Mba 525 professional development comprehensive assessment 2016


Question 1


Flexible genesis technology is casually referred to as:


(a)    Just-in-era manufacturing


(b)   Quick technology


(c)    Lean genesis


(d)   Stserviceable genesis


(e)   Unscheduled manufacturing


Question 2


Learning after a whileholdty are a end of:


(a)    Automation


(b)   Learning by doing


(c)    Sound fruit cunningning temporization


(d)   Diseconomies of layer


(e)   Product mouldization




Question 3


Effective trust announcements comprise:


(a)    All strategic directions of the fabrications


(b)   A paltry announcement of the corporation’s direction


(c)    Strategic posturing and coming objectives


(d)   Financial objectives and inperfect figures




Question 4


Sam Walton wanted Walmart to retain absorbs low. There’ hardness, as an issue to others, he flock his own car and contributed his possession after a while unaffected, steel desks. In this plight, Mr. Walton was displaying his:




(a)    Commitment.


(b)   Vision


(c)    Astute use of implicitity


(d)   Emotional intelligence


(e)   Eloquence




Question 5




In dissimilarity to an fabrication’s trust, its band-arms should:


(a)    Be inextensiveer in protraction.


(b)   Encompass twain the end of the corporation as well-mannered-mannered as the plea of competition


(c)    Encompass all the dignified rules and masterys of the oppidan performance hardness


(d)   Be rest details






Question 6




The instrument and capabilities that guide to the pattern of jutting competencies are in-great-estimate created at which raze of the fabrication?   




(a)    Business


(b)   Functional


(c)    Corporate


(d)   Global


(e)   Industry




Question 7




Cost abatement pressures can be specially strenuous in industries producing:


(a)    Commodity-mold fruits


(b)   Highly differentiated fruits


(c)    Goods that do not perfect on the plea of carry


(d)   Goods servicing scarcely defined traffics.


(e)   Highly advertised amiables




Question 8


The heart fabricational rulees as identified by Christopher Bartlett and Sumantra Sumantra Ghoshal are entrepreneurial rulees, ability fabrication rulees, and:




(a)    Coordinating rulees


(b)   Control rulees


(c)    Revival rulees


(d)   Renewal rulees


Question 9


Which one of the subjoined activities is most mitigated to be a guideership soul?


(a)    Coping after a while fabricational complication


(b)   Formulation temporization


(c)    Problem solving to determine temporization is implemented


(d)   Planning and budgeting












Question 10


Which of the subjoined percipient biases appears when conclusion makers intrust flush further instrument if they hold feedback that the contrivance is flux?




(a)    Prior supcollocation bias


(b)   Reasoning by analogy


(c)    Illusion of coerce


(d)   Escalation intrustment


(e)   Representativeness


Question 11


Which of the subjoined is used to quickly estimate the mediocre mould of prop over countries?


(a)    Real GPD


(b)   Nominal GDP


(c)    Purchasing implicitity parity


(d)   GDP per person




Question 12


What is the after a whilehold succession of the air of a duty cycle?


(a)    Peak, befoulment, trough, dilution, re-establishment.


(b)   Peak, befoulment, re-establishment, trough, dilution


(c)    Peak, befoulment, trough, re-establishment, dilution


(d)   Contraction, peak , trough, re-establishment, dilution


(e)     Recovery, trough, peak, dilution, befoulment




Question 13


In the Consolidated States, by far the widest expense ingredient in GDP ( Gross Domiciliary Product) is___________.


(a)    Gross retired domiciliary cannonade


(b)   Government dissipations of amiserviceable s and uses


(c)    Consumption expenses


(d)   Net exports


(e)   None of the aloft












Question 14


Unpossession insurance:


(a)    Raises unpossession and educes inquiry exertion


(b)   Lowers unpossession and reduces inquiry exertion


(c)    Increases inquiry exertion and raises unemployment


(d)   Increases inquiry exertion and abate unemployment




Question 15




At school X, students pay rest than the makeweight training. At school Y, students so pay rest than the makeweight training. If the afford is the similar at each school, it follows that the inextensiveage allure be senior at ________.




(a)     College X than school Y


(b)   College X than the residue at school Y


(c)    College Y than the residue at school X


(d)   College X than school Y if the require is senior at school X


(e)   There is not sufficient inpattern to apology this investigation.




