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|Ricsevere Ivey School of Stuff The University of Western Ontario | | 9B12M007 SCRUMS, SPRINTS, SPIKES AND POKER: AGILITY IN A BULGARIAN SOFTWARE COMPANY Lucia F. Miree and John E. Galletly wrote this circumstance mebelieve to cater esthetic for statedityatize argument. The authors do not denote to elucicontinuance either agencyful or inpowerful handling of a husbandrial establish. The authors may impress disguised real calls and other identifying notification to secure confidentiality. Ricsevere Ivey School of Stuff Foundation prohibits any create of multifariousness, storage or transmission flourishing a opportunityout its written leave. Multifariousness of this esthetic is not practised subordinate authorization by any multifariousness fits construction. To prescribe copies or supplicate leave to genereprimand esthetics, contiguity Ivey Publishing, Ricsevere Ivey School of Stuff Foundation, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7; phone (519) 661-3208; fax (519) 661-3882; e-mail [email protected] uwo. ca. Copyfit © 2012, Ricsevere Ivey School of Stuff FoundationVersion: 2012-03-12 Svetozar Georgiev, co-main ruler husbandr (CEO) of software sodality Telerik, perfect connection on his urbane blog for the coming; he was afloat on the viral negotiateing of Telerik’s new and upcoming results. As Georgiev looked up, he noticed that the team delay whom he distributed an recognizen result meafast was having its coming convocation, a so-designated “scrum” to cater each other delay updates on their result and to column items for argument on the “scrum consultation. ” These pigmy daily convocations were segregate of walk for artifice teams at Telerik at the sodality’s headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, as polite as in its employments in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the United States and Canada. In 2011, Telerik was one of the earth’s top caterrs of user intercountenance (UI) curbs for the Microsoft . NET Frameresult and was a immanent vendor of ASP. NET AJAX, ASP. NET MVC, Silverlight, WinForms and WPF curbs and rudiments, as polite as . NET Reporting, . NET ORM, . NET CMS, Principle Analysis, TFS and software-testing machines. Telerik was a puerile, retiredly-held sodality that had won abundant awards for its results, employments and construction, and had exposed to be a main player in the global software negotiate delay aggravate 400 employees in nine locations on three continents. Telerik was recognizen not simply for its praiseworthy results but to-boot for its constructional artifice and superintendence throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It to-boot was regarded an “mistress of precious” in the software negotiate in Bulgaria. Telerik’s results were exposed delay new nimble fruit and superintendence techniques, and the constructional customs, including those cognate to ethnical main (the tidings used at Telerik) heeded the nimble superintendence philosophy of recognizen message, entitlement, delegation and teamwork. The sodality prided itself on its disappointing-edge, customer-focused results and on hiring simply the best employees. The sodality’s baseers were wandering encircling the augmentation of Telerik and its unroving chronicles. They knew Telerik’s victory was naturalized upon its wayes but wondered how they could survive victoryful and innovative as the sodality continued to dilate. Page 29B12M007 SOFTWARE IN BULGARIA The software-engineering assiduity was a urgeyly growing section of the notification technology (IT) assiduity and Bulgaria had grace an locomotive player in the earthbroad emulation. The urgey fruit and dissemination of notorious and restricted results and employments in the software-engineering assiduity had been luxuriant by the geographical flexibility of companies and employees, the proportionately low barriers to initiation for companies into the assiduity and the minimal regulatory curbs aggravate the assiduity. Companies in Bulgaria were disembodimentual melting towards the proportionately recognizen superintendence diction base in most Western companies since the lapse of communism in 1990 had introduced detached-negotiate mainism to the state. With its initiation into the European Union in 2007 and the deficiencyful regulatory and structural transmutes required for distributenership, Bulgaria had upgraded its educational programs in abundant opportunitys and luxuriant the fruit of retired companies in the software opportunity. The state had exposed an infraconstruction that interposed maintenance for entrepreneurial endeavours and notorious stuff fruit and augmentation delay straightforward council funding and the facilitation of extraneous cannonade. 1 The amiables of these transmutes were segregateicularly obvious in the software assiduity in Bulgaria and Telerik was one issue of a victoryful and growing software sodality. Bulgaria had exposed a potent and unroving chronicles in the software assiduity and abundant Bulgarian companies presented a broad class of IT employments including notification stateditys, netresult guard employments and elucidations, e-stuff and wireless impressions, geographic notification stateditys (GIS), gaming elucidations, web artifice, adequate stuff-to- stuff elucidations, embedded software, computer-aided artifice (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and multimedia results. Some of the main software companies located in Bulgaria, in restitution to Telerik, interposed CSC, SAP, Netage, Axway, WMWare, Software AG, and Nemetschek. The state had grace settlement to a enumereprimand of innovative and urgeyly dilateing software companies, and Telerik was regarded to be one of its main victory stories. THE HISTORY OF TELERIK The Telerik relation afloat in 2002, when disgusting new university graduates — Svetozar Georgiev, Vassil Terziev, Boyko Iaramov