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28. True or False. Below U.S. law, any idiosyncratic who pays taxes can supply to an IRA, and the aids are tax-free.


44. True or False. Managers, executives, and inferior smooth employees should all go through the corresponding model of ending course.


49. True or False. If an structure gives license benefits further those required by law, it should never construct a declarative declaration encircling this in its handbook


51. Which of the forthcoming tolls does not systematicly neglect to be considered resting on the interpolitical allot-toment?

A. Person-structure fit

B. Personality-job fit

C. Phraseology power

D. Suitpower of direct family


52. The ERISA Act requires all of the forthcoming except:

A. All employees who own toiled for further than one year and are et 21 years of age must be giveed competition in any aggregation-sponsored seclusion intentions.

B. Federal vesting rules must be followed, delay a acme vesting continuance of 100% at five years, or 20% per year from years 3 through 7.

C. Employee seclusion accounts must be wieldable. When the employee diversifys jobs, their seclusion funds can be communicated to their new employer or another striveed investment.

D. Fiduciaries who wield aggregation seclusion programs must act below the cautious man concept that says they should use anxiety and attention when investing seclusion funds.

E. All employers must afford some construct of employee seclusion intention for employees who are et the age of 21 and who solicit seclusion accounts.


53. Maria is conducting a job evaluation in her structure by nonobservance each job down into element expertnesss or abilities. After she completes that operation, she complete allot-to points to each expertness or power installed on its inaptitude. Maria is using the ________ order of job evaluation.

a. job ranking

b. point-factor

c. content comparison

d. job hierarchy


54. Giorgio studiedly inserted an Internet introduce into his aggregation's computer intentions owing he sordid low evaluation scores this continuance. Giorgio is adulterated of:

A. Gross negligence

B. Direct cause

C. A mistake

D. Employee hindrance to diversify

E. Serious misconduct


55. Fickle pay is:

A. pay installed on the abatement of the aggregation’s fickle costs.

B. pay that varies installed on the calculate of hours an employee toils.

C. a reimbursement made to a supplier in multiple installments.

D. pay accorded on the fixation of indivisible results or deed.

E. a reimbursement made to employees installed on completeingness to toil ettime.


56. John is systematicly toiling to emend his cultural wealth owing his structure emulates on a global flake delay facilities in frequent irrelative countries and no true “headquarters” in any country. John’s structure is in the ________ quantity of urbane globalization.

a. domestic

b. interpolitical

c. multinational

d. transnational


57. Signs of implicit profanation conceive all but:

A. unrecorded threats

B. stalking and harassment

C. alcohol and/or garbage abuse

D. employee cohesion

E. studied possessions damage


58. Carl was traffic delay a unmanagepowerful employee substance. Doubting that he can tarry extrinsic in the site, Carl asks Andrei to aid him instruct the site. It answers Carl is using the _________ divine advent.

a. Golden Rule

b. four-way test

c. stakeholders’ advent

d. farsightedness and advice


59. Katrina’s structure is hiring for low-skilled jobs in an activity where unemployment is proud and it is indulgent to meet renovation toilers. Adopting a(n) ________ structutrue philosophy on pay could concede her to commission sufficiency of toilers.

a. wage compression

b. below-the-market

c. pay for longevity

d. emulatency-installed pay


60. Treatment suspects it was Ramon who tipped off a prophylactic superintendent that one of the wieldrs had obscure chemicals from the lab in the shaft of his car until the slip was completed. After the slip, wieldrs began changing Ramon’s register and job duties daily. Ramon fix that he could not intention for his outcome to be anxietyd for occasion he was at toil owing his toil register kept changing. Eventually, Ramon resign. It is movely Ramon conversant __________ dismiss.

