convergence loose from technical skills to open percipient and interpersonal skills. D. It has significantly moderate recruiting costs. 16. How does e-HRM feign the dissection and pur-pose of result? A. Online simulations, including proofs and e-mail, can mete job candidates' power to trade delay real-life occupation challenges. B.  Employees can reconsideration compensation and douceur instruction and attempt instruction environing and incorporate in profit drawings. C. Employees in geographically unsparingly locations can result conjointly in introdden teams using video, e-mail, and the Internet. D. Online attaining can procure trailing to practiceees anywhere, anytime. 17. Privacy, as an main end in e-HRM, dominion best be addressed by which one of the aftercited technologies? A. A website B. An intranet C.  A high-performance result rule D. A shared advantage center 18. When two companies connect forces and befit one substance, it is termed a: A. society. B. coalition. C. merger. D. connectt hazard. 19.  Independent contractors are: A.  substances who result for an structure singly when they are needed. B.  self-assiduous living-souls delay multiple clients. C. assiduous by a partial performance. D. assiduous instantly by a concourse for a specific measure. 20. Which one of the aftercited technologies lets a concourse schism measure on a introdden computer rule and use the rule's software to administer its HR activities, including safety and upgrades? A. Application advantage providers B. Internet portals C. Shared advantage centers D.  Occupation intelligence 21. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to all structures that practice 20 or over substances resulting 20 or over weeks a year and that are implicated in interparticularize trade. 22.  The Civil Rights Act of 1991: A.  limits detriment claims to past profits and attorney's fees and costs. B.  requires violators to pay corrective detriments that overspread melting indisposition and denial. C. requires violators to pay remedial detriments, an totality further explicit missing. D. limits the consummation corrective detriments known, depending on the greatness of the structure. 23. The EEOC is NOT the enforcement performance for the: A. Age Distinction in Pursuit Act of 1967. B.  Rehabilitation Act of 1973. C. Equal Pay Act of 1963. D. Americans delay Disabilities Act of 1990. 24. Which legislative/regulatory exercises are belowneathneath the trodden moderate of the President? A.  Constitutional amendments B.  Judicial decisions C. Legislation D. Supporter regulates 25. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits practiceers from conscious athwart living-souls grounded on all of the aftercited EXCEPT: A. age. B. course. C.  faith. D.  general cause. 26. Underneath the different collision, the accuser must proof that the practiceer contrived to divide. 27.  Which of the aftercited cases would most feignly be question to a lawsuit smoothd belowneathneath the different texture hypothesis of distinction? A. A assembly of females is laid off due to a downturn in occupation. B. Sombre petitioners are substance disproportionately uncommon on the cause of a psychical proof. C. A sombre petitioner is pungent down for a job grounded on handwriting dissection. D. A mother delay school-aged posterity is uncommon on the selfreliance that she achieve frequently be absent from result. 28.  An peculiar craving to smooth a murmur delay the EEOC or a congruous particularize performance must smooth the murmur among _____ days of the orderly. A. | 30| B. | 60|  C. | 90| D. | 180| 29. The three basic components of an plain exercise drawing comprise all of the aftercited EXCEPT: A. utilization dissection. B.  metement tools. C.  goals and measuretables. D. exercise steps. 30.  When an peculiar is promised a dogmatic remainder for inferiority to sex, or threatened delay a privative remainder for demand to suggest to sex, this is referred to as: A. different texture. B. different collision. C. contrariety distinction. D.  quid pro quo harassment.