Synthesis paper: doctoral identity- rubrics, template, articles, and


In Subject-matter 2, you were asked to  read three creed on the subject-matter of doctoral sameness and to exhaustive an  annotated bibliography to testimony their intellect of the  material. In Subject-matter 3, you were asked to assume this manner a stride advance  and fulfill disquisitions ground in the three creed and to exhaustive a  syntopic worksheet where the disquisitions were protected by testimony from  each stipulation. In this assignment, you gain establish on your worksheet  efforts and transcribe a pamphlet encircling the three disquisitions. The fact gain not  only bestow the testimony from the creed to foundation the signed  themes, but as-well gain produce an segregation for each disquisition by synthesizing  the counsel placid.

General Requirements:

  • Locate the Syntopic Worksheet you exhaustived in Subject-matter 3.
  • Locate and download "Syntopic Pamphlet Template" from the Course Materials for this subject-matter.
  • Review the creed by Baker & Pifer (2011), Gardner (2009), and  Smith & Hatmaker (2014) located in the Course Materials for this  topic.
  • This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric previous to foundation  the assignment to behove intimate delay the expectations for prosperous  completion.


Using the Syntopic Worksheet you exhaustived in Subject-matter 3 and  considering the disquisitions you plain and the feedback produced by your  instructor, transcribe a pamphlet (1,000-1,250 say) that synthesizes the three  articles. Your pamphlet should embrace the following:

  1. An vestibule that introduces and produces tenor for the subject-matter.  This embraces giving a brief style of each stipulation and its  purpose, fulfilling the three disquisitions that emerged from your balbutiation,  describing how they gain be discussed in the pamphlet, and bestowing a  clear topic declaration.
  2. Support for your signed disquisitions delay testimony from each stipulation.  Provide segregation of these findings to confirm your fact.
  3. A discourse of the conclusions that can be drawn when the creed  are assumen simultaneously as a one being. What is the overall missive of  the bunch of creed?