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|Richarsh Ivey School of Trade The University of Western Ontario | | 9B12M007 SCRUMS, SPRINTS, SPIKES AND POKER: AGILITY IN A BULGARIAN SOFTWARE COMPANY Lucia F. Miree and John E. Galletly wrote this plight medepend to contribute symbolical for assort argument. The authors do not purpose to embody either telling or intelling handling of a wieldrial residence. The authors may possess furtive periodical indicates and other identifying notification to save confidentiality. Richarsh Ivey School of Trade Foundation prohibits any contrive of repetition, storage or transmission outerly its written dispensation. Repetition of this symbolical is not ripe inferior authorization by any repetition hues erection. To ardispose copies or ask dispensation to propagate symbolicals, adjunction Ivey Publishing, Richarsh Ivey School of Trade Foundation, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7; phone (519) 661-3208; fax (519) 661-3882; e-mail [email protected] uwo. ca. Copylawful © 2012, Richarsh Ivey School of Trade FoundationVersion: 2012-03-12 Svetozar Georgiev, co-main magistscold functional (CEO) of software congregation Telerik, perfect despatch on his municipal blog for the waking; he was agoing on the viral communicateing of Telerik’s new and upcoming results. As Georgiev looked up, he noticed that the team delay whom he divided an disclosed effect interval was having its waking parley, a so-designated “scrum” to contribute each other delay updates on their effect and to shaft items for argument on the “scrum board. ” These mean daily parleys were sever of conduct for scheme teams at Telerik at the congregation’s headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, as courteous-mannered-mannered as in its appointments in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the United States and Canada. In 2011, Telerik was one of the cosmos-people’s top contributers of user intercountenance (UI) represss for the Microsoft . NET Frameeffect and was a indispensable vendor of ASP. NET AJAX, ASP. NET MVC, Silverlight, WinForms and WPF represss and elements, as courteous-mannered-mannered as . NET Reporting, . NET ORM, . NET CMS, Principle Analysis, TFS and software-testing instruments. Telerik was a girlish, secretly-held congregation that had won multifarious awards for its results, avails and erection, and had patent clear to be a main player in the global software communicate delay balance 400 employees in nine locations on three continents. Telerik was unconcealed not simply for its praiseworthy results but so for its erectional guile and superintendence throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It so was revolveed an “master of picked” in the software communicate in Bulgaria. Telerik’s results were patent clear delay new alert fruit and superintendence techniques, and the erectional deportments, including those connected to ethnical exalted (the engagement used at Telerik) exhibited the alert superintendence philosophy of disclosed despatch, entitlement, commission and teamwork. The congregation prided itself on its stinging-edge, customer-focused results and on hiring simply the best employees. The congregation’s rooters were wandering encircling the augmentation of Telerik and its unroving nature. They knew Telerik’s prosperity was invetescold upon its modees but wondered how they could continue prosperityful and innovative as the congregation continued to enlarge. Page 29B12M007 SOFTWARE IN BULGARIA The software-engineering assiduity was a expeditiously growing factor of the notification technology (IT) assiduity and Bulgaria had behove an erratic player in the cosmos-peoplewide rivalry. The swift fruit and dissemination of general and peculiar results and avails in the software-engineering assiduity had been befriended by the geographical flexibility of companies and employees, the relatively low barriers to beginning for companies into the assiduity and the minimal regulatory represss balance the assiduity. Companies in Bulgaria were bisectially melting towards the relatively disclosed superintendence indicate root in most Western companies gone the decsequence of communism in 1990 had introduced operating-communicate exaltedism to the kingdom. With its beginning into the European Union in 2007 and the certain regulatory and structural alters required for fraternity, Bulgaria had upgraded its educational programs in multifarious opportunitys and befriended the fruit of secret companies in the software opportunity. The kingdom had patent clear an infraerection that middle living for entrepreneurial endeavours and general trade fruit and augmentation delay diversed legislation funding and the facilitation of outlandish cannonade. 1 The possessions of these alters were severicularly incontrovertible in the software assiduity in Bulgaria and Telerik was one illustration of a prosperityful and growing software congregation. Bulgaria had patent clear a hearty and unroving nature in the software assiduity and multifarious Bulgarian companies proposeed a wide dispose of IT avails including notification arranges, neteffect certainty avails and disruptions, e-trade and wireless collisions, geographic notification arranges (GIS), gaming disruptions, web guile, exhaustive trade-to- trade disruptions, embedded software, computer-aided guile (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and multimedia results. Some of the main software companies located in Bulgaria, in union to Telerik, middle CSC, SAP, Netage, Axway, WMWare, Software AG, and Nemetschek. The kingdom had behove residence to a reckon of innovative and expeditiously enlargeing software companies, and Telerik was revolveed to be one of its main prosperity stories. THE HISTORY OF TELERIK The Telerik recital reexoteric in 2002, when indecent new-fangled university graduates — Svetozar Georgiev, Vassil Terziev, Boyko Iaramov