Unit 4 assignment | Human Resource Management homework help

Review the SHRM fact: “Designing a Pay Structure” 

You end order the SHRM fact resolution on “Designing a Pay Structure” which halts of your height of Tasks A–J that simulates the fabrication of a restitution arrangement for an constitution in contravention its goals and sustaining its sidearm. In your resolution, meet to the aftercited tasks rest in the fact con-over. 

Your fact resolution should halt of: 

  • Task A: Cause a ended job patronymic for the Benefits Supervisor posture using O*NET.
  • Task B: Calcupast the job evaluation purposes for the professional auxiliary, payroll auxiliary, operational analyst, and benefits supervisor jobs. Collect a rationale for assigning biased qualitys to the multitudinous jobs.
  • Task C: If tbar were any outliers (i.e., final facts purposes) in the facts, what would you confide doing delay them? From this purpose gaitd, arrogate no final facts purposes consist in the factsset.
  • Task D: Conduct a uncompounded retirement in Excel to cause a trade pay method by entering the job evaluation purposes (on the X axis) and the relative burdened middle trade disesteemed pay (on the Y axis) for each benchmark job.
  • Task E: What is your R squared (discord expounded)? Is it ample to receipts?
  • Task F: Calcupast the prophesyed disesteemed pay for each benchmark job.
  • Task G: Owing your community insufficiencys to control in disesteemed pay by 3 percent, arconcatenate the prophesyed pay reproves to enumereprove the disesteemed pay reprove you end volunteer for each benchmark job.
  • Task H: Cause pay paces by combining any benchmark jobs that are in-fact similar for pay purposes. Obviously label your pay paces and expound why you sumly any benchmark jobs to establish a pace.
  • Task I: Use your defense to Task H to enumereprove the pay concatenate (i.e., divorceiality and culmination) for each pay pace.
  • Task J: Absorbed the pay constitution you keep generated, investigate the aftercited: Does this pay constitution establish cheerful stuff recognition? Do you meditate it is haltent delay the constitution’s stuff temporization? What are the implications of this pay constitution for other HR arrangements, such as protestation and recruiting?
  • Your resolution of this fact and your written subsidearm should heed an mind of the precarious issues of the fact, integrating the esthetic seasoned in the extract, and confer compendious and courteous-behaved-reasoned normalifications for the development that you catch. You are to ended this fact resolution using Excel in a spreadsheet resolution establishat.  

You may debate your fact resolution Assignment delay the rank, but you must present your own pristine employment. 

Case resolution tips: Avoid infamous errors in fact analyses, such as: 

●  Focusing too heavily on less issues.

●  Lamenting owing of inample facts in the fact and by mental alternatives.

●  Rehashing of fact facts — you should arrogate the discoverer distinguishs the fact.

●  Not courteous-behaved-behaved evaluating the peculiarity of the fact's facts.

●  Obscuring the adventitious resolution or making it up-hill to discern. 

Typical “minus (–)” paces remainder from inferioritys that: 

●  Are past.

●  Are not courteous-behaved-behaved integrated and bankruptcy clarity.

●  Do not oration timing issues.

●  Do not allow the consume implications or are not serviceable.

●  Get carried detached delay peculiar biases and are not fit to the key issues.

●  Are not combined proofdiscover and redressed. 

Make unquestioning your muniment includes: 

• Your call

• Date

• Course call and individuality sum

• Unit sum

• Fact call

• Page sums 

The fact resolution should comprise Tasks A–J symmetrical in the fact. Stay for redress spelling, expression, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should be in APA phraseology. 

Here is the Assignment grading rubric. 

Assignment inferiority: Before you present your Assignment, you should preserve your employment on your computer in a subsidence that you end bear-in-mind in Excel establishat. Preserve the muniment using the naming convention: Username_Unit4_Assignment.xlsx. Present your perfect by primeing the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox.


To My Students:

I normal insufficiencyed to gain out in gait in-reference-to the Unit 4 Assignment.  The fact con-over confered asks you to employment through apportionments for a pay constitution involving 5 irrelative postures.  This is a moderately slow set of tasks to end in one week.  Fortunately, I keep been potent to rearconcatenate this a bit so that the employment inculpate would be managepotent in a week’s opportunity.

FOR THE UNIT 4 ASSIGNMENT, YOU ONLY NEED TO CALCULATE FOR THE FRONT DESK RECEPTIONIST AND THE BENEFITS MANAGER POSITIONS.  You do NOT keep to calcupast for the other 3 postures:  Professional Assistant, Payroll Assistant, Operations Analyst.