Question 16




Oil issuers look-for that oil carrys contiguous year allure be inferior than oil carrys this year. As a end, oil issuers are most mitigated to___________.




(a)    Place further oil on the traffic this year, thus variation the confer-upon afford incurvation of oil exactward


(b)   Hold some oil off the traffic his year, thus variation the confer-upon afford incurvation of oil leftward


(c)    Place further oil on the traffic his year, thus increasing the abundantness contributed of oil at inferior, but not upper, carrys


(d)      Hold some oil off the traffic this year, thus decreasing the abundantness contributed of oil at inferior, but not upper, carrys


Question 17


A afford incurvation that is equidistant to the horizontal axis allude-to that_________.


(a)    The perseverance is organized monopolistically.


(b)   The alliance betwixt carry and abundantness contributed is inverse


(c)    A exexdeviate in require allure exexdeviate the carry in the similar direction


(d)   A exexdeviate in require allure exexdeviate the makeweight abundantness but not the carry.




Question 18


If the afford incurvation and require incurvation for lettuce twain transfer to the left by an correspondent healthy, what can we say environing the ending varys in carrys and abundantness?


(a)    The carry allure extension but the abundantness may extension or abate.


(b)   The carry allure extension and the abundantness allure extension


(c)    The carry allure abate, and the abundantness allure extension


(d)   The carry allure arrive the similar but the abundantness allure extension


(e)   The carry allure arrive the similar but the abundantness allure abate




Question 20




If the dissipation and sale of marijuana behove legitimateized, _________.




(a)    The makeweight carry and abundantness after a while twain run.


(b)   The makeweight carry allure droop, but the exexdeviate in makeweight abundantness depends upon whether the require incurvation transfers, further or the afford incurvation transfers further.


(c)    The makeweight abundantness allure run, but the exexdeviate in makeweight carry depends upon whether the require incurvation transfers further or the afford incurvation transfers further.


(d)   The makeweight carry and abundantness allure twain droop.


Question 21


Based on the subjoined corporation announcements, which corporation is most mitigated to be in the trafficing corporation era?


(a)    Our sales hardness was useserviceable to vend intermediaries further of our new fruit than they can revend in all of this year.


(b)   Our trafficing supervisor is coordinating pricing, fruit conclusions, preferment and resistance to acceleration us appearance a avail at the end of this year.


(c)    The healthy corporation is in amiserviceable pattern and require exceeds what we can issue.


(d)    Our hanker colplace cunning familiar by our trafficing supervisor is to open so that we can availably as the hanker-signal needs of our customers.


Question 22


A corporation which unravels a solitary trafficing mix for the healthy traffic and does not section the traffic uses which of the subjoined trafficing strategies?


(A)   Niche Marketing


(B)    Differentiated Marketing.


(C)   Undifferentiated Marketing.


(D)   Focused Marketing.






Question 23


The bargaining implicitity of suppliers allure be lofty when:


(a)    Suppliers browbeat to incorporebuke eager into the perseverance.


(b)   The perseverance is a key customer class to the suppliers.


(c)    There are few buyers and divers suppliers.


(d)   The fruits are undifferentiated.




Question 24


With reference to perceptual maps, the rule unreserved as MDS stands for:


(a)    Memory Ascititious Scaling.


(b)   Multi-Dimensional Survey.


(c)    Marketing Digital Survey.


(d)   Multi-Dimensional Scaling.


Question 25


_______ is the rule of naming consultation fruit-markets and then sectioning these consultation fruit-markets in command to choice target traffics and unravel suitserviceable trafficing mixes.


(a)    Market collocationing


(b)   Market Segmentation


(c)    Mass trafficing


(d)   Diversification




Question 26




A Marketing philosophy summarized by the specialty “ a stronger rendezvous on political and divine concerns in trafficing” is diagnosis of _____________




(a)    The vending concept


(b)   The traffic concept


(c)    The political traffic concept


(d)   The uncooked traffic concept




















Question 27




The spiritual intent for the trafficer is to experience a(n)______ class of customers whose needs they can easily and availably as.




(a)    Quality


(b)   Unmet


(c)    Untapped


(d)   Competing






Question 28




Knowledge of the _________ explicitly enters into the conclusion of which sections the corporation should flushtually target.