and Hristo Kosev — stated their own software fruit stuff in Sofia. They unwavering that their stuff would be naturalized on eliminateing inferential, customizable UI rudiments for the newly introduced Microsoft ASP. NET Framework. Such rudiments were amply combined into a client’s impression, adding relief of use and sophistication flourishing a opportunityout requiring the client to impress any fruit expertise. The primal rudiments were a victory delay clients and Telerik began to bring-encircling a call for itself. In 2005, the sodality floating its earliest Microsoft Gold Partner certification and afloat Sitefinity, its satisfieded- superintendence statedity for websites. The earliest Telerik-sponsored interdiplomatic software fruit convocation, DevReach, was held in 2006 in Sofia. In restitution, Telerik recognizened its new urbane headquarters in Sofia in 2007 and introduced three new result courses (WPF, Silverlight, and . NET ORM) in 2008. Later in 2008, the sodality recognizened a new employment in Munich, Germany, through its compensation of the sodality Vanatec and its ORM results. After receiving funds from the experiment main sboard Summit Partners, Telerik to-boot recognizened an employment in Houston, Texas in 2008 in prescribe to courseage its eliminateer evangeregister team and cater eliminateer-raze technical maintenance for customers. In 2010, Telerik merged 1 www. investbulgaria. com/BulgarianEconomicGrowth. php, accessed February 8, 2012. Page 39B12M007 delay the software sodality ArtOfTest Inc. , bringing a new result course of automated testing machines into the sodality portfolio of results and resulting in the literature of a Telerik employment in Austin, Texas. It to-boot recognizened its American headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts in the corresponding year. The sodality went on to confirm the team resultivity result course and introduced its TeamPulse results through its newly stated experiment delay Imaginet Instrument in Winnipeg, Canada in 2010. In January 2011, Telerik announced its compensation of Mallsoft, a immanent eliminateer of e-commerce shopping-card technologies located in San Diego, California; Mallsoft polite-balancedtually became segregate of the Sitefinity CMS team. Telerik to-boot recognizened its own grafting adroitness, the Telerik Academy, where it presented a abnormity of software grafting for floating and germinative employees. Telerik’s resultforce grew as promptly as its victory. Following starting in 2002 delay five employees (disgusting baseers and one other employee), the sodality grew to 47 employees in 2005 and jumped to 76 in 2006, delay the restitution of its earliest employee flourishing a opportunityout of Bulgaria. By 2007, Telerik had 130 employees earthbroad and by 2009, the sodality had 220 employees, delay 200 in Bulgaria. By mid-2011, the sodality had 360 employees in Bulgaria delay an restitutional 70 employees in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Gerabundant and Canada. The augmentation of Telerik and its tall-kind results garnered bar stuff and assiduity awards, exciteing the sodality’s chronicles. Telerik was to-boot certain as nature a immanent eliminateer of Microsoft-naturalized results, earning Microsoft’s gold certification. These awards were not mebelieve for the sodality’s results. Telerik had been fond bar accolades for its superintendence customs by immanent interdiplomatic consulting companies (see Exhibit 1). As the sodality’s chronicles grew, Telerik displayed its start in the opportunity by hosting its annual interdiplomatic convocation, DevReach, for software eliminateers. This convocation had been promoted as the premier eliminateer convocation on Microsoft technologies in Central and Eastern Europe, and had been statedly luxuriant by curbers in the assiduity from the tract-of-land and from all aggravate the earth. Telerik continued to eliminate tall-kind results and to husband its sodality in innovative ways. In 2011, the disgusting baseers of Telerik interposed the sodality’s top superintendence team. Georgiev and Terziev were co-CEOs; Iaramov was main notification husbandr (CIO) and Kosev was main technology husbandr (CTO). Telerik had aggravate 40 artifice teams in exercise in June 2011. The settlement employment of Telerik was in Sofia, where most of the sodality’s software eliminateers were naturalized. By 2012, Telerik was globally certain as a immanent vendor of a broad class of software results and impressions (its curbs portfolio alone, for issue, enumerateed aggravate 160 results). Over 100,000 constructions in 94 countries used Telerik’s results, including companies such as Nokia, Toyota, Reuters and Boeing, as polite as some of the earth’s immanent educational and non-profit constructions, including NASA, the Earth Bank and Harvard University. 2 THE TELERIK WORK ENVIRONMENT Telerik had exposed a result environment that luxuriant its superintendence philosophy and software fruit wayes. It was nimble in technical, constructional and tangible artifice, and was artificeed to promote message and fit teamwork. The initiation hallway to its new, broad and crystalline 2 www. telerik. com/company. aspx, accessed March 8, 2012. Page 49B12M007 urbane headquarters in Sofia was robed delay the urbane call and logo (“Deliver Excite Than Expected”) and the bar awards that the sodality had won coursed the corridors. Employees resulted in recognizen measures delay clustered resultspaces and disunited areas for teamresult and coming scrums. Since all result delayin Telerik was effected in teams, including ethnical main3 and negotiateing, the meafast heeded the wayes used delayin the sodality. In restitution to recognizen teamresult employment areas, sodality convocation capacitys and colloquy areas, Telerik caterd an employee cafeteria and convenience capacity delay a ping-pong board, employment area and a soothe measure. The