a. wrongful

b. constructive

c. economic

d. express


61. Wynona met an old confidant for lunch. During the abstinence, Wynona mentioned that her aggregation neglected some aid on their tax communicationing. Wynona’s confidant said that she was now an accounting consultant and had toiled delay frequent topical structures to streamline their tax communications. Wynona gave her a observation of the tax notice for the aggregation the contiguous day and showed her confidant what the consequences were. A week aftercited, Wynona’s confidant brought completed copies of the tax constructs essential for Wynona’s aggregation to her appointment. It would answer that Wynona created a(n) ________ retrench when she gave her confidant the tax constructs.

a. express

b. implied

c. quasi

d. collective


62. ESOPs motivate employees owing _______________.

a. employees complete get notpower for nothing

b. employees complete act further move owners

c. employees can diminish their toil register

d. employees can foresee prouder mean pay


63._____ structures keep to admire that their prizes and humanization are loftier to others and they complete hence constantly cull to staff interpolitical facilities delay residence-country wieldrs.

a. Ethocentric

b. Polycentric

c. Regiocentric

d. Geocentric


64. What arrangement is used to fix that a aggregation investigates any disciplinary resuscitation enslaved bigly and fairly and constructs absolute that the disciplinary resuscitation fits the smooth of the enormity?

A. The coaching model

B. The seven tests for Direct Cause

C. Employee countenance programs

D. The government model

E. The legislation of conduct


65. Macy’s structure affords order vigor prophylactic to its employees. According to the ________, the structure must consequence a “Summary Intention Description” that describes the intention and how it toils in uninterrupted phraseology.

a. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985

b. Vigor Prophylactic Portpower and Accountpower Act of 1996

c. Employee Seclusion Income Carelessness Act of 1974

d. Collective Security


66. Jacob’s wieldr asks him to addirect a order accelerate for the structure. The wieldr tells Jacob that if he sanctions the allot-toment, he complete be accorded Employee of the Month. Jacob has adjustd order accelerates in the elapsed and knows how considerpowerful toil is compromised. He does not vacillate that his wieldr can yield on the assurance of the accord. However, Jacob has systematicly meditation that the accord was unwise. According to foreseeancy hypothesis, Jacob is unmotivated to sanction the allot-toment owing _________ is scant.

a. valence

b. instrumentality

c. foreseeancy

d. emblemificance


67. Executive pay in the construct of a protracted aid to the executive’s seclusion accounts is one of the most sordid constructs of _________ seclusion funds.

A. governed

B. striveed

C. nonqualified

D. challenged


68. When a idiosyncratic does notpower owing they move it, it is sensational and idiosyncratically satisfying, and they neglect to do it, they are receiving _______________.

A. Intrinsic rewards

B. External rewards

C. Altruistic rewards

D. Autonomous rewards

E. Extrinsic rewards


69. Alexander did not construct frequent sales this territory. He considered adding a few fake entries to his territoryly communication. However, he ruled not to do so when the boss mentioned that the new computer software is calculated to lay-hands-on any inconsistencies. It answers Alexander is at the _________ of probpowerful crop.

a. precustomary smooth

b. customary smooth

c. postcustomary smooth

d. neocustomary smooth


70. OSHA cited a manufacturing aggregation for a __________ permutation for exposing toilers to laagered exposed toolry. An slip fix that the aggregation removed the tool protecting to acception the hurry of fruit output and knowingly unreserved toilers to effect the tools in this smooth habit.

a. completeful

b. serious

c. other than serious

d. de minimis


71. Melissa’s boss told her to diversify the calculates on a et sheet to construct things observe rectify for an upcoming board consultation. Melissa does not neglect to do it, but she truely neglects the job. She decides to go forward and construct the diversify. It answers Melissa’s defence for her undivine demeanor is ________.

a. Disregard or contortion of consequences

b. I did it for the cheerful of others or the aggregation

c. I was singly forthcoming signal

d. I’m not as bad as the others


72. Kyle is mindhither from toiling etperiod to get his projects executed. His wieldr asked another employee to aid Kyle delay his toil so that Kyle can toil systematic hours delay no ettime. According to attainments hypothesis, this is __________.

a. absolute auxiliaries

b. indirect auxiliaries

c. punishment

d. accident auxiliaries.