(a)    Market


(b)   Company


(c)    Customer


(d)   Competitors




Question 29




Regarding the specialty “era is specie, “what mold of issue does era seemingly accept on specie?




(a)    Positive issue.


(b)   No Effect.


(c)    Little issue.


(d)   Negative issue.


Question 30


Which of the subjoined is censorious for auspicious trafficing implementation?


(a)    Researching the traffic and delivering lofty estimate fruits.


(b)   Getting and retaining rest to the customer.


(c)    Maintaining carrys at ordinary razes.


(d)   Adverting further than competitors.






Question 31




Which of the subjoined is NOT penny of the global matrix constituency?




(a)    It is repeatedly used to remit the disadvantages associated after a while the geographic area constituency.


(b)   It is repeatedly used to remit the disadvantages associated after a while global fruit ditrust constituencys.


(c)    It is repeatedly used for sharing and coordinating responsibilities betwixt fruit resistances and geographic areas.


(d)   This constituency benefits front-line manages who now accept merely one boss-either a province supervisor or a fruit ditrust supervisor.


(e)   The matrix constituency may add layers of skillful-treatment.




Question 32


The staffing management inveterebuke on the conviction that social nation are most after a whilehold is an issue of :




(a)    Ethnocentrism.


(b)    Hybrid mode.


(c)    Polycentrism.


(d)   Regiocentricism.




Question 33


Which of the subjoined is an topic in peelness of decentralization?


(a)    Capability to prepare oppidan-wide coordination.


(b)   Consistency in conclusion-making.


(c)    Permits senior expedite, flexibility, and novelty.


(d)   Sufficient implicitity for oppidan-raze supervisors to start compulsory actions.


(e)   None of the aloft.




Question 34


The mold of comprehension that is codifiserviceable ( that is, it can be written down and epidemic after a whileout losing abundant of its exuberance) is contrivanceated ____ comprehension.


(a)    Explicit


(b)   Implicit


(c)    Tacit


(d)   Lucid


(e)   Clear




Question 35


The Ethnical Work Index was unravelment Initiative.


(a)    The oxford destitution and Ethnical Work Initiative.


(b)   Sir Richard Jolly, Mahbub UI Haq, Gustav Ranis, and Lord Meghnad Desai.


(c)    The New Economics Foundation (NEF).


(d)   Bhutan’s peel Jigme Singye Wangchuck. 


Question 36


Which one of the subjoined is not an economic rationale for vary insinuation?


(a)    Employment.


(b)   Balance of payments subsidy.


(c)    Preservation of social personality.


(d)   Protection to domiciliary perseverance.


Question 37


Which one of the subjoined is so unreserved as Gross Social Fruit (GNP)?


(a)    Gross Domiciliary Income.


(b)   Gross Social Income.


(c)    Net Social Income.


(d)   Net Social Product.


Question 38


Which province uses “ Gross Social Happiness” as an indicator of unravelment?


(a)    Thailand.


(b)   Bhutan,


(c)    Australia.


(d)   China.


Question 39


The muniment issued by the shipping corporation in exports is contrivanceated:


(a)    Commercial invoice.


(b)   Letter of confidence.


(c)    Airway mandible.


(d)   Bill of lading.










Question 40


Government mastery of the carrys abounding by cosmical monopolies is an issue of _______.




(a)    A defence mastery.


(b)   An economic mastery.


(c)    An anti-trust mastery.


(d)   An anit-trust mastery.


(e)   An antimerer mastery.






Question 41


 In the aspect of demographic pressures traffic after a while an aging performanceforce, divers employers try to induce____Among their older performanceers through future departure inducement programs.


(a)    Wage and compensation penalties


(b)   Work penalties


(c)    Involuntary


(d)   Attrition


(e)   Voluntary penitence




Question 42 




Title VII  of the ______ Act indentifies the subjoined as defended classs: women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islander Americans.




(a)    Fair Hiring


(b)   Equal possession


(c)    Equal turn


(d)   Civil Rights


Question 43


An utility of Statistical anticipation rules is that________.


(a)    Under the exact stipulations, they contribute predictions that are abundant further fashional than judgmental rules


(b)   They are specially beneficial in dynamic environments


(c)      They are specially beneficial if dignified flushts that appear in the strive traffic accept not unadorned precedent


(d)   In the flusht of a legitimate difference, they are further acceptserviceable as token by juries




Question 44


The pristine trudge in the ethnical device cunningning rule is _________.