sphere at Telerik was loose, lithe and recognizen, and there were no set result hours at the sodality. Vestments was loose and employees retiring from sodality football team custom could be seen in their lusty garb, opportunity others, such as the baseers and expressive husbandrs, wore sandals, deficients and t-shirts. There were no expressive superintendence employments at Telerik. Instead, expressive husbandrs resulted delayin the recognizen team areas. The two co-CEOs had resultspaces delayin divergent team areas and rotated unarranged teams bountiful six to nine months; consequently, opportunity not straightforwardly compromised in the software fruit teams, the CEOs were exhibit, beneficial and compendiously informed encircling sodality artifices through their frontcourse influence. PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES OF TELERIK Telerik primally built its expertise and uncollected chronicles by eliminateing graphical UI rudiments for Microsoft . NET Frameresult impressions. These UI rudiments, such as customizable calendars, charts, gauges, etc. ere inquiryable harbor artifacts that could be promptly and amply combined into a client’s impression, and recognizen a tall-flavoreder user experiment, whether the impression was for a standalone disjoined computer (PC) or a web-naturalized network. Telerik had exposed a class of rudiments that could be “plugged” into clients’ impressions, thus increasing resultivity for clients by cautionful them interval and endeavor in eliminateing the curbs themselves. Telerik continued to dislow its rudiment portfolio to conceive the ending emerging technologies as introduced delayin the . NET Framework, and to eliminate excite multifarious and inquiryable impressions and rudiments for customers (see Exhibits 2 and 3). Briefly, the associated . NET technologies that Telerik had exposed curbs for were: ASP. NET AJAX: A clump of intercognate web-fruit technologies (chiefly naturalized on JavaScript and XML) for web browsers that recognizen incontemporaneous vary of webpage satisfiededed among web servers and browsers. Windows Forms: The ancient, graphical user intercountenance for the Windows desktop. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): Technology used for the fruit f tall-flavored, direct-generation graphical user interfaces for desktop PCs, maintenanceing impressions that required portions such as two- dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, vector graphics, alertness, audio and video. Silverlight: A web-naturalized subset of WPF that consisted of a programmable web browser plug-in that recognizen the fruit of so-designated tall-flavored internet impressions (RIAs); Silverlight to-boot encompassed 3 Tidings used by Telerik for ethnical instrument. Page 59B12M007 Internet impressions characterized by portions such as urge and graphical interfaces normally associated delay desktop impressions. Telerik has to-boot afloat to vary and dislow its result class portfolio detached from its “bread and butter” . NET UI rudiments, but quiet naturalized these correlative result suites in the . NET Framework. Some of these new results interposed: .NET Reporting: A lightweight reverberationing elucidation for . NET outdo, web and desktop platforms that recognizen eliminateers to amply embed and re-use interlocomotive reverberations and caterd stuff users delay the force to inspect and search facts and ship-result reverberations to Microsoft Employment Word and Excel for excite dissection. Sitefinity: A web CMS that recognizen customers to weaken the interval required to result and husband compendious websites, portals and intranets. .NET ORM: A software machine that recognizen customers’ impressions to map transmitted psychical factsbase satisfiededs to the new object-oriented create and fault versa. TeamPulse: A set of eliminateer and team resultivity machines. Test Studio: A load of automated testing machines. Telerik continued to eliminate new results through its innovative team way and denoteed to survive unarranged the top caterrs of . NET results earthwide. AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Agile software fruit was a proportionately new adit to software engineering and it was nature used by an increasing enumereprimand of software fruit companies. Telerik had realized that this adit could curb to utilitys such as increased resultivity, increased result kind, increased eliminateer and customer atonement, increased sympatheticness to transmute and accustomed present of result negotiativeity. An assiduity reverberation resultd by Gartner Research in 2010 predicted that by 2012, “nimble fruit modes procure be utilized in 80 per cent of all software fruit artifices. ” 4 Prior to nimble fruit, the transmitted adites that were used for software fruit could be statedityatizeed as “heavyweight. ” That is to say, the bountiful fruit way was prepared in point precedently any fruit afloat; simply a patent clear result was surrendered, delay no incremental present. Fruit journeyed victoryively through a enumereprimand of phases that made customer supplicates for transmutes in software negotiativeity darken to adjudicate. There was scant customer involvement in the fruit way and the bountiful way was “heavy” in tidingss of the totality of magnanimous documentation resultd. The nimble adit to software fruit evolved during the mid-to-slow 1990s, principally due to the result of a enumereprimand of software engineering pioneers such as Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham and Martin Fowler. 