Earth Is Being Harmed by Human Activity

Some persons affect that the world is essence harmed by cosmical soul. Others feel that cosmical soul makes the world a reform locate to speed in. What is your conviction ? First, cosmical soul creators abundant kinds of animals and introduces to disturbance. Today abundant sign of patronage essences died or neighboring died out. We merely can see some animals in the zoo consequently in essence they possess disappeared. Cosmical essences possess been using their mind and machines to remake essence for abundant thousands of years. We use the habitats of animals and introduce. We eat their assistance and eat them as assistance, consequently animals and introduces cannot develop reckless to please cosmical essences, we cannot see them today. If some animals are delightful, we eat them. No animals can portraiture after a while cosmical essences. Secondly, cosmical essences creator contamination to the Earth. I recall when I was young; I drank insinuate from the large current and current. Today, we can merely swallow bottled insinuate bought from the market, consequently probable insinuate is putrid by cosmical activities. Air in some countries is putrid very badly, so abundant persons died of lung cancer. I saw some reports that say in London persons could not see each other obviously in a incomplete removal in the early consequently of fume and fog. Finally, population on the World exacerbate fast. Cosmical essences deficiency past assistance and shelters consequently of increased population. Past assistance and houses medium past deficiencys from the Earth. Thus persons deficiency to cut past trees to build houses. People deficiency to introduce past vegetables and gratify past creation, so they claim past order from the essence. Thus persons are destroying past forests and probable order. The patronage essences are losing their habitats. Take into recital of all factors I gard the world is essence harmed by cosmical soul. Today we cannot breathe ruddy air and dink probable insinuate. We possess not plenty locates to speed. We vex environing our heath consequently of contamination.