(a)    Forecasting strive require and afford


(b)   Goal enhancement


(c)    Program implementation


(d)   Program evolution


Question 45


Which one of the subjoined is NOT an inner development temporization?


(a)    Vertical integration


(b)   Market unravelment


(c)    Joint undertaking


(d)   Innovation


Question 46


Which one of the subjoined announcements environing employee referrals as a job reinforcement rule is penny?




(a)    Compared after a while other inner recruiting rules, employee referrals end in the loftyest one-year fife rebuke.


(b)   The employee referral mode benefits merely the employer and not the employee.


(c)    The circumlocutory employee referral mode is a very low-absorb reinforcement rule.


(d)   The employee referral rule is a beneficial rule of increasing multiformity.


(e)   An fabrications that relies heavily on employee referrals allure accept no inaptitude in complying after a while correspondent possession turn intents.




Question 47




If a corporation has a federal curtail of further than $50,000 and has 50 or further employees, it________.




(a)    Must pay its manly and femanly correspondently


(b)   Must accept job names for completion job


(c)    Is legitimately required to conceal specified calculate of minority employees


(d)   Must accept and restrain by an correspondent possession management


(e)   Must accept  a band-arms announcement that supports multiformity








Question 48


Webb Greenhouse is looking for an accomplished gardener/salesperson. Studies accept appearancen that the best recruiting rule to occupy this collocation is / are_____  




(a)    Ads in the social newspapers


(b)   A observe in the social gardening club newsletter


(c)    Posting the collocation on the corporation Bulletin consultation


(d)   Applications from step ins


(e)   None of the aloft, reinquiry appearances no acquitted differences in possession experiences from any one cause.


Question 49


Which signal describes the rule of gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing inpattern environing the jobs that are conduct manufactured and any new jobs that are envisaged?


(a)    Job name.


(b)   Job anatomy.


(c)    Job mention.


(d)   Human device schedule.


Question 50


__________ is the rule of attempting to place and tolescold implicit applicants to direct for existing or anticipated job openings.


(a)    Recruitment


(b)   Selection


(c)    Compensation


(d)   Placement


Question 51


Which announcement confer-upons a case that makes blowing the rejoice on a corporation not exact constitutional but inexpedient?


(a)    A denunciation of thoughtful mischief exists.


(b)   The rejoicebinferior has unencumbered all inner channels for resolving the quantity.


(c)    The mischief to be neutralizeed overrides the mischief manufactured to the established and to other employees


(d)   The rejoicebinferior has amiserviceable argue to like that blowing the rejoice allure praccident the mischief.












Question 52


To act so that no mischief is manufactured to a client would be defined as :


(a)    Nonmaleficence.


(b)    Autonomy


(c)    Beneficence.


(d)   Justice


Question 53


A Salesperson is abandoned generally-known remembrance and a wide premium for making a valuserviceable sale that he or she obtained using undivine temporization. This is an issue of :


(a)    Creating a landscape for remunescold for undivine action


(b)   Creating a landscape for remunescold for divine action


(c)    Failing to elevate barriers despite divine action


(d)   Failing to elevate barriers despite undivine action


(e)     Obedience to stance.


Question 54


Although environing______percent of American companies accept a written edict of ethics, surveys declare that divine edicts are found________ constantly beyond the Consolidated States.


(a)    90; further


(b)   90:Less


(c)    50; further


(d)   50; rest


(e)   50; rest


Question 55


Which of the subjoined IS NOT an issue of the passion doctrine?


(a)    Endowing generally-known libraries.


(b)    Supporting residuum houses for bald.


(c)     Supporting a governmental defence performance.


(d)   Donating specie to a family-counseling hardihood.


Question 56


Many contamination coerce exertions accept:


(a)    Relatively inextensive payback conclusions.


(b)   Lon-signal urban after a whileholdty on availability


(c)    Relatively inextensive payback conclusions and hanker-signal urban after a whileholdty on availability


(d)   Relatively hanker payback conclusions.




Question 57


The exact to self-determination and insubservience from the coerce of others is contrivanceated:


(a)    Beneficence


(b)   Justice


(c)    Fidelity


(d)   Autonomy.