5 This adit was regarded to be “lightweight,” convergenceing on eliminateing software in an 4 Martin Proulx, “Gartner Predicts 2010: Nimble and Outdo Application Impression Fruit Directions,” Analytical Mind, March 9, 2010, http://analytical-mind. com/2010/03/09/gartner-predicts-2010-agile-and-cloud-impact-application- fruit-directions, accessed June 29, 2011. “Manifesto for Nimble Software Development,” http://agilemanifesto. org, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 69B12M007 incremental and iterative model. In this modeology, slender afloat increments of software negotiativeity were exposed aggravate deficient boundlessnesss of interval and fond to the client to use and critique until a patent clear, compendiously negotiative result was surrendered. Other portions of the adit interposed the use of best software fruit customs that promoted the intervally present of tall-kind software, and the deployment of self-organizing fruit teams which were straightforwardly accounboard for the results they exposed. The principles that createed the premise of nimble software fruit were encapsulated in the so-designated Nimble Manifesto. 6 The roots of these principles can be traced to the concepts representative in slender manufacturing, Six-Sigma and the Toyota Production Regularity modes. Companies adopting the Nimble Manifesto estimated living-souls and interactions aggravate wayes and machines, afloat software aggravate compendious documentation, customer collaboration aggravate retrench transexercise and replying to transmute rather than forthcoming a intent. The nimble principles were as flourishs: •Satisfy customers through coming and gentleman present of afloat software portions. •Accept customers’ changing software conditions, polite-balanced if they initiate slow in the fruit. •Deliver software upgrades accustomedly to customers, electably bountiful two weeks or, at most, bountiful two months. •Deploy a team of motivated eliminateers to institute the software. Imbisect them the deficiencyful maintenance and an environment effective to result and expectation them to adequate the result. Adhere-to in reach and promote air-tense delay customers on a daily premise. •Encourage message among eliminateers on a countenance-to-countenance premise. •Meafast fruit journey chiefly via uprightly functioning software. •Pay gentleman heed to technical brilliance and amiable software artifice. •Observe Occam’s Razor — adhere-to bountifulthing unadorned. •Allow the fruit team to self-organize in prescribe to maximize execution. •Encourage the fruit team to self-heed and transmute its afloat customs in prescribe to grace excite agencyful. Telerik occupied a vulgar adit for instrumenting the nimble concept. The software eliminateers at Telerik were planatic into result teams, delay each team bountiful delay eliminateing results for a segregateicular Microsoft . NET technology: for issue, one team was asked to eliminate curbs for ASP. NET AJAX; another team assigned WPF curbs, another assigned the CMS Sitefinity and so on. In this way, each team built expertise in eliminateing results for one segregateicular Microsoft technology. The nimble adit to software fruit encompassed a abnormity of wayes and technologies that interposed concepts such as test-driven fruit, two programming, refactoring, portion-driven fruit and scrums (see Exhibit 4). In useful tidingss, nimble superintendence meant that companies operated delay recognizenness and uprightness, promoted decision-making polite-balanced at the meanest raze, adequated result chiefly in teams, common but promptly emended errors, re-intentional employment meafast into recognizen team areas and common transmute as an on- going way for the construction. For result wayes, nimble superintendence compromised nonobservance artifices into slenderer rudiments, instrumenting deficient intentning cycles, chroniclesing and sharing result statistics and journey updates and using simplified and general metrics. 6 Ibid. Page 79B12M007 Using nimble modes, a sodality could choice and misexpend the wayes and technologies it regarded fit for a segregateicular artifice. The nimble adit was quiet evolving and adapting to divergent stamps of impressions, segregateicularly in compendious-scale software fruit. There was no tandard or positive set of behaviors that had to be used; rather companies deficiencyed to be nimble not simply in their wayes of fruit, but to-boot in their artifice. Organizations using nimble superintendence claimed to impress surpassing kind results and employments, faster interval to negotiate (TTM), surpassing employee grasp and excite victory delay employee refreshment, excite notional and lithe elucidations than competitors and increased customer atonement. These companies base nimble superintendence to be a delicate victory rudiment for their constructions. Telerik was an issue of a sodality delay a bountiful constructional commitment to the nimble adit (see Exhibit 5). Owing companies using the nimble adit convergenceed on exercise (“doing” aggravate intentning), and did not disburse magnanimous endeavor or interval on documentation, they were accustomedly criticized by excite transmitted software fruit companies for their demand to intent sufficiently. The failure of husbandrial curb aggravate wayes and results subordinate the nimble mode had to-boot been famous as a tenor. Ultimately, nature nimble meant that a sodality could alter straightforwardion and results promptly and amply. Critics saw this stamp of environment as nature disorganized, opportunity proponents of nimble superintendence claimed that multiple results, serfault streams, teams, launches (including the “spikes” — i. e. , peaks of ardor — instantly anterior launches) and customer-developer interactions were all deficiencyful segregates of the way, and were what made nimble companies victoryful. The obvious victory of nimble fruit and superintendence promptly made it the model for tall- execution teams and constructions. Companies such as Toyota, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Microsoft, Notorious Electric, Google, Dell and Cisco all used nimble superintendence techniques to survive sympathetic and competitive, and Telerik concomitant this clump of prestigious companies in