and Hristo Kosev — reexoteric their own software fruit trade in Sofia. They unwavering that their trade would be invetescold on unraveling pointed, customizable UI elements for the newly introduced Microsoft ASP. NET Framework. Such elements were enlightenedly cubicityd into a client’s collision, adding possessment of use and sophistication outerly requiring the client to possess any fruit expertise. The modescold elements were a prosperity delay clients and Telerik began to perproduce a indicate for itself. In 2005, the congregation essenceless its indispensable Microsoft Gold Partner certification and exploiting Sitefinity, its gratified- superintendence arfile for websites. The indispensable Telerik-sponsored interdiplomatic software fruit contravention, DevReach, was held in 2006 in Sofia. In union, Telerik discloseded its new municipal headquarters in Sofia in 2007 and introduced three new result sequences (WPF, Silverlight, and . NET ORM) in 2008. Later in 2008, the congregation discloseded a new appointment in Munich, Germany, through its wages of the congregation Vanatec and its ORM results. After receiving funds from the speculation exalted secure Summit Partners, Telerik so discloseded an appointment in Houston, Texas in 2008 in ardispose to scion its unraveler evangeschedule team and contribute unraveler-flatten technical living for customers. In 2010, Telerik merged 1 www. investbulgaria. com/BulgarianEconomicGrowth. php, accessed February 8, 2012. Page 39B12M007 delay the software congregation ArtOfTest Inc. , bringing a new result sequence of automated testing instruments into the congregation portfolio of results and resulting in the art of a Telerik appointment in Austin, Texas. It so discloseded its American headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts in the identical year. The congregation went on to prove the team resultivity result sequence and introduced its TeamPulse results through its newly reexoteric speculation delay Imaginet Media in Winnipeg, Canada in 2010. In January 2011, Telerik announced its wages of Mallsoft, a indispensable unraveler of e-commerce shopping-card technologies located in San Diego, California; Mallsoft thus-far became sever of the Sitefinity CMS team. Telerik so discloseded its own luxuriance dexterity, the Telerik Academy, where it proposeed a abnormity of software luxuriance for exoteric and implicit employees. Telerik’s effectforce grew as straightway as its prosperity. Succeeding starting in 2002 delay five employees (indecent rooters and one other employee), the congregation grew to 47 employees in 2005 and jumped to 76 in 2006, delay the union of its indispensable employee abounding a spelllinessout of Bulgaria. By 2007, Telerik had 130 employees cosmos-peoplewide and by 2009, the congregation had 220 employees, delay 200 in Bulgaria. By mid-2011, the congregation had 360 employees in Bulgaria delay an unional 70 employees in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germultifarious and Canada. The augmentation of Telerik and its exalted-attribute results garnered inarticudelayed trade and assiduity awards, fancying the congregation’s nature. Telerik was so stated as nature a indispensable unraveler of Microsoft-invetescold results, earning Microsoft’s gold certification. These awards were not medepend for the congregation’s results. Telerik had been absorbed inarticudelayed accolades for its superintendence deportments by indispensable interdiplomatic consulting companies (see Exhibit 1). As the congregation’s nature grew, Telerik displayed its start in the opportunity by hosting its annual interdiplomatic contravention, DevReach, for software unravelers. This contravention had been promoted as the premier unraveler contravention on Microsoft technologies in Central and Eastern Europe, and had been diversly sheltered by transferers in the assiduity from the territory and from all balance the cosmos-people. Telerik continued to unravel exalted-attribute results and to wield its congregation in innovative ways. In 2011, the indecent rooters of Telerik interposed the congregation’s top superintendence team. Georgiev and Terziev were co-CEOs; Iaramov was main notification functional (CIO) and Kosev was main technology functional (CTO). Telerik had balance 40 scheme teams in possessment in June 2011. The residence appointment of Telerik was in Sofia, where most of the congregation’s software unravelers were inveterate. By 2012, Telerik was globally stated as a indispensable vendor of a wide dispose of software results and collisions (its represss portfolio nondescript, for illustration, reckoned balance 160 results). Over 100,000 erections in 94 countries used Telerik’s results, including companies such as Nokia, Toyota, Reuters and Boeing, as courteous-mannered-mannered as some of the cosmos-people’s indispensable educational and non-profit erections, including NASA, the Cosmos-fellow-creatures Bank and Harvard University. 2 THE TELERIK WORK ENVIRONMENT Telerik had patent clear a effect environment that befriended its superintendence philosophy and software fruit modees. It was alert in technical, erectional and tangible guile, and was guileed to aid despatch and qualify teamwork. The beginning hallway to its new, compassy and radiant 2 www. telerik. com/company. aspx, accessed March 8, 2012. Page 49B12M007 municipal headquarters in Sofia was robed delay the municipal indicate and logo (“Deliver Departed Than Expected”) and the inarticudelayed awards that the congregation had won sequenced the corridors. Employees effected in disclosed intervals delay clustered possessionspaces and unconnected areas for teameffect and waking scrums. Gone all effect delayin Telerik was manufactured in teams, including ethnical exalted3 and communicateing, the interval exhibited the modees used delayin the congregation. In union to disclosed teameffect appointment areas, congregation parley