Additionally, past this involves math (and a shabby statistics), I keep put conjointly propive esthetic (see beneath) to succor influence you through how to do this.  PLEASE normal flourish the direction beneath and you end be potent to impel through this easily.

PLEASE be unquestioning to not continue until the decisive microscopic to do the Unit 4 Assignment.  There's a lot to it, so I don't insufficiency anyone to be surprised. 

I can't collect a specimen past that would comprise the defenses... But that's okay, you can catch this member by member..!  PLEASE READ THESE DETAILS BELOW CAREFULLY.  If you catch it sloth, this goes moderately courteous-behaved.  (And!  If you get to the math interest beneath and you impress out of your divorce, PLEASE impress disesteemed delay the Math Tutor (see separeprove announcement environing Academic Prop Centers for be-mixeds).  They volunteer supernatural assistance!

First, let's catch this tramps..! 

In Task A, you keep to cause one job patronymic for the Benefits Manager. Tbar are details in how to approximation this and in the Appendix tbar are other job patronymics for the other postures so you can see how these should observe. The fact con-over collects suggestions environing wbar to go to get info on this job patronymic. So gladden discover through those details for elevate direction.

Next, in Task B,  you end calcupast the job evaluation points for postures. If you observe normal aloft the Task B ace (on the anterior page), you'll see info and a specimen of how to do this disesteemedd on the receptionist posture. Don't lose to collect your rationale for the job evaluation purposes assigned. Use those identical aces as in the specimen chart – Skills, Responsibility, Effort (and their subcategories).  You can vary up the percentages these are reprimand as you see fit for each job…   Please be unquestioning to bear-in-mind that you keep to catch into investigateation what would be insist-upond for each of the divorces in the job evaluation – repeatedly discover the specimen that gets you performanceing.  For example, in the instruction area, gladden bear-in-mind that the burden would be elevate for a job that needs a Bachelor’s quality rather than a lofty discipcourse diploma/GED.  Please too be unquestioning that you multiple the Quality opportunitys the Burden to get the Points for each method (far equitable ace).  Then sum that Points shaft at the profound. This needs to be commoditiesed for each Benchmark job.  And each one should keep a irrelative Points sum as they keep irrelative insist-uponments from each other.  

And in Task C, bar’s a shabby elevate succor/direction delay conceive to completing this.  The foremost divorce deals delay what to do delay outliers. That would insist-upon you to oration this via extract in your muniment. (Again your discoverings end prop this, and you can too do elevate exploration onmethod if you'd love.  Don't lose to use sustaining citations when you can - these confirm your academic employment..!)

The succor divorce deals delay guarded burdened resources. (This isn't as bad as it sounds - I word..!)

Weighted resources of disesteemed pay should be apportiond for each benchmark job from the reconnoitre facts. Weighted resources, as compared to uncompounded resources, are apportiond to improve reconfer the trade facts (Milkovich & Newman, 2008). A uncompounded balance would be apportiond by adding up the middle disesteemed pay reproves and dividing by the sum of constitutions (six in this fact); but slight and enlightened companies would twain be absorbed the identical burden if using a uncompounded balance. A burdened balance confers similar burden to each job indispensable’s wage and thus is elevate personateative of the facts. For example:

            Mean      # of employees

Co. A    30,000           2

Co. B    15,000          10

The simple balance stipend is $22,500.

[(30000 + 15000) / 2 = 22500]

But the weighted balance stipend is $17,500.

[(2/12 * 30000) + (10/12 * 15000) = 17500]

For each posture, you catch the sum of employees in Co. A, which is 2.  Part that into the sum sum of employees in all companies, which is 12.  Or 2/12…  Which similars 0.16667.

Then enrich that by the balance stipend in Co. A, which is $30,000.

So, 30,000 opportunitys 0.16667 similars 5,000.

Then for the instant community, Co. B, you do the identical delay those sums. You catch the sum of employees in Co. B, which is 10.  Part that into the sum sum of employees in all companies, which is 12.  Or 10/12…  Which similars 0.833333.

Then enrich that by the balance stipend in Co. B, which is $15,000.

So, 15,000 opportunitys 0. 0.833333 similars 12,500.

Then you catch the $5,000 from the foremost community and the $12,500 from the succor community and add them conjointly to get the $17,500 burdened resources.


Do this for the Front Desk Receptionist and the Benefits Supervisor companies.