73. Model A idiosyncraticalities test ________________________.

A. the corresponding quantity of emphasis as Model B idiosyncraticalities

B. hither emphasis than Model B idiosyncraticalities

C. further emphasis than Model B idiosyncraticalities

D. infinite emphasis


74. Acme Global is closing one of its intentionts directly and laying off all 200 toilers. As segregate of the blank wall, Acme Global complete imdivorce each employee at the intentiont 60 days of pay and benefits. This complete aid Acme Global to be in yielding delay the _________.

a. Railway Strive Act of 1926

b. National Strive Relations Act of 1935

c. Worker Adjustment and Reinoculation Notification Act of 1988

d. Strive Treatment Reporting Discloabsolute Act of 1959


75. Alfred has solicited uncompensated license to anxiety for his aidmate. She was injured occasion serving in the Army in Afghanistan. Alfred may be governmentful to siege this license and revert to his peculiar job (or an equipollent one) below ________.

a. Collective Security

b. the Affordpowerful Anxiety Act

c. the Family Medical License Act

d. Medicare


76. Below the subject of urbane collective allegiance, companies must do the forthcoming:

A. afford employees delay certain toiling stipulations

B. afford consumers delay certain fruits and services

C. emulate fairly delay competitors

D. all of the rares are correct


77. What percentage of interpolitical allot-toments lose bigly due to the inpower to strive to cultural differences?

A. 75%

B. 50%

C. 33%

D. 10%


78. Shannon is one of the best arrangement restore mob in her section. She can undeviatingly disassemble arrangements to diagnose and fix substances. However, her wieldr has notable that when other restore mob ask her for aid, she hesitates and seems unabsolute of herself. According to siteal wieldment, her wieldr should use a(n)________ wieldment name to wield Maria’s deed substance.

a. autocratic

b. consultative

c. segregateicipative

d. empowerment


79. A the-word is a unavowed third segregatey who aids instruct a engagement ______________ to enjoin a breach to the engagement

A. and has jurisdiction

B. but has no authority

C. and complete use consensus

D. and has some authority


80. Which of the forthcoming models of PTO is mandatory for U.S. employers?

A. Compensated federal holidays

B. Compensated annual license

C. Compensated morbid license

D. Compensated idiosyncratical license

E. There are no mandatory PTO requirements for companies in the U.S.


81. Acme Global similarityes its employees’ aids to charities. In other opinion, if an employee imparts $100 to a non-profit resuscitation, Acme Global imparts $100 as well-mannered. It answers Acme Global is reaching the ________ smooth of urbane collective allegiance.

a. legal

b. divine

c. benevolent

d. collective


82. Samantha’s structure keeps a big quantity of raw materials in store to escort abutting negotiate fluctuations. It answers the ________ configuration of cultural multiformity is proud at Samantha’s structure.

a. assertiveness

b. government distance

c. in-order collectivism

d. precariousness accident


83. One of the most sordid substances in rousing intentions sketch is:

A. creating a set of sights instead of focusing on direct one sight at a period.

B. picking an valuable sight that is indulgent to gauge, but doesn’t aim at the aggregation’s strategic sights.

C. sketching rousing sights that are cappowerful of life artful by the targeted employee or order of employees.

D. fully separating the rousings from mean pay.

E. making the rousing sights unmanagepowerful to complete.


84. _______ comprehend notice encircling the material and chemical properties of exposed fruits.








85. The leading main arrangement of the FLSA concerns ____________________.

A. belowage employees

B. the unskilled toilforce

C. new commissions

D. the federal stint wage


86. _____ give vigor, order, inoculation, and homogeneity, burden and lifename wieldment, and vigor cause toll services to employees.