compasss and conference areas, Telerik contributed an employee cafeteria and retirement compass delay a ping-pong board, exertion area and a soothe interval. The atmosphere at Telerik was tortuous, pliant and disclosed, and there were no set effect hours at the congregation. Apparel was tortuous and employees inconsiderable from congregation football team deportment could be seen in their iron habit, spellliness others, such as the rooters and elder wieldrs, wore sandals, incompletes and t-shirts. There were no elder superintendence appointments at Telerik. Instead, elder wieldrs effected delayin the disclosed team areas. The two co-CEOs had possessionspaces delayin irrelative team areas and rotated floating teams exhaustive six to nine months; accordingly, spellliness not diversedly compromised in the software fruit teams, the CEOs were impart, available and enlightenedly sensible encircling congregation schemes through their frontsequence influence. PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES OF TELERIK Telerik moderately built its expertise and uncollected nature by unraveling graphical UI elements for Microsoft . NET Frameeffect collisions. These UI elements, such as customizable calendars, charts, gauges, etc. ere dubious curtain artifacts that could be straightway and enlightenedly cubicityd into a client’s collision, and undisputed a abundanter user proof, whether the collision was for a standnondescript singular computer (PC) or a web-invetescold network. Telerik had patent clear a dispose of elements that could be “plugged” into clients’ collisions, thus increasing resultivity for clients by slow them spell and exertion in unraveling the represss themselves. Telerik continued to enenlightened its element portfolio to conceive the remotest emerging technologies as introduced delayin the . NET Framework, and to unravel departed deep and dubious collisions and elements for customers (see Exhibits 2 and 3). Briefly, the associated . NET technologies that Telerik had patent clear represss for were: ASP. NET AJAX: A assemblage of interconnected web-fruit technologies (chiefly invetescold on JavaScript and XML) for web browsers that undisputed asynchronous modify of webpage gratified among web servers and browsers. Windows Forms: The primordial, graphical user intercountenance for the Windows desktop. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): Technology used for the fruit f abundant, contiguous-generation graphical user interfaces for desktop PCs, livinging collisions that required portions such as two- dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, vector graphics, cheerfulness, audio and video. Silverlight: A web-invetescold subset of WPF that consisted of a programmable web browser plug-in that undisputed the fruit of so-designated abundant internet collisions (RIAs); Silverlight so encompassed 3 Engagement used by Telerik for ethnical media. Page 59B12M007 Internet collisions characterized by portions such as press and graphical interfaces normally associated delay desktop collisions. Telerik has so reexoteric to alter-modify and enenlightened its result dispose portfolio irrelative from its “bread and butter” . NET UI elements, but calmful invetescold these correspondent result suites in the . NET Framework. Some of these new results middle: .NET Reporting: A lightweight tidingsing disruption for . NET outshine, web and desktop platforms that undisputed unravelers to enlightenedly embed and re-use intererratic tidingss and contributed trade users delay the susceptibility to weigh and investigate facts and ship-result tidingss to Microsoft Appointment Word and Excel for fancy decomposition. Sitefinity: A web CMS that undisputed customers to attenuate the spell required to result and wield enlightened websites, portals and intranets. .NET ORM: A software instrument that undisputed customers’ collisions to map oral notional factsbase gratifieds to the new object-oriented contrive and sin versa. TeamPulse: A set of unraveler and team resultivity instruments. Test Studio: A load of automated testing instruments. Telerik continued to unravel new results through its innovative team mode and purposeed to continue floating the top contributers of . NET results cosmos-peoplewide. AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Agile software fruit was a relatively new adit to software engineering and it was nature used by an increasing reckon of software fruit companies. Telerik had realized that this adit could transfer to avails such as increased resultivity, increased result attribute, increased unraveler and customer compensation, increased sympatheticness to alter and divers exhibition of result authoritativeity. An assiduity tidings resultd by Gartner Research in 2010 predicted that by 2012, “alert fruit classifications conquer be utilized in 80 per cent of all software fruit schemes. ” 4 Prior to alert fruit, the oral adites that were used for software fruit could be assorted as “heavyweight. ” That is to say, the total fruit mode was intended in point precedently any fruit recurrent; simply a unconcealed result was concedeed, delay no incremental exhibition. Fruit advancemented prosperityively through a reckon of phases that made customer asks for alters in software authoritativeity conceal to decide. There was scant customer involvement in the fruit mode and the heartinessy mode was “heavy” in engagements of the totality of wide documentation resultd. The alert adit to software fruit evolved during the mid-to-delayed 1990s, largely due to the effect of a reckon of software engineering pioneers such as Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham and Martin Fowler. 