adopting these new fruit and superintendence modes. SOFTWARE AGILITY AT TELERIK Teamresult at Telerik typically compromised swell-balanced to 10 employees per team and ach team was legitimate for eliminateing, shipping and maintenanceing its own results, confidenceful employees to impress a judgment of occupation of their results. In prescribe to maintenance this adit, each team had a mixture of employees delay divergent areas of expertise such as dissection, artifice and programming. Each team had a team curber (usually the most expressive technical employee) and a disunited item husbandr who functioned as a artifice husbandr, ensuring that the result register was flourished. Unit husbandrs were to-boot legitimate for cross- team message delay Telerik’s non-technical teams such as negotiateing, sales, etc. The team curber was tranquil legitimate for the team’s execution and its fidelity to expressive superintendence, as polite as team construction, result assignments, disciplinary or plan stuffs and the walk augmentation of the team’s ingredients. Team ingredients resulted coincidently in an recognizen-intent employment, thus allowing fleet vocal message among employees and eliminateing a consciousness of camaraderie and team disembodiment. Teams were to-boot fond tall razes of autonomy and decision-making agency. This result construction and tangible artifice accelerationed model each team into one combined and maintenanceive item. 7 “State of Nimble Fruit Survey 2009,” VersionOne, 2010, http://pm. accountone. com/StateofAgileSurvey. html, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 89B12M007 The software fruit teams at Telerik used a gathering of techniques adventitious restrictedally from nimble software fruit modeologies, including: Scrum Development: Bountiful coming, eliminateers in each team met for encircling 15 minutes in a daily “scrum” (a tidings adventitious from rugby, in which it relatered to a clump of players convocation in a tense mix), during which team ingredients reverberationed to the clump on the earlier day’s result fruit, their floating appearances and any tenors encountered so far. Two Programming: Two eliminateers resulted at the corresponding PC, delay one typing in program principle opportunity the other commented and presented adfault and suggestions. This mode improved programmer resultivity and decreased errors. Refactoring: Team ingredients gentlemanly improved the artifice of principle to aid readability, maintainforce and extensibility. Artifice Patterns: Often the artifice of new software could be naturalized on artifices used in earlierly- exposed software. Re-using these habituated-and-tested artifices in the new software meant a faster fruit, coupled delay a hale, resilient artifice. Test-driven Development: Air-tense associated delay the fruit of the software, bountiful few courses of principle were adequately tested to be negotiatively emend. Feature-driven Development: Depending on its multifariousity, a new result agency be exposed by a uncompounded ingredient or by a bountiful team. The result’s bountiful negotiativeity was exposed in an incremental, iterative mode. Dissection of the result’s required negotiativeity orthodox a register of portions that the result must impress or maintenance. Each software fruit amount for the result interposed one or excite of these portions, clarified so as to imbisect the client extra negotiativeity. The endeavor in tidingss of interval to adequate any fond software amount was naturalized on an nature technique designated “planning poker. Following deciding on the required portions for the direct amount, each eliminateer in the team was asked to revere the interval deficiencyed to eliminate this amount. This was elegant delay a set of misexpend bountiful cards that had divergent enumerates of days written on them. Developers each clarified an misexpend card for their natures and establishd it countenance down on the board. When bountifulone had clarified a card, all cards were acid countenance up and the eliminateers sift-canvassed the diversified reveres and explained their own preciouss — distinctly those delay low or tall reveres. The way was then beggarly for a enumereprimand of amounts, flourishing which the reveres had fancylly converged. The philosophy flourishing this nature technique was for the eliminateers to reach at a accord in a grave mode. Sprints and Spikes: At Telerik, a artifice was typically exposed aggravate a one- to two-week boundlessness — the so-designated “sprint. ” The software portions clarified for any sprint from the result backlog were designated the sprint backlog. An accompanying portion of sprints was the burn-down chart that depicted the result quiet to be adequated for any fond sprint. This chart was prominently displayed in the legitimate team’s result area and was updated on a daily premise. This create of fruit continued in an iterative mode until the bountiful negotiativeity of the result was achieved. If the eliminateers were not fast encircling a segregateicular portion, they agency instrument a “spike” — a basic protostamp that recognizen them to imbibe excite encircling the portion and how it agency be uprightly exposed. Customer-oriented Support: Result teams kept in very bar contiguity delay customers via phone, email, blogs, surveys, polls and/or maintenance feedback. In this way, Telerik not simply base out encircling tenors Page 99B12M007 delay its software but to-boot, through this recognizen confabulation, gained a rectify comprehension of what customers deficiencyed in tidingss of proficiencys to real results and conditions for new results. Deficient Interval Frame: Fruit of a result could use three to nine months, according to its multifariousity. As polite as new result fruit, teams were legitimate for fixing errors in real results and extending them delay new portions, as polite as customer maintenance. Most result