A. Employee countenance programs

B. Triple non-interference programs

C. Employee anxietytaker programs

D. Vigor mongrel programs

E. Employee well-manneredness programs


87. Angeline wields a order of employees who she knows own the power to complete, but who so reach move their deed doesn't substance considerpowerful to the consummation of the aggregation, and are hence not disturbed delay doing a noble job. Angeline may neglect to advent this order using a ______treatment name to emend their collective deed.

A. Participative

B. Results acceleraten

C. Consultative

D. Empowering

E. Autocratic


88. What percent of employees in a bargaining personal must emblem authorization cards for the NLRB to confide a league justice rare?

A. 10%

B. 25%

C. 30%

D. 50%

E. 51%


89. At the prelude of the territory, Marcus sat down delay his wieldr and set three sights for the contiguous three months. The completement of each sight complete rest on Marcus. No one else in his toil order can move the toil inside the sight. Which practice of indivisible rousings does this interpret?

a. indulgent to evaluate employee’s move on team

b. power to similarity rewards to employee desires

c. promotes the combine between deed and results

d. may motivate hither fruitive employees to toil harder


90. __________ is the direct to imdivorce signal, require subservience, construct decisions, and relegate media, inside completing structutrue sights.

A. Authority

B. Responsibility

C. Accountability

D. Ethics


91. _____________ is segregate of foreseeancy hypothesis.

A. Goal-setting

B. Decision-making

C. Negotiation

D. Grievance


92. Since the Acme Global Corporation unavailable six of its intentionts terminal year, employees at the other intentionts own been reaching a noble dispense of emphasis. This model of emphasis falls into the _______ predicament of emphasis causes.

a. idiosyncraticality model

b. structutrue humanization and diversify

c. interpersonal relations

d. model of toil


93. Executives at Acme Global are disturbed that airline toilers complete go on stamp and hinder shipments of fruits from reaching customers. However, the National Adjustment Board is maintenance airline wieldment and strive in adjustment to shirk a stamp. The executives at Acme Global are distinctive that the ________ limits the implicit for stamps of airline toilers.

a. Railway Strive Act of 1926

b. National Strive Relations Act of 1935 (Wagner Act)

c. Strive Treatment Relations Act of 1947 (Taft-Hartley Act)

d. Strive Treatment Reporting Discloabsolute Act of 1959


94. Employee directs below OSHA conceive all of the forthcoming except:

A. refusing to be confabulationed by an superintendent.

B. having a aggregation symbolical give during any confabulation.

C. own toiling stipulations gratuitous from unessential hazards.

D. refine a annoyance encircling exposed toiling stipulations.

E. communicationing exposed stipulations to their overseer.


95. Harold is compensated installed on a percentage of the prize of the fruits and services he sells. He is life compensated by:

A. bonus

B. mean pay

C. prize pay

D. commission

E. goodness


96. Macy is English and toils for a U.S.-installed aggregation in England. It answers the aggregation has made a(n) ________ staffing rare.

a. ethnocentric

b. polycentric

c. geocentric

d. domestic


97. Which of the forthcoming is NOT a radical government resuscitation?

A. unwritten warning

B. Termination

C. Informal coaching talk

D. Disciplinary suspension

E. Informal written warning


98. When Acme Global asked Tamera to relocate to the aggregation’s newest irrelevant intentiont, it compensated her a remuneration similar to what she was making in the United States and gave her an concedeance for extra expenses. It answers Acme Global is using the _________ advent to abandon pay.

a. et sheet

b. split-pay

c. negotiation

d. topicalization


99. A order element of executive pay, sordid “perks” conceive all of the forthcoming except:

A. store non-interferences.

B. use of aggregation cars and aircraft.

C. residence carelessness intentions.

D. club memberships.

E. tax intentionning countenance.


100. Erin knows correspondently what benefits she complete entertain when she retires. She has toiled for the structure for 20 years and complete entertain 65 percent of the mean of her two proudest years of pay. Erin’s seclusion intention is a ________ intention.

a. defined benefit

b. defined aid

c. vesting

d. test