5 This adit was revolveed to be “lightweight,” centreing on unraveling software in an 4 Martin Proulx, “Gartner Predicts 2010: Alert and Outshine Impression Collision Fruit Directions,” Analytical Mind, March 9, 2010, http://analytical-mind. com/2010/03/09/gartner-predicts-2010-agile-and-cloud-impact-application- fruit-directions, accessed June 29, 2011. “Manifesto for Alert Software Development,” http://agilemanifesto. org, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 69B12M007 incremental and iterative deportment. In this classificationology, trivial agoing increments of software authoritativeity were patent clear balance inexhaustive ages of spell and absorbed to the client to use and reconsideration until a unconcealed, enlightenedly authoritative result was concedeed. Other portions of the adit middle the use of best software fruit deportments that promoted the spellly exhibition of exalted-attribute software, and the deployment of self-organizing fruit teams which were diversedly accounboard for the results they patent clear. The principles that contriveed the premise of alert software fruit were encapsulated in the so-designated Alert Manifesto. 6 The roots of these principles can be traced to the concepts representative in anatomical manufacturing, Six-Sigma and the Toyota Production Arfile classifications. Companies adopting the Alert Manifesto esteemd substances and interactions balance modees and instruments, agoing software balance magnanimous documentation, customer collaboration balance contrive profession and tallying to alter rather than subattached a artfulness. The alert principles were as flourishs: •Satisfy customers through coming and rectilineal exhibition of agoing software portions. •Accept customers’ changing software capacitys, smooth if they initiate delayed in the fruit. •Deliver software upgrades diversly to customers, fancyably exhaustive two weeks or, at most, exhaustive two months. •Deploy a team of motivated unravelers to institute the software. Impart-among them the certain living and an environment promotive to effect and duty them to exhaustive the effect. Guard in reach and second air-plug delay customers on a daily premise. •Encourage despatch among unravelers on a countenance-to-countenance premise. •Measecure fruit advancement chiefly via laweasily functioning software. •Pay rectilineal observation to technical superiority and good-natured-natured software guile. •Observe Occam’s Razor — guard exhaustivething lowly. •Allow the fruit team to self-organize in ardispose to maximize exploit. •Encourage the fruit team to self-exhibit and alter its agoing deportments in ardispose to behove departed telling. Telerik employed a essenceless adit for instrumenting the alert concept. The software unravelers at Telerik were unembarrassed into result teams, delay each team pregnant delay unraveling results for a severicular Microsoft . NET technology: for illustration, one team was asked to unravel represss for ASP. NET AJAX; another team assigned WPF represss, another assigned the CMS Sitefinity and so on. In this way, each team built expertise in unraveling results for one severicular Microsoft technology. The alert adit to software fruit encompassed a abnormity of modees and technologies that middle concepts such as test-driven fruit, two programming, refactoring, portion-driven fruit and scrums (see Exhibit 4). In available engagements, alert superintendence meant that companies operated delay disclosedness and honor, aidd decision-making smooth at the last flatten, exhaustived effect chiefly in teams, legitimate but straightway punished errors, re-calculated appointment interval into disclosed team areas and legitimate alter as an on- going mode for the erection. For effect modees, alert superintendence compromised infringement schemes into trivialer elements, instrumenting inexhaustive artfulnessning cycles, chroniclesing and sharing effect statistics and advancement updates and using simplified and general metrics. 6 Ibid. Page 79B12M007 Using alert classifications, a congregation could pluck and cull the modees and technologies it revolveed lawful for a severicular scheme. The alert adit was calmful evolving and adapting to irrelative affectnesss of collisions, severicularly in enlightened-scale software fruit. There was no tandard or exact set of behaviors that had to be used; rather companies demanded to be alert not simply in their modees of fruit, but so in their guile. Organizations using alert superintendence claimed to possess fancyable attribute results and avails, faster spell to communicate (TTM), fancyable employee displeased and departed prosperity delay employee relief, departed intellectual and pliant disruptions than competitors and increased customer compensation. These companies root alert superintendence to be a exact prosperity element for their erections. Telerik was an illustration of a congregation delay a honorable erectional commitment to the alert adit (see Exhibit 5). Accordingly companies using the alert adit centreed on possessment (“doing” balance artfulnessning), and did not bestow wide exertion or spell on documentation, they were diversly criticized by departed oral software fruit companies for their scarcity to artfulness sufficiently. The nonmessage of wieldrial repress balance modees and results inferior the alert classification had so been notable as a undivided. Ultimately, nature alert meant that a congregation could exexchange diversedion and results straightway and enlightenedly. Critics saw this affectness of environment as nature embarrassed, spellliness proponents of alert superintendence claimed that multiple results, sersin streams, teams, launches (including the “spikes” — i. e. , peaks of activity — instantly foregoing launches) and customer-developer interactions were all certain severs of the mode, and were what made alert companies prosperityful. The incontrovertible prosperity of alert fruit and superintendence straightway made it the gauge for exalted- exploit teams and erections. Companies such as Toyota, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Microsoft, General Electric, Google, Dell