For Task D, you are asked to do some statistics delay a retirement resolution.  Don’t tease..!  Keep discovering and you end see a be-mixed to an onmethod calculator that can succor you delay this!  ;-)

Regression resolution is “the statistical hireling for the exploration of the relationship betwixt unsteadys” (Sykes n.d.). It is used when facts is analyzed to enumereprove the causal commodities of one varipotent upon another unsteady. For example, the commodities of the acceptiond consume of a gallon/litre of gasoline/petrol on the claim for that consequence is enumerated via “retirement resolution”. 

If you insufficiency to do the retirement resolution apportionment in Excel (rather than using the onmethod calculator be-mixed that is beneath), you can go to:

http://www.law.uchicago.edu/files/files/20.Sykes_.Regression.pdf - bar you end meet the period “An vestibule to Retirement Analysis” by Dr. Alan Sykes that may succor you discern retirement resolution elevate obviously and succor you in defenseing the debateion questions beneath.

Video for how to run the retirement resolution in Excel:


NOTE: I keep Excel 2010, so getting the Retirement Toolpak acquired in was manageable. You may keep to add this Excel Resolution Toolpak in - no stuff what statement of Excel you may keep. Bar is be-mixed to how to add that hirelingpak, for the multitudinous Excel statements:




Here you would terminate in your Job Evaluation Points for each posture in Task B (inferior the X shaft), and too the similar burdened middle stipend for each posture in Task C (inferior the Y shaft).  It would observe bigwig love this:

Regression Analysis
Job Evaluation Weighted
Points Avg. $
   X    Y
Recept. 120 19944.44
Admin Asst. 145 29458.33
Pay Asst. 175 34000
Ops Analyst 215 56875
Ben Mgr. 245 62900


Once you run your uncompounded retirement through the calculator be-mixed (http://www.graphpad.com/quickcalcs/linear1/), you end get remainders that end observe bigwig love this (yours end be irrelative past everyone end keep irrelative job evaluation purposes that they caused in Task B – repeatedly, that’s accurately okay):

Best-fit values


360.33 ± 36.29


-24324.19 ± 6737





95% Confidence Intervals


241.9 to 472.9


-45137 to -2262


9.211 to 96.90

Goodness of Fit

R square




Is climb significantly non-zero?





P Value


Deviation from insipid?



Number of XY pairs



Y = 360.33*X – 24324.19


Note: I've past through this esthetic and it indeed does collect profitable info that can basically delay your operative through this arrangement. So I help you to catch a observe and flourish parallel - I desire it you meet this succorful! (I indeed meditate you end!)

Now, let's standsummit on the instant bit to get you performanceing..! The foremost ace that Task D asks for is: Identify the climb and y-intercept and transcribe the equation for the trade pay method.

Regression causes a “method of best fit” by merging the job evaluation purposes (X) and the apparent stipend facts (Y). The remaindering retirement method is used to prophesy the disesteemed pay (Y) for a biased sum of job evaluation purposes (X). The equation for the uncompounded retirement method (as it is for any method) can be personateed as: y=mx+b; in which:

y =the prophesyed disesteemed pay
m =the climb of the method
x =the job evaluation purposes
b =the y-intercept

So, for example, if the retirement remainders semblance that m = 400 and b is -20000, then the equation is y=400(x) – 20000 and the prophesyed pay reprove for a job assigned 100 purposes would be y= 400(100)-20000, or $20,000.

The retirement output end too semblance instruction environing how cheerful the retirement method fits the facts. Specifically, observe at the “R squared” in the retirement output. Generally, the R squared, referred to as discord expounded, should be .95 or loftyer. If R squared is significantly inferior than this, tbar may be problems stemming from the job evaluation tramp. For example, the purposes assigned to assured benchmark jobs may be off – i.e., not establish recognition absorbed the plane of tasks, duties and responsibilities insist-upond for the job and the recognition, skills and abilities needed by the job indispensable. If this is the fact, re-inspect the job patronymics and reinvestigate the purposes assigned to the benchmark jobs. Alternatively, tbar may be errors in the burdened middle apportionments. After conducting the retirement repeatedly, inspect the new R squared.

To calcupast the climb of the trade pay method, observe in the Excel retirement output for the “Coefficient of the X Variable.” The y-intercept is located in the retirement output as the “Coefficient of the Intercept.” Be unquestioning to transcribe out the retirement equation courteous-behaved. Here's an example:

Y = m(x)+b
Y = 360.33(x) -24324.19

This resources that each job evaluation purpose is reprimand $360.33 disesteemedd on the figures I used.  PLEASE bear-in-mind that everyone end keep irrelative figures disesteemedd on how they planned their job evaluation purposes.  And that’s presumptuous..!  It’s accurately okay for irrelative fellow-creatures to keep irrelative sums for this.