courses at Telerik had three relrelief continuances per year — one during each of the earliest three quarters of the year. The explicit relrelief continuances were stable by expressive superintendence in specification delay the team curbers, naturalized on the teams’ result loads and other rudiments such as notorious holidays, staff holidays, etc. When a new result fancy or area was signed, a new team agency be created to eliminate it. At the end of 2011, Telerik had almost 40 teams afloat on a abnormity of divergent artifices, all using each other’s results as misspend. Naturalized upon gone-by experiment, the sodality’s CEOs revered that it would use almost six months to get a team to the resultivity amount, 12 months to get a result to negotiate and 18 months for a result to get breeze. As segregate of its nimble adit, Telerik convergenceed exclusively on eliminateing artifice intents as divergent to eliminateing any longer-tidings stuff strategies. HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT AT TELERIK At Telerik, ethnical contrivance superintendence, recognizen as ethnical main (HC) superintendence delayin the sodality, was compendiously combined into the sodality, delay the HC husbandr reverberationing straightforwardly to one of the two CEOs, Terziev. Affect abundant companies compromised in software fruit, Telerik countenanced summons cognate to the refreshment, gathering, grasp, grafting and fruit of conducive employees. Telerik simply recruited living-souls who had university degrees, were fluent in English and had pertinent skills and comprehension, such as expertise in computers, software and/or negotiateing. An catalogue for a expressive . NET engineer dilateed the conditions past the accustomed years afloat in software fruit and programming to conceive “Alpha Geek behavior” as one hiring standard. This heeded the sodality’s commitment to hiring living-souls who could result in an nimble environment such as that base at Telerik, opportunity to-boot illustrating its light-hearted and unforeseen employment cultivation (see Exhibit 6). Telerik to-boot regarded entrepreneurial disembodiment to be an expressive condition for employees. It looked for living-souls who demonstrated an avid distribute in the sodality’s stuff and results and who would promptly appropriate allegiance on the job. Specifically, it deficiencyed to employ herd who had entrepreneurial skills — living-souls who would caution for the stuff affect it was their own, who would be prolocomotive and use start when it utilityed the sodality. Opportunity Telerik did use transmitted refreshment sources such as universities and administrative associations, it convergenceed excite on refreshment instrument that charmed puerileer, computer-litereprimand living-souls, such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and tidings clumps. Candidates who common job presents were assigned a coach (a “domain misspendist”), a mentor (a excite expressive, experimentd employee) and a team curber, all of which fitd the integration of the new employee into the sodality. From the instant of job retort, the new employee began an magnanimous orientation way that interposed stated message and polite-balanced invitations to sodality gregarious polite-balancedts, such as karaoke nights and picnics. Telerik presented its employees an innovative and maintenanceive tangible environment, a bountiful compensation, a execution-cognate boon statedity and a set of utilitys that were approximate delay those base in the earth’s immanent software companies. As was vulgar in Eastern Europe, employees floating a boon Page 109B12M007 “13th month” compensation appendix each year. Compensation was competitive delay companies in Western Europe and employees were worthy for raises and boones delay quarterly critiques. Largely combined” longer-tidings employees were worthy for hoard options. The utilitys at Telerik were segregate of a tall-flavored load which interposed the accustomed interval off, protection, allowance intents and educational, connection, gregarious and soundness programs. The sodality sponsored sports teams, remunerated for distributenerships in soundness and refreshment clubs and practised soundness employments for employees at a retired clinic. Through its detached concierge employments, representatives could adequate errands that would normally use interval detached from the resultestablish for employees. In restitution, abundant employees regarded Telerik’s lithe result registers, relaxed vestments principle and spotless, recognizen and notional resultspaces as utilitys as polite. Telerik knew that it deficiencyed to obey its resultforce in prescribe to stir a confirmed and electable construction. Therefore, the sodality had exposed walk paths to reply to the deficiency for experimentd curbers and to advestments peculiar craves for fruit. To excite maintenance this, curbers were required to disburse interval eliminateing their team ingredients’ appearances and abilities. In 2010, the sodality stated its Telerik Academy to maintenance its recruiting endeavors and administrative fruit deficiencys. It presented grafting programs for germinative employees and new skills fruit and refresher skills options for floating sodality employees at no absorb. This served as a pipecourse of competent job applicants for the sodality, opportunity allowing floating employees to prosecute administrative fruit. The sodality to-boot presented acquittal for administrative distributenerships and convocations, convocations and certification programs. Telerik’s victory depended heavily on its force to impress a conducive and motivated resultforce, and the sodality was compendiously committed to strategies that would acceleration them adhere-to their praiseworthy hiring chronicles and low employee turnaggravate reprimand of five per cent in an assiduity where the employee turnaggravate reprimand notoriously adited 75 per cent. As Telerik continued to win awards for nature an mistress of precious, the sodality confidenced to charm and obey the stamp of employees deficiencyful to survive a victoryful, competitive global sodality. 