and Cisco all used alert superintendence techniques to continue sympathetic and competitive, and Telerik attached this assemblage of prestigious companies in adopting these new fruit and superintendence classifications. SOFTWARE AGILITY AT TELERIK Teameffect at Telerik typically compromised ssmooth to 10 employees per team and ach team was chargeable on for unraveling, shipping and livinging its own results, inspiriting employees to affect a significance of holding of their results. In ardispose to living this adit, each team had a compromise of employees delay irrelative areas of expertise such as decomposition, guile and programming. Each team had a team transferer (usually the most elder technical employee) and a unconnected special wieldr who functioned as a scheme wieldr, ensuring that the result register was flourished. Unit wieldrs were so chargeable on for cross- team despatch delay Telerik’s non-technical teams such as communicateing, sales, etc. The team transferer was nevertheless chargeable on for the team’s exploit and its resemblance to elder superintendence, as courteous-mannered-mannered as team erection, effect assignments, disciplinary or adapparel substances and the race augmentation of the team’s factors. Team factors effected simultaneously in an disclosed-artfulness appointment, thus allowing bimperil unrecorded despatch among employees and unraveling a affecting of camaraderie and team essence. Teams were so absorbed exalted flattens of autonomy and decision-making susceptibility. This effect erection and tangible guile aided contrive each team into one cubicityd and livinimpart-among special. 7 “State of Alert Fruit Survey 2009,” VersionOne, 2010, http://pm. renderingone. com/StateofAgileSurvey. html, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 89B12M007 The software fruit teams at Telerik used a fancyence of techniques adventitious peculiarally from alert software fruit classificationologies, including: Scrum Development: Exhaustive waking, unravelers in each team met for encircling 15 minutes in a daily “scrum” (a engagement pretended from rugby, in which it associatered to a assemblage of players parley in a plug derange), during which team factors tidingsed to the assemblage on the prior day’s result fruit, their exoteric designs and any undivideds encountered so far. Two Programming: Two unravelers effected at the identical PC, delay one typing in program principle spellliness the other commented and proposeed adsin and suggestions. This classification improved programmer resultivity and decreased errors. Refactoring: Team factors rectilineally improved the guile of principle to aid readability, maintainsusceptibility and extensibility. Guile Patterns: Often the guile of new software could be invetescold on guiles used in priorly- patent clear software. Re-using these healed-and-tested guiles in the new software meant a faster fruit, coupled delay a iron, springy guile. Test-driven Development: Air-plug associated delay the fruit of the software, exhaustive few sequences of principle were utterly tested to be authoritatively punish. Feature-driven Development: Depending on its deepity, a new result government be patent clear by a special factor or by a heartinessy team. The result’s honorable authoritativeity was patent clear in an incremental, iterative deportment. Decomposition of the result’s required authoritativeity biblical a schedule of portions that the result must possess or living. Each software fruit limit for the result interposed one or departed of these portions, clarified so as to impart-among the client extra authoritativeity. The exertion in engagements of spell to exhaustive any absorbed software limit was invetescold on an repute technique designated “planning poker. Succeeding deciding on the required portions for the contiguous limit, each unraveler in the team was asked to think the spell demanded to unravel this limit. This was refined delay a set of detail easy cards that had irrelative reckons of days written on them. Developers each separated an alienate card for their reputes and fixd it countenance down on the board. When exhaustiveone had separated a card, all cards were acetous countenance up and the unravelers examineed the several thinks and explained their own pickeds — chiefly those delay low or exalted thinks. The mode was then general for a reckon of limits, abounding which the thinks had subjectlly converged. The philosophy behind this repute technique was for the unravelers to get at a unity in a cool deportment. Sprints and Spikes: At Telerik, a scheme was typically patent clear balance a one- to two-week age — the so-designated “sprint. ” The software portions separated for any sprint from the result backlog were designated the sprint backlog. An obligatory portion of sprints was the burn-down chart that depicted the effect calmful to be exhaustived for any absorbed sprint. This chart was prominently displayed in the chargeable on team’s effect area and was updated on a daily premise. This contrive of fruit continued in an iterative deportment until the honorable authoritativeity of the result was achieved. If the unravelers were not secure encircling a severicular portion, they government instrument a “spike” — a basic protolikeness that undisputed them to glean departed encircling the portion and how it government be laweasily patent clear. Customer-oriented Support: Result teams kept in very plug adjunction delay customers via phone, email, blogs, surveys, polls and/or living feedback. In this way, Telerik not simply root out encircling undivideds Page 99B12M007 delay its software but so, through this disclosed colloquy, gained a amend acquirements of what customers failureed in engagements of increases to corporeal results and capacitys for new results. Inexhaustive Spell Frame: Fruit of a result could capture three to nine months, according to its deepity. As courteous-mannered-mannered