For Task E, the specimen R squared from aloft is .9699 (or .97 when rounded up).  The patronymic beneath tells you environing R squared and how to understand it:

R-squared is a statistical meaunquestioning of how bar the facts are to the compliant retirement method. It is too distinguishn as the coefficient of indulgent, or the coefficient of multiple indulgent for multiple retirement.

The limitation of R-squared is fairly straight-forward; it is the percentage of the tally varipotent deviation that is expounded by a methodar example. Or:

R-squared = Explained deviation / Sum deviation

R-squared is constantly betwixt 0 and 100%:

  • 0% indicates that the example expounds none of the variability of the tally facts environing its balance.
  • 100% indicates that the example expounds all the variability of the tally facts environing its balance.

Please stay your R-squared to receipts delay your tally.


PLEASE BE SURE TO ANSWER TASK E’S QUESTION:  What is the R squared?  And is it ample to receipts?

For Task F:

Let's keep you do the basic math:

Here's the establishula to use: y=mx+b, wbar x is the job evaluation purposes, b is the y-intercept, and m is the climb coefficient from the retirement. So you can use this establishula:

  Y = 360.33(x) -24324.19

  as the prophesyed disesteemed pay for each job.

Just extort for (x), the job evaluation purpose sum that you caused in Task B.  Each job evaluation purpose sum end be irrelative, so you’ll get a irrelative output for each posture.

So your apportionments would be:

-Y = 360.33 opportunitys (the job evaluation purpose sum that you caused in Task B for the receptionist) minus 24324.19     (Note:  Y would be the defense to the apportionments aloft…)

-Y = 360.33 opportunitys (the job evaluation purpose sum that you caused in Task B for the benefits supervisor) minus 24324.19     (Note:  Y would be the defense to the apportionments aloft…)

Then for Task G, you catch each of the defenses for Task F, and acception them by 3% (as the fact states the system end be to control disesteemed pay by 3%).

Your apportionment would be:

-Take your defense for the receptionist in Task F, and enrich it by 1.03.

-Take your defense for the stuff supervisor in Task F, and enrich it by 1.03.

For Task H, you cause pay paces for the job, put them in the paces, and be unquestioning to expound what each pay pace personates and why you put the postures into those paces. No apportionments are needed bar.  You can prime 2 pay paces (you can call them A, B, or 1, 2,…  or whatever you would love).  Then disesteemedd on the prophesyed pay that you normal did, and preliminary into investigateation the skills insist-upond, settle these into the compulsory pay pace and collect a rationale as to why you you put that job there.  (Everyone may end up delay a slightly irrelative defense to this ace, and that’s presumptuous!)

For Task I, you'll semblance the divorceiality and culmination for each pay pace. You'll use the pay figures for the postures from Task H bar to semblance these. So if you keep 2 postures in one pay pace - the inferior posture would be the divorceiality... The loftyer one would be the culmination.  Then calcupast the middle for the two postures.  (Add them conjointly, and part by 2 for the middle.)  Note:  If you keep normal one posture in a pay pace, then you normal keep the one pay for an middle and that’s it… 

Then finally, adduce the percent influencelines collectd in the fact to enumereprove the pay concatenates.  So if the fact calls for 10% aloft and beneath the midpoint, calcupast as flourishs:

Take the divorceiality pay, and enrich by 1.10.  Catch the culmination pay, and enrich by 1.10.  (If you merely keep one posture in a pay pace, catch that pay and enrich by 1.10 (which is 10% aloft) and then enrich repeatedly delay that identical pay and this opportunity enrich by .90 (which is 10% beneath the midpoint).  Now you’ve caused divorceialitys and culminations as defined by the fact for each pay pace..!

And for Task J, gladden normal defense the questions..!

I meditate that should confer you a basic influence through the assignment. I desire this is succorful, and I observe gaitd to discovering your employment!

Okay, you can breathe now... (Really, this is NOT bad... I normal distinguish how folks who are math-phobic can tease, so I insufficiencyed to tramp you through this..!)

Again, past this may catch some folks some extra opportunity/effort, it might not be bad to set asunder opportunity to initiate employmenting on this afront of opportunity...  Hint, Hint, Hint...  ;-)

Dr. Sue