Question 58


Reina vends exhausts at extremely lofty carrys in her home province. However, once a detail mould of exhaust is outdated, she vends the exhausts in another province at a absorb inferior than the absorb of exporting the exhausts. Reina is participating in:


(a)    Price gouging.


(b)   Evacuating


(c)    Extricating


(d)   Dumping


(e)   Unloading




Question 59




Human exacts are :




(a)     The moulds of treatment to which all nation are entitled.


(b)   Can safely be ignored by intersocial companies


(c)    Defined in the Consolidated Nations Global Compact


(d)   Of no divide to customers of intersocial companies.


Question 60


Bribes or payoff request:


(a)    Are acceptserviceable if they are in the fashion of wide currency disbursements.


(b)   Are illegitimate in the consolidated Sates merely if specie is the et of vary.


(c)    Have been deemed acceptserviceable by the U.S. Foreign profligate Practices Act.


(d)   Are constantly associated after a while nondurserviceable consumer amiables.


(e)   Are constantly associated after a while wide fabrication curtails  










 Question 61


A Journal entrance annalsing an accrual:


(a)    Results in a amelioscold matching of revenues and expenses.


(b)   Will entangle a obligation or confidence to currency.


(c)    Will like et prevarication announcements merely.


(d)   Will most mitigated comprise a obligation to a obligation announcement.


Question 62


The end of the proceeds announcement is to appearance the:


(a)    Change in the equitable traffic estimate of the possessions from the antecedent proceeds announcement


(b)   Market estimate per divide of store at the duration of the announcement


(c)    Revenues self-possessed during the conclusion healed by the announcement.


(d)   Net proceeds or net damage for the conclusion healed by the announcement.


 Question 63


A fiscal year:


(a)    Is regularly the similar as the enlist year.


(b)   Is constantly choiceed inveterebuke on the established’s loose cycle.


(c)    Must regularly end on the similar duration each year


(d)   Must end on the definite day of a month


Question 64


In an inflationary economic environment, the vending carry set for a established’s fruits allure:




(a)    Not be likeed by the absorb course effrontery used.


(b)   Be upper if definite in Pristine Out is used than if Pristine In Pristine Out is used.


(c)    Be upper if Pristine In Pristine Out is used than if Definite In Pristine Out is used.


(d)   Be ascititious from the weighted mediocre absorb of schedule.


Question 65


The proneness of the rebuke earned on storeholders’ equity to deviate disproportionately from the rebuke earned on completion possessions is casually referred to as:


(a)    Leverage.


(b)   Solvency


(c)    Yield.


(d)   Quick possessions






Question 66


Which of the subjoined is not a transition to be recitative in the announcementing registers of an existence?


(a)    Investment of currency by the owners.


(b)   Sale of fruit to customers.


(c)    Receipt of a plaque recognizing the established’s toleratement of employee partnership in the Consolidated Way stock animate.


(d)   Receipt of Services from a “ quick-print” hoard in exexdeviate for the assurance to contribute advertising contrivance uses of equipollent estimate.


Question 67


The Journal entrance to annals the sale or discollocation of a depreciserviceable cunningt asset regularly comprises:


(a)    Recognition of a fabricate.


(b)   A obligation to the accumulated derogation announcement and for the allied accumulated derogation


(c)    Recognition of a damage.


(d)   A obligation to the asset announcement for the body estimate of the asset.     


 Question 68


The healthy of the mediocre cannonade for a proposed cannonade of $60,000 in a urban asset, after a while a beneficial conduct of disgusting years, straight-line derogation, o residual estimate, and an look-fored completion net proceeds of $ 21,600 for the 4 years, is:


(a)    $10,800


(b)   21,600


(c)    5,400


(d)   $30,000


Question 69


For which of the subjoined reconciling items would an adjusting entrance be compulsory?


(a)    A defence in transit.


(b)   An untruth by the bank.


(c)    Outstanding checks.


(d)   A bank use carry.




Question 70


The doctrine of consistence resources that:




(a)    The announcementing rules used by an existence never vary.


(b)   The similar announcementing rules are used by all establisheds in an perseverance


(c)    The issue of any exexdeviate in an announcementing rule allure be notorious in the financial announcements or notes thereto.


(d)   There are not resource rules of announcementing for the similar transaction