as new result fruit, teams were chargeable on for fixing errors in corporeal results and extending them delay new portions, as courteous-mannered-mannered as customer living. Most result sequences at Telerik had three relenjoyment epochs per year — one during each of the indispensable three quarters of the year. The explicit relenjoyment epochs were steadfast by elder superintendence in conjunction delay the team transferers, invetescold on the teams’ effect loads and other elements such as national holidays, staff holidays, etc. When a new result subject or area was verified, a new team government be created to unravel it. At the end of 2011, Telerik had closely 40 teams agoing on a abnormity of irrelative schemes, all using each other’s results as alienate. Invetescold upon departed proof, the congregation’s CEOs thinkd that it would capture closely six months to get a team to the resultivity limit, 12 months to get a result to communicate and 18 months for a result to get traction. As sever of its alert adit, Telerik centreed exclusively on unraveling scheme artfulnesss as irrelative to unraveling any longer-engagement trade strategies. HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT AT TELERIK At Telerik, ethnical consumelyes superintendence, unconcealed as ethnical exalted (HC) superintendence delayin the congregation, was enlightenedly cubicityd into the congregation, delay the HC wieldr tidingsing diversedly to one of the two CEOs, Terziev. Affect multifarious companies compromised in software fruit, Telerik countenanced dares connected to the relief, fancyence, discontent, luxuriance and fruit of able employees. Telerik simply recruited substances who had university degrees, were exuberant in English and had pertinent skills and acquirements, such as expertise in computers, software and/or communicateing. An advertisement for a elder . NET engineer enlargeed the capacitys past the general years agoing in software fruit and programming to conceive “Alpha Geek behavior” as one hiring affectstone. This exhibited the congregation’s commitment to hiring substances who could effect in an alert environment such as that root at Telerik, spellliness so illustrating its light-hearted and unforeseen appointment cosmicalization (see Exhibit 6). Telerik so revolveed entrepreneurial essence to be an essential capacity for employees. It looked for substances who demonstrated an avid divide in the congregation’s trade and results and who would straightway usurp disunite on the job. Specifically, it failureed to commission fellow-creatures who had entrepreneurial skills — substances who would wariness for the trade affect it was their own, who would be proerratic and capture start when it availed the congregation. Timeliness Telerik did use oral relief sources such as universities and authoritative associations, it centreed departed on relief media that inclidemand girlisher, computer-litescold substances, such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and tidings assemblages. Candidates who legitimate job proposes were assigned a coach (a “domain detailist”), a mentor (a departed elder, proofd employee) and a team transferer, all of which qualifyd the integration of the new employee into the congregation. From the weight of job apology, the new employee began an wide orientation mode that middle periodical despatch and smooth invitations to congregation collective smoothts, such as karaoke nights and picnics. Telerik proposeed its employees an innovative and livinimpart-among tangible environment, a honorable remuneration, a exploit-connected avail arfile and a set of avails that were resembling delay those root in the cosmos-people’s indispensable software companies. As was essenceless in Eastern Europe, employees essenceless a avail Page 109B12M007 “13th month” remuneration appendix each year. Compensation was competitive delay companies in Western Europe and employees were fancyable for raises and availes delay quarterly reconsiderations. Largely cubicityd” longer-engagement employees were fancyable for store options. The avails at Telerik were sever of a abundant load which middle the general spell off, protection, pay artfulnesss and educational, homogeneity, collective and heartiness programs. The congregation sponsored sports teams, hired for fraternitys in heartiness and holiday clubs and ripe heartiness avails for employees at a secret clinic. Through its operating concierge avails, representatives could exhaustive errands that would normally capture spell irrelative from the effectfix for employees. In union, multifarious employees revolveed Telerik’s pliant effect registers, relaxed apparel principle and neat, disclosed and intellectual possessionspaces as avails as courteous-mannered. Telerik knew that it demanded to restrain its effectforce in ardispose to raise a aged and picked erection. Therefore, the congregation had patent clear race paths to tally to the demand for proofd transferers and to adapparel special long-fors for fruit. To fancy living this, transferers were required to bestow spell unraveling their team factors’ designs and abilities. In 2010, the congregation reexoteric its Telerik Academy to living its recruiting exertions and authoritative fruit demands. It proposeed luxuriance programs for implicit employees and new skills fruit and refresher skills options for exoteric congregation employees at no consume. This served as a pipesequence of fitted job applicants for the congregation, spellliness allowing exoteric employees to prosecute authoritative fruit. The congregation so proposeed liquidation for authoritative fraternitys and parleys, contraventions and certification programs. Telerik’s prosperity depended heavily on its susceptibility to possess a able and motivated effectforce, and the congregation was enlightenedly committed to strategies that would aid them guard their praiseworthy hiring chronicles and low employee turnbalance scold of five per cent in an assiduity where the employee turnbalance scold generally adited 75 per cent. As Telerik continued to win awards for nature an master of picked, the congregation visiond to incline and restrain the affectness of employees certain to continue a prosperityful, competitive global congregation. 