8 “COMMON SENSE” AT TELERIK Georgiev and Terziev had been messaging each other encircling the new employment in Australia. They were wandering encircling the new experiment, but to-boot knew how delicate the cultivation of Telerik was for its victory. The co-CEOs deficiencyed to see how to best integreprimand the new teams into their construction. Georgiev and Terziev knew that augmentation was expressive for the sodality but were disturbed encircling how to adjudicate the team wayes that were delicate to their victory as they dilateed geographically. They had trustworthyly husbandd Telerik delay a “vulgar judgment” philosophy and habituated to bring-encircling it a sodality where they would deficiency to result at any raze. The baseers had met their appearance of instituteing a sodality that surrendered excite than expected, fulfilling Telerik’s urbane logo. The sodality orderly out as segregateicularly matchless in Eastern Europe, where abundant of its new artifices, strategies, procedures, fruit techniques and superintendence adites were unaccustomed in software fruit companies. Telerik’s results were innovative and globally competitive and its praiseworthy customer serfault was interdiplomaticly certain. The sodality was regarded an “mistress of precious” and continued to dislow in magnanimousness, results, and prestige. 8 For excite points on Telerik’s ethnical instrument see Lucia F. Miree and John E. Galletly, “The circumstance of Telerik: Nimble Software Engineering in Southeastern Europe,” The Global Ethnical Contrivance Superintendence Casebook, James Hayton, Michal Biron, Liza Castro Christiansen, Bard Kuvaas (eds. ), Routledge, London, England, 2011, pp. 127-140. Page 119B12M007 Exhibit 1 EXAMPLES OF AWARDS AND RECOGNITION RECEIVED BY TELERIK YearExamples of Awards and Recognition 2004Won three assiduity journals’ readers awards for UI Controls 2005Became Microsoft Gold Certified Partner 2007Named #1 Best Mistress in Bulgaria for Small- and Medium-sized Companies by Hewitt Associates 007Ranked #3 in “Rising Star” Technology Fast 50 Program (50 fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe) by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 2008Named #3 Best Mistress in Central and Eastern Europe for Small- and Medium-sized Companies by Hewitt Associates 2009Selected as Finaregister for Red Herring’s Global 100 Award (“Most Promising Retired Technology Global Ventures”) 2010Won Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Award for Central and Eastern Europe 2010Received Ruban d’Honneur Award in the European Stuff Award emulation 2010Named “Best” by Visual Studio Magazine Readers 010Twice calld #1 Best Mistress in Bulgaria for Small- and Medium-sized Companies by AON Hewitt. Source: www. Telerik. com, accessed June 29, 2011. Exhibit 2 EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD USING ASP. NET SILVERLIGHT COMPONENTS Source: Telerik Ruler Dashboard, http://demos. telerik. com/silverlight/executivedashboard, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 129B12M007 Exhibit 3 HOLIDAY PLANNER USING ASP. NET SILVERLIGHT COMPONENTS Source: Telerik Ruler Dashboard, http://demos. telerik. com/silverlight/planner/, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 139B12M007 Exhibit 4 TAG CLOUD EXHIBITING POPULAR AGILE CONCEPTS Source: Nimble Software Development, http://agilesoftwaredevelopment. com/, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 149B12M007 Exhibit 5 TELERIK VALUES The Telerik Difference Delay so abundant magnanimous preciouss out there, you inevitably ask yourself – “Why should I misexpend Telerik? What bring-abouts them divergent? What bring-abouts them rectify? ” It’s a darken inquiry and it is severe to be unfavorable when you impress to exhibit yourself. Yet, we impress registered 11 characteristics that create our urbane DNA and set us asegregate from others: Deference We registeren to our customers. We use into representation your deficiencys and result on things that surrender estimate for you. We regard our customers as friends and we sift-canvass them affect friends - delay deference, uprightness, subordinatestanding and pure crave to acceleration. Dedication We don’t let customers down and you can believe on us. We subordinatestand that by choiceing third-party fruit machines for your artifices, you are portico a waste as you are using someone else’s principle. We confidence that thoughtful issues procure never initiate, but should they initiate, we procure be there for you and bring-encircling fast you excel in your artifice, whatever it uses. Accuracy Ultimate customer employment” is our Holy Grail. We present eliminateer machines and we recognize how expressive it is to get top-kind responses from comprehensionable herd. Maintenance inquiries at Telerik are handled by experimentd eliminateers, including all of the herd that built the results you are using, and they can apology your inquirys delay accuracy and acceleration you aggravatecome the issues you countenance. Caution We adhere-to customers merry polite-balanced if we impress to go the extra mile. If you are not fast encircling this, you can see what herd are proverb – on our footing and on palpable unity footings. Good say are the biggest stimulus for bountifulone at Telerik, so if you impress had a grateful experiment delay our machines or employment, distribute it delay your friends and colleagues. We procure then bring-encircling fast that they are polite-balanced happier than you. Alteration We innovate and don’t flourish. By choiceing Telerik, you choice a sodality delay a proven trail chronicles of alteration and you procure trustworthyly be free for the direct technology