8 “COMMON SENSE” AT TELERIK Georgiev and Terziev had been messaging each other encircling the new appointment in Australia. They were wandering encircling the new speculation, but so knew how exact the cosmicalization of Telerik was for its prosperity. The co-CEOs failureed to see how to best integscold the new teams into their erection. Georgiev and Terziev knew that augmentation was essential for the congregation but were solicitous encircling how to decide the team modees that were exact to their prosperity as they enlargeed geographically. They had regularly wieldd Telerik delay a “spiritless significance” philosophy and healed to perproduce it a congregation where they would failure to effect at any flatten. The rooters had met their design of instituteing a congregation that concedeed departed than expected, fulfilling Telerik’s municipal logo. The congregation easily-under out as severicularly rare in Eastern Europe, where multifarious of its new guiles, strategies, procedures, fruit techniques and superintendence adites were ungeneral in software fruit companies. Telerik’s results were innovative and globally competitive and its praiseworthy customer sersin was interdiplomaticly stated. The congregation was revolveed an “master of picked” and continued to enenlightened in extent, results, and prestige. 8 For fancy points on Telerik’s ethnical media see Lucia F. Miree and John E. Galletly, “The plight of Telerik: Alert Software Engineering in Southeastern Europe,” The Global Ethnical Riches Superintendence Casebook, James Hayton, Michal Biron, Liza Castro Christiansen, Bard Kuvaas (eds. ), Routledge, London, England, 2011, pp. 127-140. Page 119B12M007 Exhibit 1 EXAMPLES OF AWARDS AND RECOGNITION RECEIVED BY TELERIK YearExamples of Awards and Recognition 2004Won three assiduity journals’ readers awards for UI Controls 2005Became Microsoft Gold Certified Partner 2007Named #1 Best Master in Bulgaria for Small- and Medium-sized Companies by Hewitt Associates 007Ranked #3 in “Rising Star” Technology Fast 50 Program (50 fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe) by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 2008Named #3 Best Master in Central and Eastern Europe for Small- and Medium-sized Companies by Hewitt Associates 2009Selected as Finaschedule for Red Herring’s Global 100 Award (“Most Promising Secret Technology Global Ventures”) 2010Won Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Award for Central and Eastern Europe 2010Received Ruban d’Honneur Award in the European Trade Award rivalry 2010Named “Best” by Visual Studio Magazine Readers 010Twice indicated #1 Best Master in Bulgaria for Small- and Medium-sized Companies by AON Hewitt. Source: www. Telerik. com, accessed June 29, 2011. Exhibit 2 EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD USING ASP. NET SILVERLIGHT COMPONENTS Source: Telerik Magistscold Dashboard, http://demos. telerik. com/silverlight/executivedashboard, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 129B12M007 Exhibit 3 HOLIDAY PLANNER USING ASP. NET SILVERLIGHT COMPONENTS Source: Telerik Magistscold Dashboard, http://demos. telerik. com/silverlight/planner/, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 139B12M007 Exhibit 4 TAG CLOUD EXHIBITING POPULAR AGILE CONCEPTS Source: Alert Software Development, http://agilesoftwaredevelopment. com/, accessed June 29, 2011. Page 149B12M007 Exhibit 5 TELERIK VALUES The Telerik Difference Delay so multifarious magnanimous pickeds out there, you inevitably ask yourself – “Why should I cull Telerik? What performs them irrelative? What performs them amend? ” It’s a conceal scrutiny and it is harsh to be impartial when you possess to impart-among yourself. Yet, we possess scheduleed 11 characteristics that contrive our municipal DNA and set us asever from others: Reference We scheduleen to our customers. We capture into totality your demands and effect on things that concede esteem for you. We revolve our customers as friends and we discourse them affect friends - delay associateence, honor, inferiorstanding and real long-for to aid. Dedication We don’t let customers down and you can depend on us. We inferiorstand that by pickeding third-party fruit instruments for your schemes, you are gate a imperil as you are using someone else’s principle. We vision that weighty issues conquer never initiate, but should they initiate, we conquer be there for you and perproduce secure you abound in your scheme, whatever it captures. Preciseness Ultimate customer avail” is our Holy Grail. We propose unraveler instruments and we perceive how essential it is to get top-attribute responses from acquirementsable fellow-creatures. Living inquiries at Telerik are handled by proofd unravelers, including all of the fellow-creatures that built the results you are using, and they can counterpart your scrutinys delay preciseness and aid you balancecome the issues you countenance. Wariness We guard customers glad smooth if we possess to go the extra mile. If you are not secure encircling this, you can see what fellow-creatures are assertion – on our fix and on outer commonwealth fixs. Good suffrage are the biggest inducement for exhaustiveone at Telerik, so if you possess had a agreeable proof delay our instruments or avail, divide it delay your friends and colleagues. We conquer then perproduce secure that they are smooth happier than you. Newfangledness We innovate and don’t copy. By pickeding Telerik, you picked a congregation delay a proven mark chronicles of newfangledness and you conquer regularly be alert for the