prosper. Regardless of whether it is one of our immanent UI rudiment loads (WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, ASP. NET MVC, AJAX), or one of our other eliminateer, team resultivity or automated testing machines, we procure be free delay the results that bring-encircling your team increasingly resultive. And we procure impress matchless capabilities that procure set us, and your impressions, asegregate from others. Start The whim of brilliance has trustworthyly been our potentest motivator. We procure never be satisfiededed if we can’t present you the categorically best results on the negotiate – results delay peculiar execution, portions, customizability, and reliforce – results that procure bring-encircling you a example in your daily job. That is our “best of breed” management – we result severe to surrender negotiate immanent software, not sum. Advantage All of our results were born from an explicit deficiency and not owing of the entity of a negotiate that seemed desirable. Most of the Telerik results impress their roots in an unanswered interior deficiency. Everything that we ship to customers is heavily used delayin Telerik. Well-balanced precedently customers reach it, we recognize that a new Telerik result or account caters advantage and solves a summon that other machines on the negotiate don’t. Page 159B12M007 Exhibit 5 (continued) Speed We present the most foul result fruit cycle. Delay bountiful Telerik relrelief you procure see new results, new portions, new demos, improved documentation and instrument. And you procure see this trustworthy proficiency counter all result courses. If you deficiency to be on the top of the prosper we impress weekly interior institutes that portion the freshest bits. We flourish Microsoft quits foully and roll out maintenance for new platforms or machines days flourishing their professional induction. Kind To bring-encircling a magnanimous eliminateer result uses not right portions but possession. We impress magnanimous eliminateers who can do miracles and surrender magnanimous software, but we impress an identical committed QA team as polite. We are pleasant encircling kind as we deficiency you to relish a quiet of impetus when using any Telerik result. Involvement Our results are used by tens of thousands of customers earthwide. By choosing Telerik, you procure add a potent unity of excite than 350,000 ingredients that can acceleration you right as polite as the Telerik team. Vibrant instrument affect forums, blogs, videos, webinars, principle library, and so on are there for you and your peers to use and excite eliminate to the utility of bountifulone. NO nonjudgment We present hassle-detached licensing so that you don’t cause precious interval battling delay darken activations and fearing that your result agency disappointment up owing of frank licensing. We are believers in adhere-toing things unadorned and putting the convergence on surrendering impenetrable software rather than impenetrable licensing. Source: “The Telerik Difference,” www. telerik. com/company/about/difference. aspx, accessed June 29, 2011. Exhibit 6 RECRUITMENT DESCRIPTION OF WORKING AT TELERIK The Opportunity You are ambitious. You are motivated. You impress fancyls. You deficiency to result on disappointing aspect artifices. You elect the we to the I. You are not cautious of transmute. You are not cautious of summons. You impress a gentleman desire for what you do. You impress dreams and you deficiency to bring-encircling them a genuineness. You mislike sufficiency. You kindness Dilbert, but you mislike afloat in Dilbert’s sodality. You impress trustworthyly deficiencyed to result in a magnanimous sodality. A sodality flourishing a opportunityout politics. A sodality delay a streamlined way. A establish where herd are right as brilliant as you. A establish where bountifulone is relaxed. A establish flourishing a opportunityout a pleasant vestments principle. A establish delay pleasant herd. A establish where herd caution encircling their result and encircling customers. A sodality where you can imbisect walk to your fancys and bring-encircling an application. A establish where you are merry to disburse a magnanimous traffic of your day. A establish where you are merry to imbibe and to inform. A sodality where you are estimated. A sodality where you impress you befit. Source: “Careers,” Telerik, www. telerik. com/company/careers. aspx, accessed June 29, 2011. ----------------------- Ivey [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] The Opportunity: Description of Afloat at Telerik OBJECTIVE: 1. To talllight the linkage among hypothesis and the usefulity of HRM. 2. To talllight the roles of ethnical contrivance husbandr in practising ethnical contrivance customs at result establish. 3. To talllight the avail of ethnical contrivance office in managing ethnical main. INSTRUCTIONS: Read the circumstance “SCRUMS, SPRINTS, SPIKES AND POKER: AGILITY IN A BULGARIAN SOFTWARE COMPANY” and ANSWER the disgusting inquirys. Assignment Format: a. Use envelop meafast and 12-point of Times New Roman font. b. This assignment should inclose encircling 3000-5000 say (at 15-20 pages). c. Cater relateences. References should use the American Psychological Association (APA) createat d. References should be ending (year 2005 and beyond) Notes: •Assignments should be submitted according to the unroving continuance. •Plagiarism is not merry. If you are not fast what is meant by plagiarism, relate to the diversified websites which sift-canvass this stuff, e. g. owl. english. purdue. edu/handouts. Inquiry 1 (25%) How does Telerik charm tall kind gift in a competitive negotiate? Inquiry 2 (25%) What is Telerik’s aggravateall management for the fruit of gift? Inquiry 3 (25%) How does the Telerik recompense statedity heed the cultivation of Telerik? Inquiry 4 (25%)What ethnical contrivance summons procure Telerik countenance in the coming?