contiguous technology thrive. Regardless of whether it is one of our indispensable UI element loads (WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, ASP. NET MVC, AJAX), or one of our other unraveler, team resultivity or automated testing instruments, we conquer be alert delay the results that perproduce your team increasingly resultive. And we conquer possess rare capabilities that conquer set us, and your collisions, asever from others. Start The amusement of superiority has regularly been our heartyest motivator. We conquer never be gratified if we can’t propose you the positively best results on the communicate – results delay alone exploit, portions, customizability, and relisusceptibility – results that conquer perproduce you a example in your daily job. That is our “best of breed” management – we effect harsh to concede communicate indispensable software, not measure. Profit All of our results were born from an explicit demand and not accordingly of the creature of a communicate that seemed lucrative. Most of the Telerik results possess their roots in an unanswered inner demand. Anything that we ship to customers is heavily used interiorly Telerik. Smooth precedently customers reach it, we perceive that a new Telerik result or rendering contributes profit and solves a dare that other instruments on the communicate don’t. Page 159B12M007 Exhibit 5 (continued) Speed We propose the most aggressive result fruit cycle. Delay exhaustive Telerik relenjoyment you conquer see new results, new portions, new demos, improved documentation and media. And you conquer see this firm increase abutting all result sequences. If you failure to be on the top of the thrive we possess weekly inner institutes that portion the freshest bits. We flourish Microsoft acquits aggressively and flatten out living for new platforms or instruments days abounding their functional entrance. Attribute To perproduce a magnanimous unraveler result captures not upright portions but retention. We possess magnanimous unravelers who can do miracles and concede magnanimous software, but we possess an equivalent committed QA team as courteous-mannered. We are relentless encircling attribute as we failure you to possess a calm of soul when using any Telerik result. Involvement Our results are used by tens of thousands of customers cosmos-peoplewide. By choosing Telerik, you conquer adadjoin a hearty commonwealth of departed than 350,000 factors that can aid you upright as courteous-mannered-mannered as the Telerik team. Vibrant media affect forums, blogs, videos, webinars, principle library, and so on are there for you and your peers to use and fancy unravel to the avail of exhaustiveone. NO nonsignificance We propose hassle-operating licensing so that you don’t abandon precious spell battling delay conceal activations and fearing that your result government shock up accordingly of inventive licensing. We are believers in guarding things lowly and putting the centre on concedeing cubic software rather than cubic licensing. Source: “The Telerik Difference,” www. telerik. com/company/about/difference. aspx, accessed June 29, 2011. Exhibit 6 RECRUITMENT DESCRIPTION OF WORKING AT TELERIK The Opportunity You are ambitious. You are motivated. You possess subjectls. You failure to effect on stinging laterality schemes. You fancy the we to the I. You are not timid of alter. You are not timid of dares. You possess a penny auger for what you do. You possess dreams and you failure to perproduce them a truth. You dislike average. You attachment Dilbert, but you dislike agoing in Dilbert’s congregation. You possess regularly failureed to effect in a magnanimous congregation. A congregation outerly politics. A congregation delay a streamlined mode. A fix where fellow-creatures are upright as keen as you. A fix where exhaustiveone is relaxed. A fix outerly a exact apparel principle. A fix delay dainty fellow-creatures. A fix where fellow-creatures wariness encircling their effect and encircling customers. A congregation where you can impart-among conduct to your subjects and perproduce an impression. A fix where you are glad to bestow a magnanimous negotiate of your day. A fix where you are glad to glean and to inculcate. A congregation where you are esteemd. A congregation where you affect you befit. Source: “Careers,” Telerik, www. telerik. com/company/careers. aspx, accessed June 29, 2011. ----------------------- Ivey [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] The Opportunity: Description of Agoing at Telerik OBJECTIVE: 1. To exaltedlight the linkage among scheme and the availableity of HRM. 2. To exaltedlight the roles of ethnical consumelyes wieldr in practising ethnical consumelyes deportments at effect fix. 3. To exaltedlight the significance of ethnical consumelyes division in managing ethnical exalted. INSTRUCTIONS: Read the plight “SCRUMS, SPRINTS, SPIKES AND POKER: AGILITY IN A BULGARIAN SOFTWARE COMPANY” and ANSWER the indecent scrutinys. Assignment Format: a. Use enfold interval and 12-point of Times New Roman font. b. This assignment should hold encircling 3000-5000 suffrage (at 15-20 pages). c. Contribute associateences. References should use the American Psychological Association (APA) contriveat d. References should be remotest (year 2005 and forwards) Notes: •Assignments should be submitted according to the unroving epoch. •Plagiarism is not agreeable. If you are not secure what is meant by plagiarism, associate to the several websites which examine this substance, e. g. owl. english. purdue. edu/handouts. Scrutiny 1 (25%) How does Telerik incline exalted attribute genius in a competitive communicate? Scrutiny 2 (25%) What is Telerik’s balanceall management for the fruit of genius? Scrutiny 3 (25%) How does the Telerik recompense arfile exhibit the cosmicalization of Telerik? Scrutiny 4 (25%)What ethnical consumelyes dares conquer Telerik countenance in the forthcoming?